Crimes Explode As Democrats Refuse To Enforce Basic Laws


Liberals blame everyone but themselves for the chaos and horrors they enable and allow or even actively do, themselves.  In New York state we are in the middle of a very, very violent crime wave.  Democrats run NY and it is a total mess.  Since nearly everyone is out of control or scared of out of control people we have a hellish situation that is very, very violent.  So of course, the one event caused by a deranged young male killing innocent people gets lots of attention while the chaos in all the DNC cities is nearly totally ignored.  This has to stop.  ALL crimes are bad.


These violent shoot outs, these murders and police fights with dangerous criminals is happening in the middle of the day all the time, every day of the year.  This is ridiculous.  I remember the 1970’s onwards when very violent crimes happened in the middle of the day and I did many arrests due to this, just going to and from work or taking little kiddies to daycare or school would involve making arrests.


It was out of control back then and is, today.  The cop killing I witnessed and helped deal with happened in the middle of the day, for example!  Today, I picked at random a number of violent criminals doing as they please in broad daylight to show everyone, it isn’t just the rare far right killers we have to worry about, we have to worry about nearly everyone now in NY, the state with the toughest gun laws in the USA.


First off, I nearly forgot, this month more and more females working in all male prisons has sex with the convicts and then they escape and people die;



I am partially responsible for this!  I was the very first woman allowed in to male prisons to meet with the prisoners and then sponsor them in supervised jobs outside of the prisons.  It was a great success.  I then moved away and things took off and crazy females ended up supervising criminals and these females have done the stupidest things.  No woman should supervise conmen.  Good lord.


Now on to one criminal who was part of a gang that would rush, in broad daylight, into jewelry stores and smash everything and grab whatever they can.  This clown is claiming he is a VICTIM and wants money from taxpayers after he was arrested and resisted arrest:


A man once described as among the most violent gang members in Brooklyn and who was busted in a smash-and-grab robbery in Soho this month says that he’s a victim — claiming in legal papers that cops were too rough on him during two previous arrests.


He is a Hispanic crook.  Blacks dominate this field but Hispanics are very active, too. They come here illegally and then run riot.  Legal ones born here want to be like the illegals and do illegal things.  This is very bad.


Ricardo Forde, 25, of Brooklyn says in a 2021 federal lawsuit that it was the NYPD that has left him injured, “deprived of his liberty” and unable to enjoy his life, court papers say.


HAHAHA.  This goofball is not allowed to enjoy ANYTHING.  He is a criminal.  He has to suffer and pay for his crimes and fear being arrested again and want to be legal, not illegal.


Forde, 25, was allegedly among five men who targeted the Rebag boutique at 390 West Broadway on May 5 and shattered display cases with hammers to remove eight handbags worth $24,700. Terrified employees and shoppers at the high-end designer resale shop ran to the back of the store, according to criminal complaints.


I want to hammer him.  This is ridiculous and 100% the fault of the DNC gang.


Meanwhile, in NYC which is run 100% by insane Democrats, we have the new thing: men on motorcycles driving up onto sidewalks and snatching purses and chains, etc. from pedestrians:https:  //



Yesterday, in broad daylight, a man was severely beaten and robbed right out in the open street whle walking down a sidewalk, minding his own business:



At lunchtime, three black thugs with guns attacked a store in Queens:



In the Bronx, a gang of thugs (guess which skin color) ganged up while using a firearm and metal clubs to whack their victim and steal his money and his motorcycle:



Night falls and the criminals are even more awake and busy.  Attacking young teenagers under the age of 16, shooting them with guns while everyone was milling on the broad sidewalks in the Bronx:


Crime is totally out of control in New York state, a state with very big laws that supposedly are to protect us but the police are underfunded, attacked nonstop by media giants and liberals and is now a hellish mess thanks to DNC criminal politicians.  The new mayor of NYC is, as I said from day one, a criminal enabler who has made things even worse than that communist idiot, de Blasio.



Foreign criminals are being secretly brought to my state,  upstate NY, at night.  They are being deliberately moved into our communities with zero permission from people living here.


Crimes now happen within the Supreme Court, itself and nothing happens.  The NY Times is happy that the criminal within the Supreme Court who illegally revealed Justice Clarence Thomas’s private papers concerning the abortion ruling isn’t being prosecuted or examined or anything.  This is disgusting.


Why examine this crime!  All crimes are OK if they are done by radical leftist creeps. They can do as they please.  There are no laws there are only privileges.  And the females rioting and breaking laws over the issue of killing babies right at birth…they are allowed to roam the streets, harass Supreme Court Justices at home and so forth and nothing will happen.  This is OK.



All right!  This means, when conservatives take over, they can ignore all laws and also do as they please and persecute, harass, abuse, etc. any leftists.  Isn’t this wonderful?  Obviously, leftists cannot think ahead or understand what ‘rebound’ means.


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12 responses to “Crimes Explode As Democrats Refuse To Enforce Basic Laws

  1. TinaB

    “When conservatives take over” – your elections are over EMS!

    Thanks to you and your ilk there will NEVER be another election for the POTUS! NEVER!

    You’ve set the stage for the loser to NEVER accept losing. Your “democracy” is finished.

    You wanted to overturn an election? To put your cult leader in power? That is NOT democracy and you KNOW it!

    You should have heeded the warning “careful what you wish for”. or better yet “cut off your nose to spite your face”.

  2. Zeke

    More partisan political hackery from Elaine.
    The apotheosis of Dear Leader El Trumpedo.
    Asking ‘what would Rush Limbaugh say’?
    That guiding light in the firmament has gone dark.
    Oh dear, how shall we proceed?
    Wandering about in darkness and wondering.
    Used the White House toilet in lieu (loo) of a shredder.
    He had to flush state papers multiple times. The Bamboozler in Chief refuses election results, incites insurrection to perpetuate its forever rule.

    Hitler was elected one time (sort of as Chancellor) then proceeded to change rules of Democracy to perpetuate its forever rule.

  3. TinaB

    “What kind of asshole you have to be to want to see your country burn down to the ground because you lost and election?”

    An asshole in a league of their own!

    Could you not have voted for Mitt Romney? Was he so bad?

    @Zeke she’s beyond partisan hackery – she left that behind long ago – she is full on certified cult member! Nothing to do with the “political parties” , it’s all about her/their dear leader. I think it is patently obvious that at this point in time EMS wants fascist rule

  4. TinaB

    Michael Cohen KNOWS who your dear leader is EMS! I suggest you listen to the above interview and WEEP! You’ve been bamboozled lady!

    Now do yourself a favor and put your boondoggling aside and read some REAL facts about what is going on in your country and on this planet!

  5. TinaB

    And for someone who “prides” themself on their “moral” compass I find it odd that you adore the most depraved POTUS EVER! There isn’t even a close second.

    How you can possibly think that a carnival barker should be the POTUS is truly unbelievable!

    And he looks so unhealthy & unkempt! Like sweaty & greasy and stinky! His dyed orange hair plugs and fake orange tan and fake ultra white teeth and that big fat tire around his middle…. eeewww! I like “fit” people who take care of themselves internally, not adderall addicts.

    And aside from his appearance, even worse is talking to a guy that is like spinning around in a circle! He doesn’t even read – is that not a red flag of some sort? And he speaks like some petulant child when not reading his teleprompter or goes off script.

  6. snoosebomb

    well Elaine must be doing something right , the zombies above are banging on the window.
    Meanwhile overnight in milwalkee , 21 blacks were shot by other blacks , twice the number killed by the lunatic.

  7. Zeke

    Interesting Michael Cohen interview and Commentary above “It was all a lie”.

    And yes, Supkis is full throttle fascist now – as long as El Trumpedo is Der Führer.

    I can imagine her jack boot marching down Broadway giving the nazi salute to Drümpf.

    ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste’.

  8. qbutnoa

    1) Hero status abroad will not heat OAPs’ homes, says NICK FERRARI (popular London radio host). ‘How would pacts with two Scandinavian nations help arrest the falling pound, soaring inflation and stunted growth? One report suggests five million children could be living in poverty by this winter, how does this trip help with that?’
    2) The BBC’s (false) prophet of doom: His wife supports Extinction Rebellion, his sister has been fined for protesting with Insulate Britain… No wonder insiders says their climate editor Justin Rowlatt is more ‘campaigner’ than reporter. ‘Some at the BBC, it seems, are losing patience with their climate editor. ‘The Justin Rowlatt stuff is grim,’ an unnamed BBC source told one newspaper this week. ‘These are not ‘mistakes’; he’s a campaigner.”
    3) Georgia’s separatist South Ossetia region to hold referendum on joining Russia. ‘ The leader of Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia on Friday set July 17 as a date for a referendum on joining Russia.’

  9. Zeke

    To the 3rd point immediately above;

    These plebiscites are fractiously disastrous.
    Northern Ireland under British rule was result of such chicanery.

    The Brits displaced the Irish living there and replaced them with Scots settlers in the “plantation of Northern Ireland”.
    Those Scots being sympathetic to the Brits and afterward beholden to them.

    The result was the troubled years of conflict lasting decades. Turmoil and tears all because some master world wizard decided to twist fate and torque discord from harmony.

  10. lou

    9–yes, it is Genocide. Starve 3? million Irish, 1/3rd of its population.

  11. Many millions will freeze/starve in Europe this coming winter. Though leftist communists think we are all going to roast to death…good lord, talk about INSANE.

    I feel sorry for the lunatics here who think that Trump and I are stupid. This is very stupid.

    The reality of masses of very angry ‘peasants’ will be hunting down ‘liberals’ in the near future and guillotining them is quite possible if we have a very cold winter again.

  12. Petruchio

    As for the Bottom Line, this is all about tearing a Country (the USA) apart. The Illegal Immigration, the letting the Criminals run free. It’s all about ripping apart the fabric of a Society. And the Goal is to impose Rules so harsh they wouldn’t pass in any but other than a Crisis situation Naomie Klein calls it Crisis Economics. Create a crisis and then impose your Agenda. In this case it is a One World Government. With the folks promoting all of these Crisis causing actions–like Illegal Immigration and tolerating groups like ANTIFA and BLM.intending to assume the Role of Rulers. They are delusional and incompetent, but they do have Power.

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