Twitter Sabotage Yesterday, Elon Musk Under Constant Bilderberg Gang Attacks

I just clicked on Elon Musk’s twitter account and get only the blue bird, this morning at 7am.  This is what I got:


Yesterday, Twitter went down for 22 hours and only at 5:40 pm EDT did it come up.  I had a window open to Elon’s twitter account, waiting for it to show up for the last 6 hours.  What in hell is going on in that lunatic asylum in California?  After many hours, Twitter suddenly returned to functioning again.  This happened at the exact same time the Bilderberg gang began regurgitating sex/business crimes against Elon Musk. They are hysterical in their need to shut him down. They even removed his business from the top ranked NASDQ listings to punish him for going against the International Elites.


When twitter did finally go up, I got this as the last posting by Elon Musk which was nearly a day ago:


Twiter has been malfunctioning a lot lately.  Yesterday, I could not access any Twitter accounts for many hours.  I then managed to get half the page to download.  But ten minutes later, twitter crashed yet again.  Obviously, the war on Elon is morphing into suicide attacks on twitter to prevent anyone from using it.


I hope to sue QT&T for cheating me out of $600 because they claimed it took an entire month to bill me when I demanded they bill me 30 days earlier.  As if I were using their services while this month dragged on!  They even admitted I had zero service!  These people are evil, stupid and crooked.



Here is a typical complaint about AT&T:



I couldn’t go to small claims court due to being sick but I am almost well and hope to do this soon.


Now on to why we are going into a recession: oil prices!  This happens every time there is a war or boycott of oil systems:


The prospect of rapidly rising energy prices in Europe, which gets about 40% of its gas supplies from Russia, prompted the European Union and U.S. to refrain from including oil and gas in their initial rounds of sanctions. The U.S., however, said this weekend it is working on plans for an embargo on Russian oil with its allies.


They are frantically pretending they want to not buy Russian fossil fuels or food.  So fuel/food prices continue to spiral upwards in Europe and the USA.  Globally, in fact.  Instead of being truthful, our rulers lie and lie and lie some more, at this point, fooling no one.


They are now doubling down on attacks on citizens who want to stand their ground and stop criminals, etc.  This destruction of the EU and US is being done by our RULERS not the RUSSIANS.  Russia simply has to stand there and try to not laugh to death.

Those concerns drove futures contracts for gas in the northwest European market up 42% compared with Friday’s close to more than 270 euros, equivalent to $293, a megawatt-hour Monday. Earlier in the session, prices hit a record high of 345 euros.


This instability is now locked into monetary systems in Europe via the requirement that all stuff bought from Russia now has to be paid in rubles, not euros.  The EU pretends banking tricks will hide this reality but it is happening which is why the ruble is rising in value and the euro is falling in value, rapidly.

Before Friday, prices had never topped 200 euros, according to FactSet data stretching back to 2013. Before last year, they had never surpassed 30 euros.


The EU had cheap energy.  This is gone, most likely, forever.  Now on to NYC news:


Yes, the communist DA released a black thug who tried to kill a police officer while the officer was trying to stop crimes in the dying city.  Blacks in NYC are quite proud of this.  They want the city to be run like Baltimore!  Or LA.  Sheesh.


The Bronx judge who cut loose an accused cop-shooting teen gangbanger is “agenda driven” — and part of the reason crime is spiraling out of control, a furious law enforcement source told The Post on Saturday.


All DNC DAs are criminals.  They love black crimes and enable black crimes while at the same time, howl like fiends when white criminals kill blacks due to ideological lunatic ideas.  This budding race war is encouraged by liberal Democrats.


Camrin Williams, a 16-year-old drill rapper who goes by the stage name C Blu, was let off the hook in the gun and assault case, which the city Law Department said Friday “cannot be prosecuted.”


Williams’ gun went off when he tussled with an Officer Kaseem Pennant in January outside a building in Belmont. The cop was hit on the leg and the teen in the groin.


The officer he shot is black!


The case was dropped after Bronx Supreme Court Justice Naita Semaj — who has a history of cutting loose allegedly violent teens — earlier disputed the NYPD’s version of events and discredited an officer’s testimony about the arrest, which was captured on one of the cop’s body cameras.


So, we have a video showing what happened and how the criminal fought with cops who are told, they have to handle these creeps with kid gloves (I have first hand experience, fighting and taking down violent NYC criminals in the ghetto).  It is very hard to fight them off when they know, if they get hurt, the COP will be punished.


So they have huge incentive to RESIST ARREST.  This DNC push to make resisting arrest legal is causing all DNC cities to die due to out of control black criminals who know they can fight to the death and everyone but themselves will be punished or blamed, not them all!


YIKES.  Arrest all the Democrats creating this legal mess.


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8 responses to “Twitter Sabotage Yesterday, Elon Musk Under Constant Bilderberg Gang Attacks

  1. qbutnoa

    1) Bank of England chief economist supports further interest rates hikes. ‘Britain’s inflation rate is currently running at five times Threadneedle Street’s (BofE) 2% target after CPI inflation hit a 40-year high of 9% in April. Former BoE governor Mervyn King accused global central banks of not having a clear plan of how to get inflation back down to 2% from the current 40-year high. He added that “considerable” interest rate rises were now needed, warning Britons to brace themselves for a “very unpleasant period” ahead.’
    2) Sunak backs more funding for Ukraine power. ‘The UK will guarantee a further $50m (£62m) in financing to help Ukraine’s electricity provision, chancellor Rishi Sunak said at a G7 (Group of Seven rich economies) meeting. The UK’s commitment comes on top of the $950m in loan guarantees that the Treasury has already guaranteed to scale up World Bank lending to Ukraine to help meet urgent fiscal needs. The UK’s combined economic, humanitarian and military package of support to Ukraine totals over $3bn.’
    3) Canadian government pays poor who can’t ‘live with dignity’ to commit suicide. ‘Canada is expanding its medical assistance in dying (MAID) program, which has been an option for those with certain types of illnesses for years.’

  2. Ken

    For some reason no one is talking about a very serious repercussion for Musk due to coming out in favor of free speech and tolerance for conservative views.

    Most of the Tesla car buyers are hard core liberals who imagine that they are somehow saving the planet by driving an electric car. These are the same liberals who are opposed to free speech and are intolerant of views other than their own.

    Sales of Teslas are going to drop to zero. Tesla stock will crash and burn. Musk will no longer be the world’s richest man.

    All because he decided to be an advocate for free speech.

  3. lou

    destruction of food

  4. snoosebomb

    ”in the second half of september 2021, the adverse events rate per day per million doses per day exploded.”

    ie , increased vAREs reports were NOT a function of does given

  5. snoosebomb

    doses , erp ,

  6. Nina


  7. Canada is a socialist/liberal state, not a capitalist state. And yes, people are waking up to the fact that leftists love killing billions of people, their track record is obvious.

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