White Far Rightist Mass Murder In NY While Schools Punish Little Boys For Using Wrong Pronouns


The young white male who did this mass murder filmed himself and posted online as he killed, his activities.  He was out to ‘get’ minorities (who are the majority in Buffalo, NY).  Evidently the killer lived next to the grocery store he attacked.  Of course, news is very scarce right now and later it will be politicized like all events that involve white males.  Black killers fade rapidly from the news, of course.  Shoot-ups in black communities is sadly, very, very common and so are considered ‘not news’ since it surprises no one when blacks shoot into crowds.


The shooter was arrested and at least ten people are dead.  The white male is a ‘extreme right wing’ person just like many Muslim killers do this in the name of their political/religious beliefs.  All are cut from the same cloth but coverage by media is very choosy which one to get hysterical about.  Definitely the response to this event should not be blacks running riot and attacking stores, etc.  This bizarre social response to all events is very dangerous.  I have seen it first hand in the past.

Judicial watch censored by Youtube over election fraud debate


Meanwhile, YouTube continues to censor anyone debating covid or election fraud!  This is insanity.  This level of censorship is very communist in design.  It is destroying YouTube which is now YouCan’tTube because of leftist censors.


Some mindless people posting comments on my news service claim that nearly no one is banned on Twitter for chatting about verboten topics like how to count votes or the value of vaccinations but yes, people are constantly being eliminated by communists online.  These communists aren’t shooting people (except when they do shoot people) but they certainly are wrecking Twitter by censoring everyone and anyone who irritates communists there.


I bet around half of the users of Twitter have been banned which is why Musk is making a big stink about this.


The crazy leftists have taken over all schools and are doing insane things there, tormenting children, young  CHILDREN:  https://nypost.com/2022/05/14/kiel-wisconsin-school-charges-kids-for-using-wrong-pronouns/


A Wisconsin school district has filed sexual harassment complaints against three middle schoolers for calling a classmate by a wrong pronoun.


This isn’t even high school!  A child decided, probably quite devilishly, to annoy everyone by demanding everyone use ‘they/them’ when chatting with this creature.  Then, when some kids refused to do this, the nasty kid runs off to the Big Boss to whine and then gleefully watches other children be punished for this.


The school district in Kiel, a city of 3,600 residents, has charged the three eighth-graders at the Kiel Middle School with sexual harassment after an incident in April in which the students refused to use “they” to refer to a classmate who had switched pronouns a month before the alleged incident, according to reports.


This is not a ‘city’ it is a ‘SMALL TOWN’ almost as small as my small town of Berlin, NY.


“I received a phone call from the principal …forewarning me, letting me know that I was going to be receiving an email with sexual harassment allegations against my son,” said Rosemary Rabidoux, whose 13-year-old son Braden is one of the students charged with sexual harassment.


This is pure insanity.  This is ridiculous, the backlash against ‘trans/gay/etc’ people will be very ferocious.  Using the State Powers to force normal people to talk like SF lunatics is cruel, stupid and insane.  I am 100% against this.


“I immediately went into shock,” she continued in an interview with FOX 11. “I’m thinking sexual harassment? That’s rape, that’s inappropriate touching, that’s incest. What has my son done?”


These lunatics now have dozens of ‘sexual identities’ because they are utterly insane.  This insanity seeps into everything, everywhere and creates terrible violence and innocent bystanders will be killed and communities destroyed and RADICALISM causes this.


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13 responses to “White Far Rightist Mass Murder In NY While Schools Punish Little Boys For Using Wrong Pronouns

  1. Nina

    Ten people killed in store shooting in New York as gun violence claims more lives in US

  2. Nina

    Very strange. When i tried to link to RT my comment does not appear despite multiple attempts.

  3. qbutnoa

    @2. I also have had problems with comments being silently swallowed. Yesterday I posted a Reuters link which included “…international isolation of Russia and countering misinformation”. The EU/NATO is not joking you know, it is their way or no way.

  4. qbutnoa

    1) bbc.co.uk: Ukraine war: Putin warns Finland joining Nato would be ‘mistake’. ‘Mr Putin did not make a specific threat of retaliation over Finland’s (NATO) move, but the Russian foreign ministry has indicated there will be retaliation.’
    2) dailymail.co.uk: MPs condemn ‘shameful’ abuse after Prince William is BOOED by thousands of fans at Wembley ahead of the FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea – with supporters also jeering renditions of God Save the Queen and Abide With Me. ‘Jeers rang out around Wembley Stadium as the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William), who is president of the Football Association, was introduced to Chelsea and Liverpool players before kick-off. Fans gesticulated and made obscene hand gestures while the solemn Prince stood singing God Save the Queen.’
    3) theguardian.com: New NUS leader welcomes antisemitism inquiry, but fears for her safety. ‘Shaima Dallali, the incoming president of the National Union of Students (NUS), is supporting an investigation into allegations of antisemitism within the organisation she will soon lead. Dallali, who is due to start her role in July for a two-year term, said she had been misrepresented since her election and denied that she was antisemitic.’

  5. lou


    Can this milk really ‘fight climate change’? It’s complicated.

    Whole Foods Brings Carbon Neutral Organic Milk to More Stores

    Neutral Foods’ Carbon Neutral Organic Milk will roll out to 500 Whole Foods stores, next month. The product was part of the retailer’s top 10 trends for 2022. Neutral Foods was founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture.

    Search domain grist.org/food/carbon-neutral-milk-whole-foods-climate-change/https://grist.org › food › carbon-neutral-milk-whole-foods-climate-change

  6. These utter lunatics want to eliminate COWS. I used to own one of the biggest ox teams in America. I am VERY pro-cow. I am very pissed at this attack on the natural world.

    These lunatics want to eliminate most humans, too. They have blurted this out more than once. They are serious about killing many millions of humans, all leftists do this every time they have the power to do this.

  7. They disarmed all of Europe and even Australia and New Zealand. They want to disarm us, too. This is why we have to prevent this disarming.

  8. lou

    7–Whole foods = Bezos. What is his carbon footprint?

    And even cookies etc sold at WF are in plastic tubs.
    plastic is forever.

  9. Ed

    Actually shooter was an eco fascist, far left.

  10. Zeke

    News reports I heard were that shooter was motivated by far-right? ‘replacement theory’ concern.
    That is that illegal aliens, immigrants, minorities, non-citizens, and others are replacing ‘traditional’ citizens.
    I’m not going to resort to violence but I think he’s right.
    Almost daily I see ‘non-traditional’ workers; what look to be Guatemalans, etc. doing the work around here.
    Employers are hiring them.

    The shooter targeted and killed overwhelmingly black people. It was a racially motivated attack. May be prosecuted as a ‘hate crime’.
    Its nonsensical to try to wiggle out of that and claim he was motivated by ecology or whatever.

  11. Zeke

    Just a thought –

    Rather than outright banning someone from posting (which Free Speech Elaine is loathe to do) would it be possible to limit the frequency and/or word count of any poster?

    Just a thought –

    (I say as I make back-to-back posts!)

  12. It is very easy to scroll past lunatics.

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