Texas School Killer Was Dysfunctional ‘Emo’ Teenager

The young Hispanic teenager who went berserk  after shooting his grandmother, killing many children in a elementary school called himself an ’emo.’  This is what young people who used to be called ‘goths’ who are ‘outsiders’ in school and who wear their hair in certain ways and act like ‘dead people’ due to hating everyone else, I used to live with one of these many years ago.  Lots of ‘fun’ and ‘games’.  They like to threaten to kill themselves, for example.  This present ’emo’ killer is not so unusual.


His own acquaintances said he was ’emo’ and emotionally unstable: https://www.thedailybeast.com/robb-elementary-school-gunman-salvador-ramos-bought-two-rifles-on-his-18th-birthday-texas-officials-say?ref=scroll

John Morales, who lives next door to Ramos’ paternal grandmother, told The Daily Beast that the teen used to play the first-person shooter game Call of Duty with Morales’ 15-year-old son. But he said he had not seen Ramos around the neighborhood for quite some time.


Nayeli, an 18-year-old who declined to give her last name, told The Daily Beast late Tuesday that she and Ramos had been students together, but she didn’t know him well. “I had a math class with him,” she said, adding, “He was pretty quiet in class.”


The Wendy’s co-worker said Ramos did not seem to socialize much outside his clique of friends—a group she described as “emo” or “alternative.”


I know exactly what this is about.  For other people who haven’t lived with a dark arts teenager, here is a cartoon about this:



Here is music by emos:



So, the killer in this case, his family came across the border and he melded into the modern US school culture in that all our schools are spiraling out of control and he was out of control and everyone is in grave danger now due to kids who are doing the ‘end of times’ thing when our RULERS are screaming ‘We are ALL going to DIE!’  And it is no surprise, these young people are fatalists who want to die and better still, kill lots of people like our Rulers do ALL the time like RIGHT NOW.


The Chinese ruler, Xi, is doing this to all of China.  The covid shut down is destroying China better than any invader wishing to destroy China.  This is amazing to watch.



The rulers of the US and the rulers of China and so forth: they all want to kill us.  It is no shock to me seeing young people suddenly filled with the urge to kill everyone.  They are told, this is End of Times, we are going to roast to death due to hot weather which isn’t happening…it has been a long cold spring for me!…they are told, it is better to die, to abort, to end everything and there are too many humans, anyways.



So once again, the Real Rulers all flew their fancy private jets to Davos, Switzerland, to talk about how us peasants are destroying the earth and have to be stopped: https://nworeport.me/2022/05/24/wef-panelist-brags-about-development-of-carbon-footprint-tracker-to-monitor-your-travel-diet-spending-habits/



They announced that they will be collecting all our private information of what we eat, when we consume fuels, when we heat our homes, etc. in order to STOP US from using energy stuff like heating oil or gasoline or even frigging firewood:


“We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint. What does that mean? Where are they traveling? How are they traveling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform?” Evans said.


These monsters have a carbon footprint of an African country each.  The EU royals and Brit Royals are there, too, yapping about how peasants are messing up the climate and have to be terminated via starvation/freezing to death.



This ‘pain’ is called DEATH.  They intend to kill us.  We will probably impose this death sentence on them all if we are smart.  They, like some of the global warming fools who posted stuff at my own site here, yap about how we have to stop using natural resources here or else but these same clowns never, ever fix this terrible thing they fear via committing suicide and thus, SAVING EARTH.


Nope, not one of these creeps will terminate their own CO2 mess they create, themselves.  We all know what should happen next: anyone thinking there are too many humans who create too much CO2 must be terminated!  All believers are responsible for fixing this very thing THEY fear.  End of story.


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10 responses to “Texas School Killer Was Dysfunctional ‘Emo’ Teenager

  1. Nina

    The United States has seen at least 212 mass shootings so far this year, according to an online database that keeps a record of the country’s gun violence incidents.

    More than 17,000 people have died in gun-related episodes across the United States over the past five months, including approximately 640 children and teenagers.

  2. lou

    most mass murderers are male and non white.

  3. Zeke

    Looks like a ‘white guy’ crime.

    For some reason.

  4. lou

    the photo of the jets is missing the suv s and limos.

  5. Nina

    Pope calls on US to prevent spread of guns after Texas school

    The Bilderberg rulers are no longer hiding their intention of making ordinary people poorer while they merrily fly around the world in their private jets, living a life in luxury. An EU bureaucrat said it plainly yesterday that the price for “standing up for Ukraine”, “combating climate change” and “defending democracy” will be paid for by the consumers.

  6. And the DNC wants to disarm everyone for obvious reasons. Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. are all totally helpless and have to obey their rulers or else. We don’t.

  7. Elaine, you say the shooter’s “family came across the border” – while this may have happened, another possibility is that “the border came across his family” – in the early 19th century large parts of the U.S. were Mexican territory, as you know.

  8. lou

    8–and how many mexicans lived there? 50,000?

  9. lou

    biden, keystone pipeline, etc

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