Baby Formula Collapse Began Nearly A Year Ago


In two ways the Federal government caused the collapse in infant formula milk: due to three babies dying of mysterious ways who used this fake mother’s milk, investigators shut down the entire factory half a year ago!  Then, they took their time in restarting the production.  All, while not informing other producers so they could increase their own production and not telling citizens about this.  It turns out, the dead babies were not connected to the milk production people doing anything wrong.


I used to be Le Leche League and the number of excuses modern women make for not nursing babies is endless.  I warned mothers, ‘What if the infant formula doesn’t show up in stores?’ and they shrugged.  So what!  Infant formula is a crutch which women like using because it frees them up from cuddling and nursing a baby.  They can do this remotely.


The other issue here is our government: when it shut down this food which many, many women use instead of nursing, not one peep was said to the public.  When it became painfully obvious, the government pretended it began this last month.  This was a cynical lie.


Biden and he gang lie all the time.  Here is the truth: ALL ‘socialist’ societies end up killing many people.  This is an iron rule.  When officials run things, they screw up because there is no incentive to be careful or vigilant.  They even say, there are too many humans and most should disappear.


Then, they kill many humans mainly via starving/freezing to death.  What is worse is, liberals claim there are too many humans and this causes ‘climate change’ and then open the borders to a billion invaders.  Then, in this case, the government bought up a lot of baby formula to give to ILLEGAL ALIENS.


Not citizens!  Arrest Biden!  Arrest all his staff and Congressional DNC leaders!  Arrest them all.


Because of money printing by Democrats we now have massive inflation.  Make money out of thin air=inflation.  This is obvious, this is stupid, this could easily be foreseen.  We are being herded into WWIII by lunatics who think the world is too hot.  They yell at us nonstop that humans exhaling are causing the entire world to roast us so why not have WWIII and really roast everything, to ashes!


Yes, that is their insane solution.  The other solution to global warming is to starve/freeze everyone to death.  This is because it is a very cold global warming and people freeze to death even in Texas.



We lost the war in Afghanistan.  Russia might lose the war in Ukraine.  I don’t know, it is getting pretty bloody there but all wars in Europe end up very, very bloody.  Europe cannot go for more than 50 years without a major epidemic and at the same time, a major war.  Competing ethnic/religious groups that speak different languages and use different alphabets, etc. leads to very difficult ‘rule everyone’ situations.


Recently, the EU leaders allowed millions of Muslim people of many different languages and ethnic backgrounds to invade, too and this is causing chaos, murder, thefts and religious warfare to break out all over Europe from the North Pole to the Sahara Desert.


The solution is to blame Putin.



I can still get some news from Russia.  This is useful since they have more real news than the EU or US.  The EU/US support for Ukraine is very thin.  They decided last week, yapping about stopping Russian gas and oil is suicidal so they still pretend they want to do this but are helpless and have to continue relying on Russia to keep their own countries afloat.



Hungary strongly opposes banning Russian oil, with Prime Minister Orban slamming it as a “nuclear bomb” on Hungary’s economy. Budapest has the support of other EU countries who believe that the damage from this measure will be catastrophic for the bloc.


They all know it will be catastrophic.  Right now, all the entities who buy Russian energy are now paying in rubles and the ruble is now one of the strongest currencies in the entire world!  Imagine that!!!  Russia has the strongest currency, backed by oil and gas, on earth!!!


Here is Odysee, a new online service that is home to RT news now:$/download/RT・News-May-12-2022/bb110563802c61bb5501c1818c73ecbbc07bd3ed


Now on to our schools: leftists and deviants have invaded our schools.  The universities teach teachers all sorts of goofy things who then go forth and do the sexual deviant lessons to very young children and young, confused teenagers:



These child molesters are now all over the place.  They have to be rooted out now.  Liberals think it is OK to have child molesters teaching sex classes to their children.  Many liberal moms boast about how their children are abnormal deviants!


Speaking of deviants, our President is one, too.  Ted Cruz posted this yesterday:



Yes, during the last fake election, Biden claimed that Trump ‘killed’ a quarter million people.  Trump pushed very hard to have corporations develop vaccinations which did work to some degree.  These vaccinations began at the very end of Trump’s time in office.  Biden did absolutely nothing because the systems of distribution, etc. was set up by the Trump team, not his incompetent crew of far leftist communists.


Biden is still boasting about how he succeeded in stopping the virus which still runs rampant, it just doesn’t kill quite as many people.






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11 responses to “Baby Formula Collapse Began Nearly A Year Ago

  1. TinaB

    “I delve into the details of a new paper on the risks of a pending AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) tipping from the present strong mode to a new weak mode. If the present AMOC shuts down and a new, weaker state is established there will be enormous consequences to society and Earth’s ecosystems.”


    ELAINE: DUH. Look, this will make it VERY COLD and could cause an ICE AGE.

  2. TinaB

    Paul Beckwith is an excellent sources of information – I’ve been following/listening to him for over a decade. Sometimes it’s hard to follow as he speaks in a very “sciency” language – no feelings – just the science.

    Also, he has children so he tends to be more optimistic that there is a “solution” to our predicament. Parents have the hardest time accepting reality as it really is just too tragic!

    Any woman who gets impregnated today is a sadist. The earth does not need your mini-me!

  3. TinaB

    Welcome to your future!

  4. lou

    Tina go away.

  5. Tina is so stupid, she doesn’t realize her ‘news’ here is not only known to me, it is why I worry very much about a new Little Ice Age which may lead to a real nasty Big Ice Age. Also, more ice=less rain.

  6. TinaB

    IF you don’t believe the global average surface temperature is higher and continuing to rise is true because the scientists are corrupt then why don’t you go measure it yourself?

    You’ve been saying the sun and only the sun affects climate and you would be ….. WRONG! A+ for effort though!

    And I guess you missed the January 1998 publication refereed to below.

    We’ve Known For Years Global Warming Could Lead To A New Ice Age. Why Is No One Doing Anything?

    “So let’s turn the wayback machine to January 1998. That’s when The Atlantic, known then as The Atlantic Monthly, published a cover story called “The Great Climate Flip-Flop” by William H. Calvin, a theoretical neurophysiologist based at the University of Washington in Seattle.

    Of this much we’re sure: Global climate flip-flops have frequently happened in the past, and they’re likely to happen again,”

    Calvin wrote. “It’s also clear that sufficient global warming could trigger an abrupt cooling in at least two ways — by increasing high-latitude rainfall or by melting Greenland’s ice, both of which could put enough fresh water into the ocean surface to suppress flushing.” (“Flushing” is a reference to the process by which the Gulf Stream carries warm water to the north, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and returns as cold water to the south.)”

  7. qbutnoa

    ‘We’ve Known For Years Global Warming Could Lead To A New Ice Age’
    So, the hotter it gets, the colder it gets, until it is so hot everything freezes solid in a new ice age. You are insane.

  8. snoosebomb

    @ 7 no, she’s the new normal ,,

  9. Global warmists believe all things hot or cold are caused by people exhaling. They still refuse to eliminate themselves, thus stopping this exhaling that is destroying the entire earth. I ponder on this refusal and decided, they are evil and want us all to die due to their CO2 exhaling.

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