Ukraine War Is Economic War And NATO Is Losing This Badly, Europe Will Collapse


The EU, US are at war with their major energy/food provider, Russia.  I have been pointing out the insanity of this from day one.  The EU/US are doing ‘boycott Russia’ as their war tool only this is like putting a gun to one’s own head while screaming, ‘I am going to kill you’ to the Russian leader watching this.  Simultaneously, the EU/US leaders are meeting in Davos, Switzerland to discuss destroying their economies in order to stop ‘global warming’…it is COLD this morning here where I live, end of May, no less…while at the same time, killing their own economies in order to hurt Russia who is now going to sell everything to China, not EU.  This is utterly insane and incredibly stupid and the super rich/powerful people ruling us have no idea the horrors that await them when citizens in the EU/US rise up in revolt.


In the US we have little access to Russian news so we get goofy US news that is nearly always fake news.  The EU has been howling that Putin is going down due to economic problems while the EU is crashing and burning rapidly due to economic problems!  The EU is doing their usual trick that is, the US pays for all the EU wars while they yap about how we have to fight ‘together’ which means the US does all the heavy lifting.


The NY Post:


There is constant news for the last decade that Putin is about to fall from power.  Over and over again, ‘experts’ claim this will happen.  It never happens.  Time to go to Russian news which seems to me to be at least attempting to be realistic:



The big Bilderberg bankers think they have trapped Putin.  Instead, he fights like a swordsman, cutting here and there as they cut him here and there only his cuts are going for the throat, not the legs.  Guess who will win?  The party that provides the NATO nations with food and fuel and rare metals or the ones that have huge socialist state systems with many millions of people living off of state funds and depends on exporting manufactured goods which require Russian basic materials?



The EU leaders thought that looting whatever Russia has in Europe will be rich pickings.  It turns out to not be nearly so much loot as previously imagined.  Russia will never bank with them again, either.  Once a thief, always a thief, Putin says in Russian.



The EU populations passively allowed their rulers to go to war with Russia.  Now, they get to starve/freeze to death.  I don’t see them all doing this passively.  I seem to recall what started the French Revolution: crop failures due to the Little Ice Age getting worse by 1790.


Interesting news from the US: some rich people are deserting the Bilderberg gang and joining with Trump:



Dorsey is backing away from the Bilderberg gang, too!  He wanted the Musk money and the other members of the Twitter board want communist regime actions, not money from Musk.  Gradually, Dorsey is going towards Trump and away from Biden.



List of US politicians at Davos has both Democrats and Republicans who are RINOs.







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11 responses to “Ukraine War Is Economic War And NATO Is Losing This Badly, Europe Will Collapse

  1. qbutnoa

    The warnings come thick and fast, more and more every day. A revolution is inevitable and necessary.

  2. Zeke

    ems gets wet salivating and predicting fall of western civilization and triumph of her hero, Putin.

    This is treason! Arrest her!

  3. Nina

    Cost-of-living crisis in UK: Soaring prices cause ‘acute distress’ to Britons, minister says,-minister-says

    I second that.

  4. Kenogami


    It seems to me that you are guilty of treason, not Elaine.

    For Putin and the Russians are not the enemy of the US people. Your enemies are in Washington and in New York: they are the ones who want to starve you, rob you and kill ordinary US Americans. They are the ones who have ruined the majority in the USA, and transformed your country in a third-world shit-hole.

  5. Zeke

    @ Kenogami

    I don’t know what your problem is ….. but I’m doin’ well.

    That’s the script! Your real enemies want you to turn inward and tear the country apart. You’re acting out their script very well!

    I suspect that you hate the country now because the country has rejected your orange incubus buffoon.

    You’re paranoid. No one wants to “starve, rob, or kill” you or me.
    That may get you all atwitter, fidgeting and excited …,. but it’s all bs.

    No ruined “majority”; no “3rd world shithole”. Outside of your skull.

    You fell for their anti-American Propaganda hook, line, and sinker. You are a complete fool.

    Wake up; renounce Satan.

    “They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are ….. ”
    Listen to Jackson Browne in “Lives in the Balance”.

  6. Zeke

    We must become a Loving, Compassionate Country and community.

    Snark stinks.

    Name calling and put downs are counterproductive.

    The change must start with me.

    And you and us.

  7. lou

    Your enemies are in Washington and Israel. How many jews on SCOTUS, Congress, Senate?
    How many Israeli Billionaires? › wiki › List_of_Jewish_members_of_the_United_States_Congress
    List of Jewish members of the United States Congress
    This is a list of Jewish members of the United States Congress. As of 2021, there are … First Jewish Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority Leader: Norm Coleman: Republican: Minnesota: January 3, 2003: January 3, 2009: Lost reelection: Ben Cardin: Democratic: Maryland: January 3, 2007: › 2021 › 01 › 11 › politics › here-are-the-36-jewish-members-of-congress
    Here are the 37 Jewish members of Congress
    WASHINGTON ( JTA) — There are 37 Jewish members of the 117th Congress, which was sworn in last week amid the trauma of an insurrection spurred by President Donald Trump. Of the 37, there are 10 in… › 2021 › 03 › jews-in-the-117th-congress-2021-2023
    Jews in the 117th Congress (2021-2023) – National Vanguard
    There are 38 Jews among the total of 535 lawmakers. In the Senate, the 10 Jewish members comprise a full ten per cent. of that body; 28 Jews comprise five per cent. of the House. Jews in the Senate (9 Democrats, 1 Independent Marxist) Democrats Michael Bennet (CO) Richard Blumenthal (CT) Benjamin Cardin (MD) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Jon Ossoff (GA)

  8. qbutnoa

    In the UK Telegraph newspaper (a big business/Tory supporter) is an article with the title ‘More than one million foreign nationals allowed to live in UK in a year’. It says ‘More than one million foreign nationals have been allowed to live in the UK for the first time in modern history as the Government was accused of breaking its Brexit promises. Home Office data showed that the number of visas handed to workers, students, family relatives and other foreign nationals rose by 35 per cent to 994,951 in the year to March, up from a pre-pandemic high of 739,936.’ – The invasion will continue to the bitter end.

  9. Zeke

    The goal should be Zero Immigration Policy.
    Not this ‘Replacement’ Level number.

    Why can’t this be stopped?
    Powerful forces want it. Bill Gates wants it.

    Right wing Industry Moguls want cheap labor. Don’t care about ‘culture’ only money. Every thing is for sale.

    We don’t have a Country. Only a Welcome mat at a Job Fair.

  10. The US long distance trucking is collapsing. Drivers are refusing to go to DNC hell hole cities. Truck companies continue to demand to pay them by the mile, not by the hour and then they get stuck in DNC cities for hours on end with zero pay while being menaced by criminals on every street corner. Drivers are quitting in huge numbers now.

  11. lou

    10–welcome to BRA..BLACK RUN AMERICA.
    We are Rhodesia like, turning to Zimbabwe.

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