Biden DNC Traitors Rush Forwards For Illegal Alien ‘Citizenship’


The plan is obvious: enable invaders to enter the US illegally and even violently then suddenly make them all ‘citizens’ so they can vote Democratic in dying DNC cities.  This is an INVASION and the President is leading this invasion and is a TRAITOR.  I am amazed that few politicians dare say anything about this utter destruction of our country.  This has been obvious since day one of the Biden coup.  I noted back when the ‘election’ happened, millions of illegal voters voted in DNC hell hole cities.  Meanwhile, our economy is collapsing and the Democrats pour oil on burning economic fires and I have to go to Russian news to discover what is happening in the world.


The EU is expanding NATO to Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries even as the EU is collapsing internally:



The EU isn’t a ‘country’.  It is many ‘countries’ that are exploiting US taxpayers making us pay for their protections while at the same time, locking us out of their markets.  The US should stop playing baby sitter to these crooks.  At the same time, these same lunatics want us to give them oil and gas because they don’t like Putin.  But they won’t share oil or gas or money with each other!  This is ridiculous.


And I have to go to Russia to learn all about this, too.  So, Norway is making an extra $100 billion in oil sales profits!  Time to raid the Norway banking system and get back the money paid for Norway’s energy!  HAHAHA.  Eventually, Norway will wake up and join Russia in a buddy/buddy pack like OPEC.


All of the former Eastern EU countries will want to raid Norway and others to get more money.  This is how communism works, after all.  And the EU is more communist than Russia.


Morawiecki also urged young Poles to shame their Norwegian “friends” over the massive gas profits online to push the country into sharing the wealth.


Yes, young communist cadres should assail Norway demanding Norway share profits with the collectives!  What is much worse is, the Bilderberg gang this year is doubling down on the ‘climate change’ scam and thus, demands all of the EU cease using any fossil fuels.  The Chinese are pushing hard for this suicidal action by elites.


Meanwhile in the US, things continue to collapse:


Yes, foreign invaders get access to baby food, not citizen babies.  I am puzzled as to why Biden isn’t being arrested for treason.  I, personally, would arrest him, a citizen’s arrest, if he wasn’t guarded by armed people who would kill me.  This makes Biden a dictator.



I am amazed at how quiet it is, I don’t see pussy hat females assailing the White House demanding baby food for babies!  No, leftist females demand the right to kill babies at birth if they so wish.  Babies aren’t humans until leftists decide they are humans, after all.  These same leftists insure that illegal alien babies get food.  Not citizen babies.


A good video to watch:


The majority of US citizens want border protections and deportation of illegal aliens:



I am assuming that this majority will vote to get rid of the entire DNC.  This is why the DNC plans to legalize illegal aliens quickly so they can vote to destroy America.



Yes, the Senate wants to save the fascist running Ukraine off a cliff while at the same time, tells small businesses hit hard by covid rules set by the government, to go jump off a cliff and die.  This is because traitors took over the country in the last election when no ID was shown to vote so millions of illegal aliens who hate the USA got to vote for communists.


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10 responses to “Biden DNC Traitors Rush Forwards For Illegal Alien ‘Citizenship’

  1. Nina

    Russian and Chinese bombers conducted joint patrols over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea, sending a signal to the US and Japan. This happened at the same time as Biden is in Tokyo, trying to persuade his allies into joining the US’s push for WW3 with China and Russia.

  2. Nina

    Gas prices reach ANOTHER record high at $4.60 a gallon after Biden claimed US is going through an ‘incredible transition’ at the pump and as White House now plans to tap into emergency DIESEL reserves

  3. qbutnoa

    1) Davos 2022: What to expect from the World Economic Forum’s most consequential meeting in 50 years. ‘The vacant Russia (not invited) House, which has been the base for the Russian delegation at the event for years, has now been taken over by a Ukrainian foundation and rechristened the “Russian War Crimes House”. The climate crisis is always one of the top talking points at the WEF and this is not set to change in 2022. This year, however, climate will no longer be the elephant in the room.’
    2) Zelenskiy promises reciprocal rights for Poles in Ukraine. ‘Poland has granted the right to live and work and claim social security payments to over 3 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Earlier on Sunday a Ukrainian ruling party lawmaker said that Zelenskiy had announced the imminent tabling of a parliamentary bill to give Polish citizens “special legal status” in Ukraine.
    3) Sweeden/Germany: Klarna to cut 10% of staff as it warns of recession. ‘Buy now pay later firm Klarna has announced plans to cut around 700 staff as it warned of a “likely recession”. “What we are seeing now in the world is not temporary or short-lived, and hence we need to act,” said chief executive Sebastian Siemiatkowski.’

  4. Nina

    The so called “world economic forum” attended by the bilderberg gang has turned into a pathetic charade. It was originally supposed to be about economic issues, but now it is all about frantically “supporting Ukraine” at any price, and push the new cold war with Russia.

  5. qbutnoa

    @4. And climate change, don’t forget the elephant in the room. Expect global warming propaganda to blasted out at *massive* levels, starting very soon.

  6. John Culhane

    The financiers (Bilderbergers) behind climate change

  7. qbutnoa

    Test. I have tried 3 times to post this link (silently swallowed).
    ‘The US is cutting off another financial route for Russia to pay its international debts, a move that could push the country closer to default. Russia, which is rich from its oil and gas supplies, has the funds to pay. Russia’s debt was already downgraded to “junk status” by major ratings agencies in March, a move that disqualifies it from purchases by major investors, making it difficult for Russia to raise money on international markets.’

  8. Yes, in Texas a Hispanic male with serious mental health issues ran off after shooting his poor grandmother who is raising him and then the teenager went to the school to mass kill.

    Since he isn’t ‘white male’ and has various strange things about him and is from south of the border, we will hear nearly nothing about him in another 48 hours.

  9. lou

    9–will they call him ‘white hispanic?’.

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