US Truckers Revolt: Many Refuse To Drive In Violent DNC Cities Especially In CALIFORNIA!


It is much worse than the above video, the trucker situation has begun to collapse into chaos now.  How do I know?  A trucker lives with me and I had to pick him up at a train station after he fled his job!  The bosses lied to the truckers about nearly everything and then tried to literally enslave them and send them to the top DNC hell holc: Los Angeles, California!  Rob will explain:


‘After we finished our routes we were told to return to the company’s headquarters in Wisconsin.  When we assembled there, we were told, the company was removing us entirely from the East Coast and sending us all to California.  I immediately objected.  I asked about guns and dogs for protection and was told, we are not allowed either dogs or our guns.  I then began interrupting them, talking about the high crime rate against truckers there and the long waits for loading/unloading which has zero pay, we are all paid by the miles, not wait times.’


The bosses said they would double the milage pay but this was no good since the crimes and the long wait times kills any profits for drivers.  So Rob stood up and demanded they pay him to go home or he would sue them.  So they paid him to leave and suddenly, nearly every driver at the meeting rose up and demanded the same and all of them left.  This tells me something important: California is imploding.  The complex transport systems are collapsing.


On his ride home to our mountain, Rob’s cell phone was constantly ringing with other businesses begging him to work for them, instead.  He is now mulling over how to get a better job and not be suddenly transferred to dangerous destinations with long wait in line times.  For example, we are very near the Canadian border and he was offered a lot of money to go to Canada but he turned it down due to the long wait times at the border and also the unstable situation in Canada.


In yesterday’s news, CA governor Newsom is doubling down on disarming everyone except insane people, illegal aliens and criminals:


CA Gov. Newsom Lashes Out at Governor Abbott Over Texas Shooting, Announces Plan to Sign Over a Dozen Gun Control Bills by Next Month (VIDEO)

What this tells me is, the transportation system is collapsing due to crimes, DNC policies for world trade and poor US border controls/systems.  The EU is imploding, too.  Same problems same people: run by the Bilderberg gang and going off a cliff.


While everyone is freaking out over mass killings in the US while ignoring daily mass killings in all DNC cities, we have everyone freaking out because Russia refuses to surrender to the Bilderberg gang.  People who have power seldom surrender.  Putin has vast powers the populations of the NATO countries are not clued into these powers so they think Russia should surrender.  Meanwhile, food and fuel shoots upwards while the Bilderberg gang blames Putin while at the same time, ‘punish’ Putin by forcing him to retaliate by shutting down business with the NATO nations that need Russian food and fuel to stay alive.



Russia is laughing at the US.  Kissinger announced at the Davos meeting that Russia already won their war with Ukraine and the smartest thing to do is to surrender.  My jaw dropped.  That old war criminal is still alive!  Wow!  He should be in Hell.  At least he is still somewhat realistic.  His buddies, on the other hand, are utterly insane.


From the Russian real news story:


Price dismissed this statement and others made by Russian officials as a series of “lies” and “disinformation”.


“US sanctions are not causing disruptions to Russia’s agricultural exports. The fact is that US sanctions were specifically designed to allow for the export of agricultural commodities and fertilizer from Russia,” he said.


Yes, the US and EU wanted normal trade while constricting trade so they could harm Russia so Russia decided all trade should cease if the NATO nations insist on squeezing Russia.  Russia has the power to do this.


Washington reportedly did consider at one point imposing sanctions against Russian food and fertilizer, even as buyers of Russian products like Brazil strongly objected. US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that “maybe sacrifices are necessary to address the unjustified war that Russia has chosen to start,” during a UN meeting on food security in March. Ultimately Washington decided against such a move and added food products and fertilizer to a list of exemptions.


Russia gets to decide what to export.  Not the US nor EU.  Already, Russia is reorganizing their trade positions so they can squeeze the NATO nations while everyone else will depend on Russian exports and thus, support Putin.  How very clever of him.  This is obvious power politics at work.



NATO is increasingly at war with each other.



Austria, like Hungary, can see the obvious end to all this and is terrified now.


Twitter is still down here in New York.  I feel as if I am living in the old Soviet Union.  Here is a funny twitter posting by Marjorie Taylor Greene who is one of the few sane Congresspeople in DC, visiting her rival’s headquarters to laugh at them about their filthy mess there:


“Hi,” she told the worker.

“Just wishing you guys some luck tomorrow,” the Trump-supporting US House rep said, adding she felt great about the upcoming election.

“Is anybody– is somebody working here?” Greene inquired, to which the worker responded affirmatively.

“A little messy at the front door maybe,” she noted, prompting the worker to agree.

“Yeah, leaving the food around… and the chips,” she added before leaving.


I hope people can see this tweet.  Twitter is collapsing due to the staff sabotaging the computer systems in NY.  Good grief.  Here is a map showing how this is happening:


Washington DC and southern Florida are also down.  This is ridiculous and isn’t in the news for some odd reason, well, 99% of reality is outside the news these days.



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11 responses to “US Truckers Revolt: Many Refuse To Drive In Violent DNC Cities Especially In CALIFORNIA!

  1. Nina

    Russia remains world’s biggest wheat exporter, says Putin

    In other words: Russia feeds much of the world. No wonder food inflation is skyrocketing when you sanction the world’s biggest wheat exporter. How incredibly shortsighted and stupid.

    As Putin correctly points out; US and China are also large wheat producers, but they also consume more. The US cannot export as much wheat as Russia without causing shortages and inflation at home. Countries in North Africa and Middle East import huge quantities of wheat from Russia.

  2. qbutnoa

    It is *very* dangerous for Russia to have 300+ million freezing and starving people on its western land border – there will be a massive migration to where the fuel and food is.
    Anyway, in the UK, inflation is to be tamed using inflation. In today’s daily mail is an article with the title “Cabinet backlash at £21bn cost-of-living bailout: Tories split over Rishi “Gordon Brown’ Sunak’s ‘inflation-stoking’ splurge as economists warn he’ll need to do it AGAIN next year – as defiant Chancellor hints at EXTENDING windfall tax to electricity firms”. The article says ‘The Chancellor (Rishi-Sunak) insisted handing out hundreds of pounds for every household was a ‘balanced’ response to soaring energy bills – and would have ‘minimal’ effect on inflation which is already forecast to top 10 per cent. Eight million households on benefits will also get a £650 handout, paid in two stages in July and autumn – which will cost the Treasury £5billion.’

  3. lou

    Truckers are hit by ‘green’ laws and price of Diesel.
    things do not look good.

  4. Zeke

    According to Elaine – Europe is collapsing, US too.
    Only her beloved hero Putin will survive with the cockroaches.

    She gets wet salivating dire outcomes on they who rejected the Orange Incubus.
    How dare they. Now they will pay.

    She’s so funny.

  5. Zeke

    Notice all the hand wringing, teeth clenching, rending of garments are on this site.
    Everyone predicting ‘the end is nigh’.

    Like horror movies – people love that crap.

  6. Pete

    Breaking News!

    It’ over folks, Ukrop Troops refusing to fight.
    Zelensky told to negotiate with Russia.

    It’s like how you go broke,
    a little at first,
    Then all of a Sudden.

  7. Zeke

    Ahem …..

    Russian solderers refusing to –
    – fight in Ukraine.

    It’s the Russians troops who are refusing to fight in Ukraine!

    It always was a ‘David vs. Goliath’ scenario. But why would you be cheering on Goliath?

  8. Pete

    All about the money. Just like Afghanistan.
    Billions of US military equipment sold
    on the Black Market. Like Afghanistan,
    it will have to be replaced. Ratheon? hehe

  9. qbutnoa

    The BBC reports ‘Ukraine war: Troops could quit Severodonetsk amid Russian advance. Serhiy Haidai, governor of Luhansk, said Russians were in part of the city. “It is possible that in order not to be surrounded, they will have to leave”. On Friday UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (who is in serious political trouble at home) said Ukraine needed long-range multiple-launch rocket systems.’ PM Boris said Putin is “continuing to make gradual, slow, but I’m afraid palpable, progress and therefore it is absolutely vital that we continue to support the Ukrainians militarily”.’
    Meanwhile, aljazeera reports ‘Russia warns West against providing Ukraine long-range weaponry. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has reportedly cautioned Western powers against supplying Ukraine with weapons capable of hitting Russian territory, warning such a move would be a “serious step towards unacceptable escalation”.’
    Last, but not least, the daily mail article ‘Whitehall goes woke: Civil Service recognises more than 100 genders, forces staff to have a ‘non-binary network’, ditches ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in emails, and holds a Trans Day of Remembrance. Whitehall civil servants are being sent to gender non-conforming book clubs and told not to call mentally ill people ‘crazy’ in a new wave of wokeness in Westminster. Staff at the highest levels of government must also mark ‘World Afro Day’ and ‘Bi-visibility day’ within their departments.’ – No wonder they won’t go back to the office (WFH).

  10. NATO is going insane.

  11. Jim R

    Ukraine is headed for chaos. It may spread to NATO as well … hope they don’t start lobbing nukes.

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