Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender, Elon Musk Goes To War Against All Democrats

As the Russian army works along plans for taking in Eastern Ukraine which has been at war with the coup in Kiev for several years now, we see that even EU/US propaganda stories about Russia losing this fight, disintegrating in the teeth of harsh reality.  Nothing fearful is going to happen to the surrendering Ukrainian fighters.  Russia knows better.  Since the EU and US refuse to carry Russian news, we have to ‘fear Russians’ because scary things might happen.  This is ridiculous now.  Living in a world cut off from other forms of news is always disturbing.  My lifelong experience with this has illustrated that censored news is crappy news and all news in the ‘West’ is now censored heavily.


Speaking of the devil that censors:


Twitter Loses Three More Top Executives Amid Elon Musk Buyout, Project Veritas Exposé


Twitter was a censor machine for several years now.  Anything the leftists wanted censored was censored.  Millions and millions of US citizens were kicked out of Twitter because their political views were not far leftist communist ideologies.  This, in turn, was causing Twitter to shrink, not grow.


All systems are now shrinking, not growing 100% due to leftists censoring and kicking out citizens all the time in all systems they take over.  This will lead to all leftists eventually being kicked out of all systems all the time in retaliation since the majority of citizens are quite angry about this censorship by communist leftists.



Biden is collecting enemies rapidly now.  Fools who fell for the anti-Trump propaganda are now finally waking up to the grave perils to our entire existence due to leftists like some here at my news service, screaming about phantom ‘global warming’ which they call ‘climate change’.  These clowns want to starve/freeze us all to death all in the name of saving the planet while none of these fools will stop CO2 exhaling and thus, save the earth from too much CO2 from too many fools on the left!


Win/win for Mother Nature!


I have noted this more than once.  The ‘replies’ to tweets of people the communists who run Twitter hate, these happen instantaneously whenever say, Trump Jr. posts anything, anytime.  I also noted in the past, 99% of these instant ‘replies’ are off topic and are standard nasty junk these bots post all over Twitter against Trump and his son.


I never bother reading the comments there due to this junk problem.  Twitter refuses to fix this.  Way back several years ago, people posting at Twitter could remove crap but this was taken away by Twitter communist leftists so they could deliberately flood all postings by anyone who is anti-communist with junk postings by…communists!


So…we have wild money lending at near zero interest coupled with wild government spending and this causes…INFLATION!  Super-duh!  This is painfully obvious, it is ridiculously obvious and it is obviously ignored.



The solution to this is…more money!  So, we cut taxes and cut the energy bills (and guess what happens next: oil/gas vanishes) and none of this fixes inflation caused by too my money out of thin air stuff going on at the Fed.  Every time money is put in people’s pockets it becomes more worthless.  This is why you cannot escape inflation via adding zeros to money printed by the government.



The Democrats have been asleep at the wheel for the last year:


As money loses value valuable things shoot up in costs.  Fuel is very valuable.  If we cut production like the Democrats did because they believe we are all going to roast to death, the cost of energy shoots upwards.  Add money printing to this and we get 100+% energy inflation!  Duh.


So Biden and his gang this week strangled more energy production in the US while at the same time, telling Ukraine and all of the lunatics running the EU off the cliff that we will export our own energy to them all and this will cause energy prices to shoot upwards even more here in the USA.


A voter revolt is forming rapidly.



I absolutely adore MTG because she is so grand.  She goes forth and does what nearly no one else can do: be sane.  As Congress goes nutty, she points out the obvious and like Rand Paul, suggests we do something sane and then the Bilderberg gang unites to scream that she, not they, is crazy.


Sorry, she is quite sane and they are all utterly detached from reality which is biting them all in the rear harder and harder every day.


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19 responses to “Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender, Elon Musk Goes To War Against All Democrats

  1. qbutnoa

    1) Bank of England chief Andrew Bailey issues ‘apocalyptic’ warning about food prices and admits he is ‘helpless’ to do anything about inflation… while urging Britons *NOT* to ask for pay rises. ‘Mr Bailey, who earns £570,000 a year as the top boss at Threadneedle Street, told MPs that high earners should ‘think and reflect’ before asking for large salary increases.’
    2) Mervyn King criticises Bank of England’s approach amid cost-of-living crisis. King ‘questioned current governor Andrew Bailey’s suggestion that 80% of inflation (currently 9.1%) is due to outside forces such as global energy and food hikes, calling it a “debatable figure”. He pointed to the Bank’s estimate that inflation will soar above 10% this year, and added: “The idea that interest rates of 1% are going to have much impact on the inflation rate is really very strange.”’
    3) Half of new nurses and midwives come from abroad. ‘The total – more than 23,000 – is a record high and comes as the UK has struggled to increase the number of home-grown nurses joining the register. Nurse leaders questioned whether international recruitment on this scale was sustainable.’

  2. TinaB

    ELAINE: Tina decided to go full attack on me personally based on her own delusions and was super rude and obviously crude like all fake ‘liberals’ who are really communists.

    So I eliminated her rages here. She can still discuss real stuff here so long as she or it or whatever this person thinks she/it is, that is OK. Attacks on myself or others here is not welcome.

  3. snoosebomb

    Monetary inflation has been driving asset prices , not consumer prices ,
    those are being driven by supply.

  4. TinaB

    Does a hug mean love?

    Hugs are an essential form of physical touch that humans rely on from the moment they’re born throughout the rest of their lives. Depending on the type hug, it can be a sign of romantic intimacy, security, emotional support, friendship, or love.Jan 4, 2021

    Something tells me you are familiar with them! Biden is and KNOWS how important they are.

  5. TinaB

    “NOT familiar”

  6. snoosebomb

    tinabquiet , tinab?

  7. Nina

    UK families warm themselves at McDonald’s – Guardian

  8. Pete

    On front lines in Ukraine.

  9. Zeke

    EMS – are you anti-American because your cult leader was rejected by American population and you would rather pay with Rubles and side with Putin and Russia than affiliate with they who repudiated Dear Leader?

    Ahem ….. RT IS Propaganda.

    (Hint: follow the money. Who’s financing it?)

  10. Pete

    Azov training camp for young boys.

  11. lou

    14–how far right? do they kill jews?

  12. Pete


    In the 1940’s they killed jews, russians,
    poles and gypsies. The US put the
    nationalists in power after the Maidan
    revolution in 2014.

    The US just did regime change in
    Somalia and the new president has
    invited US troops back into the country.

  13. History is a dog that chases its own tail. I have said this all my very long life.

    Tina, darling, you have to cease yapping like a dog here. It is increasingly annoying.

  14. About Biden ‘hugs’: he sniffs HAIR of LITTLE GIRLS while whispering in ears that he can’t wait for them to ‘grow up’. He also uses his hands in a very bad way while doing this sexual talk in a whisper.

    Classic male child molester.

  15. lou

    18–yes, classic. no in that he is so bold. most hide their evil or try to.

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