Elon Musk Twitter Deal Temporarily Dead Due To Twitter Fake Data In Deal

Musk knows this going in and he is now reaming them out over this very issue.  Namely, they BAN people constantly, real users who have real stuff.  Famous people are constantly banned by Twitter’s army of leftists working there.  If Twitter had no communists banning everyone, Twitter will explode in growth and popularity.  Right now, it is dying thanks to these ’employees’ actively destroying it.  They already know, Musk plans to fire nearly all the employees once he gets in power there.  So this is a fight to the death: burn down Twitter before Musk can save it.  So he is pre-empting them.


More people are being banned, popular politicians in many countries are…being banned by Twitter!  The list of things requiring banning by communists is extremely long and totally secret.  But the results are obvious: they ban all political opposition to outright communism.  BLM and ANTIFA happily tweet away nonstop.  Presidents, Congresspeople, foreign leaders, religious leaders, anyone who is in opposition of communist aims and beliefs are banned by Twitter staff.  Musk knows this and he knows how to play corporate Monopoly.  He isn’t naive.


Here is the latest Twitter joking about attempts by Biden to smear Trump and Trump supporters.  Biden thought, comparing Trump to the Lord of the Rings characters would be a big winner for the brain dead President:



Um, someone should tell Biden the final book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy is titled ‘The RETURN of the King’.  Obviously, it was very easy for people telling jokes to figure this out.  Meanwhile, the upstart part (not RINO) of the GOP continues to hammer away at the DNC pro-illegal alien/criminal operations:



I wrote about this earlier.  Yes, they are handing out free cell phones to all illegal aliens.  This has to stop.  All of the programs assisting illegal aliens have to stop.  More poured in yesterday, openly seeking goodies.  When a reporter covered this invasion, they called for the police to arrest the CITIZEN who was witnessing them invading us!  So the police took away the witness!


Biden continues to flood the US with illegal aliens who are now pouring in and getting instant help and of course, more baby formula, too:


I see riots coming soon.  Fury over this should happen.  I nursed all my children, never used one drop of fake mother’s milk.  I belonged to the La Leche League and gave speeches about this matter, too.  To protest no facilities for nursing mothers in NYC, I did a ‘nurse=in’ at the Metropolitan Museum.  I sat under a huge painting of the Madonna nursing Jesus and nursed my baby.  The guards tried to remove me but then got scared of the visuals this would cause so the Director came out and negotiated with me and I won and the museum set up space for mothers to nurse.


The scandal of the baby formula gets much worse: this was caused by the FDA who erroneously thought the biggest manufacturer of this fake milk was contaminated.  IT WAS NOT.

Biden Gang Shuts Down the Largest Producer of Baby Formula in the US Causing National Crisis


In February, the FDA warned parents not to use certain popular powdered infant formulas manufactured at Abbott’s Sturgis plant after receiving four reports of infants who were hospitalized with bacterial infections after consuming formula from the facility. Two of the infants died. 


Abbott subsequently issued a recall of all potentially affected products manufactured at the facility and the FDA later shut down the plant after federal safety inspectors found Abbott failed to maintain sanitary conditions and procedures at the facility.


Last month, however, the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told NBC News none of the bacterial strains taken at the Abbott plant matched those collected from the infants, and the agencies haven’t offered an explanation for how the contamination occurred.


For its part, Abbott says its formula “is not likely the source of infection,” though the FDA says its investigation continues.


This was known for a MONTH.  The shortage was 100% caused by the FDA, not any businesses.  Of course, this vital information has to be ignored.  Blaming everyone but themselves, the liberals who run DC (off a cliff) are busy little beavers.  While ‘saving us’ they kill us.



Illegal aliens and drug addicts and rioters are the DNC support base.  Note how all the laws are designed to encourage and help theft, looting, rape, rioting, arson and drug addiction.  I remember when NYC was nonstop all those things which is why the Daily News called me ‘the Housewife from Hell’ as I fought all that.  Now, it is back and getting worse in all DNC hell hole cities which have to be made as hellish as possible so no sane person will ever live there and the voter base will be only the criminal classes.  I keep harping on this because this is very real, very destructive and quite insane.


We now can again, watch RT news online thanks to the Japanese site, Odysee:  https://odysee.com/$/search?q=RT%20news


This is infuriating.  Censoring news during wars is criminal.  All nations at war lie all the time.  They have to.  We call this ‘propaganda’ and usually, they get away with this but now we have access to the world so the elites have to do massive intrusive censorship which is noticed and causes great anger within the captive populations given only lies by the elites.




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17 responses to “Elon Musk Twitter Deal Temporarily Dead Due To Twitter Fake Data In Deal

  1. Kerry

    “I sat under a huge painting of the Madonna nursing Jesus and nursed my baby.”

    They LOVED you for doing that Supkis. You performed a ritual to their Babylonian Demon Goddess.

    THAT is who that museum is dedicated to worshiping. It is why the “celebrities” all run their in costume to worship each May.

    I once wrote about the floor plan of this museum and the astrological (world ages) time clock it is based on. It uses the Enochian 4 Watchtowers symbology among other things.

    Also DO NOT REPEAT any of their sayings. Maga means wish, power, desire according to the etymology of the word in various early languages. In Babylonian, I could just make out that it is referring to the Moon (Moon magic).

    Any time they push these chants, it is wordplay magic with the intent to give them power. Don’t repeat them and don’t encourage anyone else to use it.

  2. TinaB


    Thailand to give away one million free cannabis plants to households, minister says

    Oh dear Thailand is smarter than the USA? Say it isn’t so! In the USA they prefer opiods, benzos (antipsychotics – who knew the USA had so many psychotic people) & anti-depressants (ALL are pure POISON!) and they wonder why they are so stupid!!! haha!

    “What country is the most medicated?
    Americans buy much more medicine per person than any other country. The number of prescriptions has swelled by two-thirds over the past decade to 3.5 billion yearly, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical consulting company.Apr 18, 2005”

    “What percentage of the US population is on psychiatric medications?
    Data from the National Health Interview Survey

    In 2019, 19.2% of adults had received any mental health treatment in the past 12 months, including 15.8% who had taken prescription medication for their mental health and 9.5% who received counseling or therapy from a mental health professional.”

    “More than 20 million antidepressants were prescribed between October and December 2020 — a 6% increase compared to the same three months in 2019 — according to statistics reported by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).”

  3. TinaB

    WHO gives a shit about twitter! It’s a cesspool of nobodies and idiots. Notice that very few intelligent people with integrity rarely waste their time with it?.

    But EMS is just so outraged! OMG! How will life continue without “fixing” twitter!

    Dear, dear lord can you not come up with some magical, miracle to fix it! Please!!!


    Have I got that right EMS?


    ELAINE: Tina, being one of these ‘idiots’ should spend her time at Twitter.

  4. lou

    Musk, the master grifter.

  5. lou

    1–can you point me to some web sites?

  6. TinaB

    “Famous people are constantly banned by Twitter’s army of leftists”
    Are you referring to this motley crew?

    Trump joins short list of banned Twitter accounts, including Nazis, terrorists and former advisers

    Hate to burst your bubble EMS but they are famous only in the USA and in your mind. The rest of the world has never heard of them. Notice that they are all liars, uneducated kooks? Do you see the correlation?

    Just go over to “truth social” or whatever other failed platform that you nutjobs have tried desperately to start already – trust me – no one on twitter will miss you.

  7. TinaB

    “More people are being banned, popular politicians in many countries are…being banned by Twitter”

    NAME them!


    As you can see from the list these idiots have violated the TOS! Being the “rule” follower that you claim to be how do you not understand this?

  8. TinaB

    Your dummy cult leader stupidly said “I love the uneducated”! So now they wear it as a BADGE OF HONOR! smh! They think it’s “CUTE”!

    I mean you just CANNOT make this shit up!

    Btw, my one and only cult member friend hung up on me when I told him his “Fuck Trudeau” t-shirt would not fix his problems and what exactly did he want Trudeau to do? Imagine that? He’s is sulking now and won’t talk to me just like the big baby that he is expecting others to fix the problems HE creates by HIS OWN stupid choices. And he’s TOO WEAK to admit it!

    But I’m the snowflake?


    ELAINE: You are not a snowflake, you are something we flush down the toilet.

  9. TinaB

    The Modern World Can’t Exist Without These Four Ingredients. They All Require Fossil Fuels

    “Four materials rank highest on the scale of necessity, forming what I have called the four pillars of modern civilization: cement, steel, plastics, and ammonia are needed in larger quantities than are other essential inputs.

    The world now produces annually about 4.5 billion tons of cement, 1.8 billion tons of steel, nearly 400 million tons of plastics, and 180 million tons of ammonia.

    But it is ammonia that deserves the top position as our most important material: its synthesis is the basis of all nitrogen fertilizers, and without their applications it would be impossible to feed, at current levels, nearly half of today’s nearly 8 billion people.”

  10. qbutnoa

    1) bloomberg.com: Sunak Blames IT Systems for Decision Not to Raise UK Benefits. ‘UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said he was unable to increase welfare benefits this year to protect the most vulnerable from the cost of living crisis because the government’s antique computer system would not let him.’ – Computer says no.
    2) dailymail.co.uk: Some Antarctic ice shelves have GROWN in the last 20 years despite global warming, study finds. ‘Currently, the jury is out on exactly how sea ice around Antarctica will evolve in response to climate change, and therefore influence sea level rise, with some models forecasting wholescale sea ice loss in the Southern Ocean, while others predict sea ice gain.’ – The hotter it gets, the more or less ice there is.
    3) bbc.co.uk: Russian operator to suspend electricity supply to Finland. ‘Russian energy supplier RAO Nordic says it will suspend deliveries of electricity to Finland from Saturday, citing problems with payments. The company said it had not been paid for previous deliveries. The Finnish grid operator said Russia provided only a small percentage of the country’s electricity and that it could be replaced from alternative sources.’ – A warning shot.

  11. qbutnoa

    The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) has this to say at a G7 foreign ministers meeting reuters.com: EU to provide new 500 million euro military aid to Ukraine. “A new impetus for military support. (It will be) more pressure on Russia with economic sanctions and continuing the international isolation of Russia and countering misinformation.” He was also optimistic an EU embargo on Russian oil could also be agreed in the coming days. “I am sure we will have an agreement. We need it and we will have it. We have to get rid of the oil dependency from Russia. If there is no agreement at the level of ambassadors, then on Monday the ministers when they gather they have to provide the political impetus.”

    The deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev (United Russia) has this to say cubasi.cu: Anti-Russian sanctions will prompt new world order. ‘The severe sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its allies over the conflict in Ukraine will change the existing world order. A number of “global supply chains” are going to be destroyed by the sanctions, risking “a major logistical crisis,” the official wrote, adding that some Western airlines may also go broke due to being unable to use Russian airspace. The energy crises in the states that have slapped “self-harming” sanctions on Russian oil and gas will worsen, with energy prices continuing to grow, he predicted. “A full-fledged international food crisis will emerge with the prospect of famine in individual states.”

  12. Zeke

    EMS – looks like you were right all along about Crypto.

  13. lou

    bitcoin–from pennies to 66,000 dollars and coming back down.

    India ceases all wheat exports.


  14. lou

    Elaine, how are you going to wish this away?

  15. Normal cloud formations. I grew up in and around observatories and one thing astronomers pay a lot of attention to is clouds. My grandfather made one of the earliest ‘cloud formation’ movies over 120 years ago. He also knew Edison who was a family friend.

    When very high altitude thin layer, horizon to horizon clouds which move with no lower level winds, I have seen this happen more than once in my long life.

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