Florida Students Protesting Florida Bill Protecting Small Children, Tell Student Reporter To ‘Kill Yourself’

Parental rights bill in Florida has all the deranged leftists screaming in horror.  They are making threats, making more demands and shrieking that this is the end of the world, giving parents power over schools!  How dare parents even be involved!  Well, the tide is rapidly turning.  Finally, what I have warned about for years after being chased out of Berkeley by crazed leftists, these communist students are as crazy as the ones Madame Mao used to use to attack teachers and every adult to terrorize them all into obeying her insane edicts.  She removed herself from the earth, in the end, after the Chinese took her down.


Now, China is ruled by crazy leftists who have literally shut down the entire country due to fear of germs.  Leftists here want to continue doing the same.  Right now, they are freaking out over the issue of weather or not to teach gay/trans sex to toddlers and very young students in schools.  This sexualization of very young children is a leftist thing.  They need recruits at a very young age.  Like, two years old.


Campus Reform is a fine online site that is run for and by students and it exposes the heavy hand of the radical left on US campuses. For example, here is a student who is studying to be a teacher:



It is a weak young male who has long, green hair.  Green hair is a tag showing one is ‘woke’, it appears.  Here is an example of ‘woke’ school work produced by ‘professors.’  The left demanded all schools hire radical leftists and put these in the ‘sciences’ that were mostly sane, often white, frequently males teaching real science stuff which is very attractive to intelligent males.  This is how brains are wired, by the way.


So, to fix this, the schools are spending billions of dollars to put in place people who hate science, hate how it relies on rational thought and math and have communist desires to indoctrinate everyone to be mentally ill and utterly irrational.  Here is a sample of their ‘engineer training’ ethos:



This ‘Physics Education Research’ is a publication that is really a communist indoctrination system.  https://www.campusreform.org/article?id=19429


“Observing Whiteness in Introductory Physics: A Case Study” was published last month in Physical Review Physics Education Research. The study observed three students as they worked to solve a physics problem and analyzed how “whiteness” is present in academia.


The study found that whiteboards can have racist undertones and perpetuate whiteness.


Seattle Pacific University Research Associate Professor of Physics Amy Roberton served as lead author. W. Tali Hairston, director of community organizing, advocacy, and development at Seattle Presbytery, served as the co-author.


Here is the most astonishing part of the article, it is pure doublethink:


Hairston told Campus Reform that although whiteboards “are not inherently racist,” the common classroom object can perpetuate racism.


Yes, it isn’t ‘racist’ but it FEELS ‘racist’ therefore…it is racist!  Perfectly logical for someone who is insane.  Everyone at the Campus Reform website mocked this.  The young communists are unaware of how silly they look.  Eventually, the backlash will come and they will discover they are actually a minority, politically.  The crash in Biden’s rule shows clearly that the majority dislikes radical leftist ‘solutions’.



Right now, in between muscling Disney to commit economic suicide, the left continues attacking anyone who makes jokes at their expense.  We are not allowed to joke about leftists!  That is very verboten.  The Daily Wire people are putting out videos and books rapidly now and each of these cause spasms of leftist fury.  The most recent is a child’s book about a walrus and a child, so to speak.


The boy wants to be a walrus so the adults  rush to make him into a walrus and he decides, he isn’t one and this is terrifying the leftists to the point of no return! They are trying desperately to get this kiddie book censored and removed.  So much for ‘free speech’.


I always note these clowns hate free speech and have all my long life.


They did succeed in forcing a RACE CAR DRIVER who tweeted a joke about women drivers causing crashes on a race course.  He was deemed a ‘male chauvinist’ but what really riled them all was, the female in the cartoon was Asian!  That is mean!  How dare anyone mock Asian women?



The poor guy who posted a funny cartoon apologized for this terrible thing, making a joke for fun but apologies isn’t enough, the poor guy has to attend ‘racism’ classes to have ‘teachers’ who are all SJW leftist lunatics harangue him about being a white male.  This is so incredible, this isn’t a guy in school, he is an adult and his JOB is to race and he can’t do this unless he is first, thoroughly brainwashed.



The Disney radical leftists sneered, they would dump all their debt on the voters of Florida so DeSantis countered with an edict, Disney will pay all their debts and bills without taxing people who live in their boundary of their lands.  The Disney corporation will pay for everything from profits, not ‘landlord’ powers.  If Disney insists on charging their tenants more money, the corporation is doing this, not Florida.


That is, money to pay their taxes can come from many things and if Disney chooses to do this to tenants, they can move out and leave.  Here is one comment I found useful:


In 1967 Walt Disney wanted to build the community of the future. He called it Epcot. Disney World was never meant to be a theme park. He wanted it to be a community of residential homes with high tech built into them. When Walt Disney died those plans went out the window and the theme park was created instead. This is why Orange and Osceola counties of Central Florida created the Reedy Creek District to give Disney the special status to run their own government free from state and local jurisdiction. Even though the community of the future was never created. The counties nevertheless still created the Reedy Creek District.


Disney’s idea of a future city is based on communist type dogma.  Everyone gets the same information, everyone has electronics everywhere and these, in turn, spy on everyone. Way back then, I noted that this ‘Futurama’ world was straight out of Orwell.  The Disney people dropped the ‘community’ thing and went ‘copy Disney in California.’  Note how California is now a ‘Futurama’ place and I do mean the cartoon, ‘Futurama’.




Every scene in this cartoon is pure evil as far as leftist communists are concerned.  It makes fun of absolutely everyone!  Funny, how leftists hate ‘offending’ anyone while offending nearly everyone, all the time.  They earn gold medals for ‘Meddlesome Psychos’.


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7 responses to “Florida Students Protesting Florida Bill Protecting Small Children, Tell Student Reporter To ‘Kill Yourself’

  1. Nina

    More Americans use credit cards to pay as inflation keeps rising

    Many Americans used government pandemic checks to pay off their debts in 2020 and 2021, but rising inflation has made it more difficult for them to “make ends meet each month,” according to U.S. WZTV television.

    Rising gun theft leads to more homicide in U.S.: WSJ

    NEW YORK, April 30 (Xinhua) — Gun theft is rising in major cities across the United States, which police and criminologists say is leading to more and more homicide, said an article published by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Thursday.

  2. TinaB

    What does this mean for the future of one of the world’s most influential social media sites? Author, entrepreneur and professor Scott Galloway

  3. Petruchio

    Just curious Elaine, but how many times did Madame Mao get shot at? Madame Mai committed suicide because she was going to be executed the next day. It’s no coincidence that a lot of these Leftists–call them what you will–are Black. The people manipulating these punk College Kids have tapped into their resentment over the wrongs Blacks have allegedly suffered under this so called “White Male Oligarchy.” These angry Blacks are too stupid to figure out they are being “Played, Slayed and Filleted”. There’s gonna be ‘pushback’ against this type sooner or later and it will be hard for these Black Hatemongers to hide. You can spot a Black person just by looking at them.

  4. Zeke

    As I understand it – that was the major reason for ‘race based slavery’ and the importation of Africans to fulfill that role.

    Prior to importing blacks, there were indentured servants who were white. But there was always a nagging ambiguous question – was a given person a member of that classification?

    Ambiguity was swept aside and it became a black & white digital question.
    With the simplistic answer: black = slave; white = free or at least non-slave.

    It was an idiot proof color coded black/white system adapted for ease of application and certainty of outcome.

    (This ignores the fact that there were also some blacks who were free and even some black slave holders.
    Original black slaves looked far different. Black as coal. Teeth filed to incisor type sharp fangs, etc.)

    It lasted some four hundred years until miscegenation blurred the contours.

    The book “The Peculiar Institution” is the loadstar on this issue.

  5. Innocent AFRICANS were KIDNAPPED and shipped to the CARIBBEAN and other HOT climate New World places to do the work in the HOT SUN.

    This enslavement was hideous, horrible and nasty.

    Today, blacks want to have a free ride due to all this which is BAD FOR THEM because it makes other people hate them as ‘freeloaders’.

  6. Zeke

    And I’m sure we all agree that YOU have THEIR best interests at heart.

  7. Petruchio

    Has anyone else noticed how, no matter how much Blacks are given they show ZERO gratitude for it? You don’t hear ANYBODY in the Black Community saying things like, “We have to build on this Progress.” Or, “We have to take charge of our Futures OURSELVES.” Nope, nothing like that at all coming from Blacks. Just the demand for more. God forbid they should take charge, take responsibility for what they do. No Sir.

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