Elon Musk Rakes Twitter Over Coals: Senior Engineer Is Openly Communist And Censors Everyone ‘Rightwing’



So the Twitter deal is dying.  This is due to Twitter lying about how their crazy site is run.  I noticed it was poorly run way back more than two years ago.  Automatic spamming of leftist goofy junk would appear suddenly like magic every time Trump posted any comment at all.  A thousand ‘comments’ which were seldom if ever on topic would appear.  Mostly ‘jokes’ attacking Trump would appear.  Anyone with a real comment would be far far down the list of comments so no one sane ever commented at the Trump twitter feed.  Now, this goofy mess is causing the deal to collapse.  No surprise to me.


Project Veritas records major senior engineer boasting about how he and his buddies are ‘communist as f…k’ and they want to continue censoring and eliminating everyone who isn’t an outright communist:


Elon Musk is a master at using Twitter to tangle Twitters twatty employees/owners to tie them all into knots.  They can’t ban him!  If they do, he will sue them to hell and back again!  He has an army of lawyers, after all.  And Twitter has an army of very angry users who have been banned starting with the star of all this, one D. Trump, esq.



The goons running Twitter had to let Musk get access to the inner working of their miserable site.  He is exploiting this now causing the Twitter communists to go running to the Biden communists, begging them to save them from Musk revealing their secrets.



Musk continues his massive rocket program which is astonishing and quite revolutionary.  He is better than NASA which is Dead ASA.  We are very, very fortunate to have this far seeing businessman doing what NASA was supposed to do!  I salute Musk and hope he runs for President.



This battle of wills is amazing to watch.  I am so happy that Musk has the energy and spirit to fight on many fronts simultaneously.  He is a human dynamo.  Meanwhile, the left continues to be insane, as always.  Below is a story about a man who glued himself to a Starbucks counter:



I don’t mind leftists being openly stupid.  But they are also very destructive now and have to be reined in like out of control horses.  Crime is shooting upwards thanks to all systems being run by communists who want chaos:


And the sanest politician in Congress is now one Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:



I agree 100% with all her actions lately.  How unusual this is!  Here is one last stupid story from the Woke people in Hollywood and Manhattan: the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit model issue has this beauty:

It isn’t that this lady is fat, she is wearing the ugliest swim suit ever designed by gay designers who hate women.  It makes her titties look floppy, her gut is made even more protruding and her hips stick out in the worst possible way.  This is super ugly.


Put this woman in an proper Victorian dress and she would be beautiful.  Put her in nearly anything ethnic that women design and wear over the eons and she would look just fine.  Even naked, she would look OK, too.


In this garb, she looks super ugly.  Shame on Sports Illustrated and the anti-female man who designed this ugly mess.



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17 responses to “Elon Musk Rakes Twitter Over Coals: Senior Engineer Is Openly Communist And Censors Everyone ‘Rightwing’

  1. TinaB

    Elaine: Listen, Tina, you refuse to eliminate yourself while you whine about our CO2 problems which YOU are CAUSING. Your refusal to do this shows you are a HYPOCRITE.

  2. TinaB

    Elaine: Tina finally fell off the cliff. Refusing to clear the environment which she is polluting every hour of every day, she chooses like all liberals to destroy the Earth while whining about the rest of us. She has to stop this insanity and fix this mess she believes is destroying our planet and the best thing she can do is cease breathing out CO2.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. TinaB

    Elaine: Tina bellows CO2 howling with rage. She must practice what she preaches.

  4. I really love you Elaine!

  5. jfr

    I really love you too Elaine!

  6. nclaughlin

    I love you too Elaine. Am I the only one signed up for you on Paypal, $10 a month? Tina, Elaine is being very generous to allow you to rant (sh*t) on her blog. You should pay her for the privilege. You can sign up for as little as $1 a month!

  7. Peter C.

    Please Please Please ban TinaB.She’s not adding to the conversation to say the least!!!!!

  8. John Culhane

    What is the commercial logic behind promoting morbidly obese women? Sports Illustrated are in the game to make money. Most women are not stick thin models but neither are they morbidly obese (depends where you live I suppose). I am looking at that womans thighs and no, that is not a woman who cares about herself or exercises self control and is not sexually desirable clothes or not. She is a logistics problem.

    Marketing companies want us to consume more so it would make sense to promote being morbidly obese as normal, they can sell more product. The reality is that person is going to have health problems soon enough, even carrying a baby to term is difficult in her condition. It is in that persons own interest to control their weight. This must never be presented to women and men as normal.

  9. Zeke

    That photo looks mean, befuddled, and constipated.

  10. qbutnoa

    1) theregister.com: China reveals its top five sources of online fraud. ‘With major Chinese cities currently locked down, and many citizens unhappy with the duration and strictness of those efforts, Beijing has also forbidden posting complaints about the situation on grounds that they could be seditious material aimed at creating social unrest rather than genuine expressions of anguish or anger.’
    2) express.co.uk: Extinction Rebellion activists glue themselves to each other in Tory ban loophole. ‘An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: “On Tuesday May 17 a coalition of groups including Extinction Rebellion Africa, Sustaining the Wild Coast, StopEACOP, Africans Rising, The Green Connection, Oceans Not Oil, Jubilee for Climate, 350.org and Greenpeace disrupted the Africa Energies Summit, a high-level conference attended by oil executives and African heads of state”
    3) dailymail.co.uk: UK’s £13m aid for ‘research and innovation’ in China will end THIS YEAR… but Britons will keep funding ‘technical assistance’ for world’s second-biggest economy to tackle climate change. ‘Business minister George Freeman told MPs in a written statement today it was ‘important that we continue to work with China’ on issues such as climate change and anti-microbial resistance.’

  11. Nina

    High food, energy prices worsening health of over half of Britons: Poll

    The UK is experiencing its highest inflation rate in decades as food and energy prices have soared dramatically since last year. A survey shows one in four Britons skip meals due to inflation while Bank of England has said rising food prices are major concern for the people and government.

  12. lou

    TINA, Maritime.net reports that a ship carrying a Climate Change film team, ran into some ice They had been shooting a documentary about climate change and melting Arctic ice. The climate change crew was airlifted to safety

  13. lou

    It isn’t that this lady is fat,..she isnt svelte, shall I note?

    fat compared to who or what? IMO she is fat.

  14. Thank you, everyone, for supporting me in various ways. Today, Tina went way over the edge and will be mocked every day until she either grows up and apologizes or she finally protects us from warm weather by eliminating her CO2 output. All these guys refuse to stop CO2 exhaling which is very annoying.

    I am OK with CO2, my forest loves the CO2 and happily eats it every day when the sun shines!

  15. snoosebomb

    the obese will survive the coming famine

  16. qbutnoa

    The warnings come thick and fast, but, the weather is good (20C), we make 2nd place in eurovision, the queen makes surprise visits in a nice hat and the football is on. So, the warnings are ignored, especially by the government.

  17. Nina

    And yet they continue to double down on the very same policy that created these problems in the first place. It only goes to show that they do not care.

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