EuroVision Contest Cheats, Fake Votes For Ukraine Winners Infuriate Other Countries



The entire EU is run by dishonest bureaucrats who cheat, lie and steal all the time and who now have pushed all of Europe into WWIII.  The Bilderberg gang has a death grip on all of Europe which is why European people who are ‘white’ are no longer reproducing just like Japan, for example.  Giving up on life, running on empty, this week’s stupid story is all about the Eurovision ‘contest’ which supposedly, Ukraine won.  Only Ukraine didn’t ‘win’ they were given the prize via cheating by the Bilderberg leaders who wanted Ukraine to ‘win’.


“We were surprised to discover that the result of the Romanian jury’s vote was not taken into account in the calculation of the final ranking,” said TVR in a statement. “The organizers assigned a different set of points to the participants of the final, on behalf of the jury of our country. We specify that the Romanian jury decided to give maximum score to the representatives of Moldova.”


The ‘voting’ was fake.  But then, ‘elections’ are now pretty fake.  The more cheating in elections, the more the elites claim the elections are ‘the best, ever’.  ‘Best ever’ means ‘cheating openly and no one can stop this.’


“In order to comply with the voting instructions of the competition, the EBU collaborated with its voting partner to calculate a replacement aggregate result for each country concerned, both for the second semi-final and for the grand final (calculated on the basis of the results of other countries with a similar voting history),” they said in a statement.


So…they have a ‘replacement aggregate result’?  HAHAHA.  Sounds…like voting in the old Soviet Union.  Or modern Chicago.


TVR said Eurovision organizers had “replaced the jury score in Romania with a ‘substitute’ calculated in a non-transparent way,” and had not even informed them of what they were doing during the competition.


‘Non-transparent way’ is Bilderberg talk for ‘secret’.  And not informing the victims that their ‘votes’ have been eliminated and replaced, secretly, is…how Democrats run elections here in the US.  But Romania is raising a stink about this obvious cheating!


Here is the song that the Romanians performed (all EU music is pretty boring and copies US modern pop music):



Here is real Romanian music:



Meanwhile, also in Europe that is all hip hop for ‘Ukraine music’ is this terrifying news for people who can’t afford heating their homes already:



Natural gas prices surged this week after Moscow imposed its first counter-sanctions on some European energy companies. The price of gas in Europe exceeded $1,200 per 1,000 cubic meters during Thursday trading, according to data provided by London’s ICE. Benchmark prices are almost 300% higher compared with a year ago, Reuters reports.


300% inflation is terrifying.  I will note that EU media is dutifully ignoring all this bad news.  The price already rose 300% this last year due to all sorts of non-Russia war reasons and now it will shoot upwards another 300% this next year, too.


Here is England’s Minister in charge of economic issues giving workers advice for massive inflation caused by high energy costs and wars in Europe, here is Rachel Mclean explaining how to fix things due to massive inflation:


A Government minister was slammed today for saying people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis will be able to work longer or simply get a better-paid job.


How easy is that?  Just work day and night or go find a really neat job, say, coding computers!


Safeguarding Minister Rachel Maclean said that long term the Government wanted people to be able to find better-paid work, or take on extra hours to make more money.


Working workers to death is a great solution.  Bravo.


The comments come against a backdrop of soaring inflation, rising energy bills and high prices at the petrol pumps.

The EU leaders want WWIII and they are getting WWIII.  The conservatives running some EU countries are just as stupid as the liberals who run a huge number of EU countries.  All are united in wanting WWIII and so we get WWIII.


They think they can fool everyone by pretending that talking about nuclear war with heavily armed Russia is not highly dangerous and that Russia, which supplies the EU with much of their many raw materials and goods, can’t destroy the EU economy totally, well, people have to learn life’s lessons the hard way, it appears.


I don’t see any peace movement in Europe right now but then, we HAVE NO MORE NEWS about reality there since RT news is verboten and they were the only sane news service for the last decade in Europe.


I got 90% of my news via RT news in Europe. They would simply set up cameras and record events as these happened.  No other entity in the EU does this service and in the US, we are lucky to have citizens who can still video record things and post these online but our Bilderberg leaders are killing that here, too.


Rats.  Real news is really hard to get.


Here are the basic statistics for inflation thanks to ineptitude in EU leaders who think WWIII is OK:



The Daily Mail notes this economic chaos:


How on earth can the UK ‘head off soaring inflation’ when all wars cause this problem?   I remember the Vietnam War.  Out of that came all sorts of ‘difficulties’ including vast inflation problems.  I was a student back then and saw first hand, prices rising rapidly.


The Arab oil wars caused the price of fuel to skyrocket many years ago.  People are being lied to about all this. Russia is the new ‘Saudi Arabia’ and when energy costs from Russia shoots upwards, everyone else suffers.  EU rulers tell everyone, this is Russia’s fault.


This doesn’t fix what is broken!  The inflation is getting worse and worse.  Russia is still pumping fuel into Western Europe but if they totally shut this down and I am betting, they will eventually, the EU is going to be utterly bankrupt and riots will happen all over the place as furious, helpless masses realize…they are all going to starve/freeze to death as I keep pointing out.


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22 responses to “EuroVision Contest Cheats, Fake Votes For Ukraine Winners Infuriate Other Countries

  1. TinaB

    Oh dear it looks like EMS needs another vocabulary lesson.. You say your dear cult leader is smart and I am not – really? So let’s see how many boxes you and your carnival barker can check!

    What are the qualities of a smart person?
    7 common traits of highly intelligent people

    They’re highly adaptable. …
    They understand how much they don’t know. …
    They have insatiable curiosity. …
    They ask good questions. …
    They’re sensitive to other people’s experiences. …
    They’re open-minded. …
    They’re skeptical.

    What is the highest form of intelligent behavior?

    Some psychologists believe that the ability to listen to another person, to empathize with, and to understand their point of view is one of the highest forms of intelligent behavior.

    Abject failure!

    Abject – (of a person or their behavior) completely without pride or dignity; self-abasing.

  2. Tacitus

    The Moldovan song was about how Moldova wants to be reunited with Romania, how they want to be able to catch a train from Chisinau and come home to Bucharest! So, that song gets zero points from Romania – WTF??? I don’t think so ….

  3. TinaB

    I mean come on now EMS! Michael Cohen doesn’t KNOW who your cult leader is?

    Have you ever spent any time with him behind closed doors? Didn’t think so…… but YOU KNOW him – right?

    MC is repentant – something foreign to your and your carnival barker. He is using his misfortune (meeting trump) to try to make changes for the good. He is “righting his wrongs” – you can’t do that unless you admit them duh?

    He is STRONG unlike your weak, petty cult leader!

    Mea Culpa MC – I salute you!

    “Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means “my fault” or “my mistake” and is an acknowledgement of having done wrong. The expression is used also as an admission of having made a mistake that should have been avoided, and may be accompanied by beating the breast as in its use in a religious context”

  4. TinaB


    ELAINE: Tina’s tiny mind can’t figure out how the DNC cheated in the last election plus, she boasts about how leftist females can’t find any males and so forth. The left is doomed. They recruit in schools only this leads to no babies, no homes, no wealth for women who hate males who are ‘straight’ and who earn good money. They are stuck with leftist loser males who hate being ‘male’ which is very funny. Very funny.


    “The strong reactions that Trump provoked appeared in highly personal contexts, too. In a 2019 survey, 71% of Democrats who were single and looking for a relationship said they would definitely or probably not consider being in a committed relationship with someone who had voted for Trump in 2016.

    That far exceeded the 47% of single-and-looking Republicans who said they would not consider being in a serious relationship with a Hillary Clinton voter.”

    SANE people may not have voted for Biden cause they “liked” him but to just get that shit stain out of the White House before he completely destroyed the country…. sadly it was too late – his mission was complete and it was ALL to satiate his enormous, out-of-control ego and soothe the bruising!

    How many times do I have to say this before it sinks in EMS! He LOVES the system just the way it is! It serves him WELL – he doesn’t give a shit about YOU or your uneducated (his words) ilk! You clearly can’t see the forest through the trees?

    You do KNOW that your cult leader worship brings into question your credibility on …. well…. everything!

    And who gives a shit about Eurovision! Really that’s a problem?

    JFC! No wonder we are so f&cked! Go grow a garden or do something useful already instead of your daily whining and bloviating about irrelevant nonsense!

    Your dear leader needs to just go away now into the ash heap of history

  5. Nina

    The EU elites are both inept and ridiculous. The more their policies backfire, the more they double down on them. Inflation is rising steadily all over Europe, making people poorer. Crime is also rising. Telling people to “work more” is just vile. Will these inept, ugly politicians “work more”? I highly doubt that.

    Their dream of bankrupting Russia is also failing miserably as Russia’s trade surplus more than tripled in January-April to 106,5 billion US$ from the same period last year. Countries like China and India are more than happy to buy Russian commodities.

  6. Timothy


    this blog of yours desperately needs an upvote /down vote system. sick of cretins posting pages and pages of crap aimed at you, personally(because nobody would accept the craptastic policies they espouse), because that’s the only way they could remain relevant.

    you need to up your game!

  7. TinaB

    EMS since you won’t answer my questions about climate change I had to look elsewhere – you know … to the experts. I think he might know just a tad more than you haha! But he’s corrupt – right? He’s in it for the money – right?

    So foolish you smearing scientists all in the name of your ego. Setting the stage / sowing the seeds for people to “distrust” well virtually anything they don’t “like” and everything because in your world nothing is trustworthy – right? Sad. What’s more sad is that you don’t even see the path you’re walking. You know they are not part of the “elites” or “bilderbergs” or whatever other boogeyman you’ve conjured up.

    “Stefan Rahmstorf (born 22 February 1960) is a German oceanographer and climatologist. Since 2000, he has been a Professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University. He received his Ph.D. in oceanography from Victoria University of Wellington (1990). His work focuses on the role of ocean currents in climate change.[1] He was one of the lead authors of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.”

    And I was right – you don’t answer because…. you are WRONG and you know it. And if you doubt it watch the video.

  8. Timothy

    more crap from this obsessed disturbed woman.

    glad I didn’t waste a second reading it, and she probably wasted several minutes writing it

  9. qbutnoa EU clarifies how companies can legally pay for Russian gas. ‘In updated guidance, shared with EU countries on Friday and seen by Reuters, the Commission confirmed its previous advice that EU sanctions do not prevent companies from opening an account at a designated bank, and companies can pay for Russian gas – so long as they do so in the currency agreed in their existing contracts and declare the transaction completed when that currency is paid. By ending its obligations once it deposits euros or dollars, a company could avoid being involved in dealing with the Russian central bank, which is under sanctions, and which could have been involved in converting the euros to roubles.’

  10. qbutnoa

    Professor Rahmstorf is a high priest of the global warming cult. His sermon is resplendent with magic words and spells, just the thing his congregation demands, which is why the comments are turned off.

  11. Peter C.

    I’m with Timothy,letting these deranged people rant on and on in the comments drives away normal readers

  12. lou

    Tina, wrt #1, that list perfectly shows what you are not.

    They’re highly adaptable. …not
    They understand how much they don’t know. …not
    They have insatiable curiosity. …not
    They ask good questions. …what are bad questions?
    They’re sensitive to other people’s experiences. …not
    They’re open-minded. …not u
    They’re skeptical…u r gullible, babe

    u r the Abject failure!

  13. John Culhane

    If the Ukraine vs Russia war gets stalled. Expect a second front to be opened in the Middle East after August when missiles land on Saudi Arabian or Qatari pipelines. That will force the Davos crowd to the negotiating table.

  14. snoosebomb

    everyone is blaming putin or biden for the current ‘ latest thing’ , but ol’ klaus Schwab must be happy right now

  15. John Culhane

    Schwab’s agenda is doomed and will take down the EU with it.. The current EU leadership under his influence are making all the wrong moves and we will likely see the split of the EU simply on the energy crisis alone which the Davos crowd has a direct hand in with the net zero nonsense. , also a culmination of the negative interest rate policy means the debt market will collapse.

  16. qbutnoa

    1) Élisabeth Borne becomes France’s first female prime minister in 30 years. ‘Borne will also be given a new brief of overseeing what Macron has promised will be a radical new form of “green planning” to limit carbon emissions and boost environment policy.’
    2) Ukraine war: Russia nationalises Renault’s Moscow plant. ‘Financial details of the deal were not provided, but in April Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said Renault planned to sell its Russian assets for “one symbolic rouble”. ‘
    3) Nato begins its military exercises in Baltics. ‘Named “Hedgehog”, the drills involve 10 countries, including Finland and Sweden, which are expected to formally apply to join the alliance within days. The exercises in Estonia, which will last until 3 June, were arranged before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.’

  17. Pete

    Draghi says it’s OK to pay for
    Russian gas in RUBLES!

  18. TinaB

    Texas Paul REACTS to Republicans Spreading Racist White Replacement Theory

  19. lou

    ‘Racist White Replacement Theory’ you girl are very ignorant of facts.

    like demographics.

    dumb tina uses the ‘r’ word, ray cyst.

  20. Pete


    NEXTA is CIA . Remember Klaus said we might
    get hit with a massive cyber attack?

    The CIA just posted a video of KILLNET.
    Bogus video by CIA warning us of a looming
    “surprise” attack by Russia (KILLNET)”.

    The video is so silly, looks like Darth Vader.
    Casus Belli?

  21. The communist leftists in the EU,Canada and US are working day and night to kill the internet. I have discussed this for years now. I see foolish people like Tina are still here and alive despite whining about too many humans polluting the earth.

    Good lord, I wish these creeps practice what they preach and cease using modern electronics that cause ‘global warming.’! Of course, they never, ever want to practice what they preach.

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