$40 Billion For Distant Wars, No Milk For US Babies: DNC Winning Stategies

Well, Pelosi isn’t feeding any babies.  Meanwhile, more invaders arrive at our borders attacking the US and stealing stuff while Congress votes to spend billions on Ukraine’s borders and the traitor running both the DNC and GOP join forces against the American citizens, we are the people they hate and fear.  This gross level of ineptitude is astonishing and it is how all communist countries are run…badly, of course.  As I predicted, they are now starving babies.  Eventually, they starve everyone who isn’t part of the regime.



Yes, they were playing money games.  Corporate America is all about looting the customers and the stock holders who aren’t big business/big banks/political hacks.  I want an investigation of the main providers of baby food.  By the way, I nursed my babies and never fed them any official baby food of any sort.  But many people are unable to do simple stuff like this.  I didn’t use disposable diapers and my kids were toilet trained by 16 months or so.



We will go from one crisis to another due to inept politicians in DC.  It cannot get better since our leader is senile and evil while the RINO/Leftist gang in Congress hates us voters and want us destroyed as much as possible.  They do see the writing on the wall, voters are choosing new people to run in Congress and I hope all of these people win.



Rep. Stefanik is my sort of neighbor who is the Congresswoman from upstate NY (my town is just outside her district, alas) and she goes on TV today to talk about the baby formula collapse.  By the way, this shows how the modern system using fake milk to feed babies is not a good idea.  I was a major member of the La Leche League and my mother nursed 7 children and I nursed only 2 babies.  Nursing babies is fun and it is emotionally good for babies who hear mom’s heart beating while suckling.


Working mothers can’t nurse but even before most moms were forced to work out of the home, even back in the 1950’s, women were told, it was easier and better to use fake mother’s milk.  Click here to learn more about the La Leche League:  https://www.llli.org/


The baby milk crisis is typical of all economic collapses.  I have lived through this in the 1970’s.  The first crisis in my long life was the Middle Eastern war back when Nixon was President.  Gasoline suddenly became much more expensive, we  had exploding inflation during the Ford years, I remember when gasoline in Arizona was only 15 cents per gallon!


California was 35 cents back then which I thought was very expensive.  Things vanish swiftly when sudden inflation hits.  Everyone wants to buy up and hoard stuff. We recently had a hoarding cycle when covid hit the Northeast.  Everyone for some bizarre reason, bought out all the paper towels.  It was very strange to watch this.


Things continue to deteriorate at our southern border as Congress wails and howls about Ukraine’s borders.  More invaders are attacking us while our leaders goof off.  Arrest Biden and his entire administration, charge: TREASON.



I love Rand Paul.  Today, he stood up in Congress and stopped the money to Ukraine, demanded it be used to protect OUR borders!  Trump Jr. agrees with me.  Rand Paul is awesome.


A reporter from the Washington Pest Post assails Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who chews him out:

The communists look more and more foolish every day.  It is astonishing.  I love MJG.  She is brave, smart and sassy.  She kicks the shins of the rich and corrupt.  She is a fighter.  I adore her.


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6 responses to “$40 Billion For Distant Wars, No Milk For US Babies: DNC Winning Stategies

  1. qbutnoa

    1) bbc.co.uk: Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) gets £0.5m for Arctic beaver study. ‘The changing habitats and behaviour of beavers as they move further north into the Arctic Circle will be examined in a new study. Project leader Dr Helen Wheeler said she was “delighted” to receive the sum.’
    2) dailymail.co.uk: White Thomson Reuters data scientist says he was FIRED from $350k role by woke bullies for sharing data showing cops kill more unarmed white people than black people – and claiming BLM contributed to deaths of thousands. ‘I (Zac Kriegman – data scientist) have avidly followed the research on the movement and its impacts, which has led me, inexorably, to the conclusion that the claim at the heart of the movement, that police more readily shoot black people, is false and likely responsible for thousands of black people being murdered in the most disadvantaged communities in the country.’
    3) express.co.uk: ‘Not rational!’ – Top Tory MP demands investigation into the Bank of England. Liam Fox said “I also believe it is the duty of central banks to safeguard the value of our money and our savings. The Bank of England persisted beyond any rational interpretation of the data to tell us that inflation was transient, then that it would peak at 5 percent. It has consistently underestimated the threat.”

  2. qbutnoa

    euronews.com: Austrian government dismantles international migrant smuggling group. ‘Austria’s government says it has dismantled an international criminal network that was smuggling refugees into central Europe. A total of 205 people have been arrested for allegedly trafficking thousands of Syrian migrants. Investigators began the operation in 2021 and say the group had transported more than 36,000 children and adults to countries in Western Europe, such as Germany and France. Authorities say the criminal network had amassed an estimated €152 million in recent months.’

  3. TinaB

    People are NOT panic buying – where did you conjure up that story?

    It’s called “supply chain” issues because you off-shored ALL your manufacturing because it’s cheaper and you cannot afford to pay the real costs. AND NEWSFLASH – there is an “energy” crisis and last I checked these “supplies” are not being transported by horse and buggy! Duh?

    Did the D’s force you to do that? Did they say something “mean” and “nasty” to MAKE you follow their orders?

    Ya’ll were MORE than happy to have Chinese slaves to take the place of the despised “immigrants” and “blacks” slaves in your own country.

    Your country is a shithole (by your own daily admission).

    Can you even see the nose on your face anymore? I guess your “purpose” of your writing is to “educate” people but your readership is virtually nonexistent. HHHMMM why is that?

    I know you are under educated but IF you’re trying to educate people you might want to start with FACTS and not just YOUR opinion. You know – the way it’s done in academia or at least it should be.

  4. TinaB

    And you do know that you have set the stage for EVERY election going forward – If there will even ever be another election in your country.

    Why bother? No matter who wins – the loser will say it was “stolen”. The D’s will do it and so will the R’s. YOU and your ilk have RUINED democracy in the USA for good! IT IS OVER!

    YOU’RE DEMOCRACY IS FINISHED – you DO know that – right?!

    You and your demented cult leader really showed them “radical leftists” didn’t you! Proud of yourself?

  5. TinaB

    And don’t forget how much he loves you! He cares about YOU so much – he’s fighting for YOU! He has sacrificed SO MUCH for you!

    Are you familiar with the saying “cut off your nose to spite your face”?

    ” to do something that is meant to harm someone else but that also harms the person who does it”

    Oh dear that page seems to be missing from the playbook.

  6. Petruchio

    Notice how quickly funding for Ukraine happens? In the blink of an eye. Never a problem. Contrast this with the yearly Budget Battle. A long, drawn out affair. Fought tooth, fang and claw. (At least to an Outsider). And anything that might benefit the Average Citizen is met with We can’t afford it.” But if the Rulers want it, it happens in Light Speed time.

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