Hispanic Mass Killer Was NOT Locked Out Of School, Teacher Propped Exterior Door Open Minutes After First Gunfire Outside

Uvalde Robb Elementary School was Under Lockdown Due to Gunshots in the Area – Announced Students and Staff were Safe Until Teacher Propped Door Open


As more information pours out, we can see how the tragedy at the border school unfolded.  Namely, the deranged killer shot his guns outside and THIS IS COMMON so the school did an automatic shut down.  Then, a minute later, a teacher PROPPED AN OUTSIDE DOOR OPEN probably to take a smoke…and the gunman entered the hallways and ran to two classrooms to mass murder helpless children.  Like all terrible stories, we often see people doing careless things which allow crazy people to do crazy things.  I have direct experience with crazed killers in the past!  I know first hand how this happens.


The Gateway Pundit previously reported, a testimony from law enforcement said that a teacher propped open the entry door one minute before the accident, according to Col. McGraw.


It wasn’t an ‘accident’ it was a terror attack.


We have the teacher who propped open the door calling 911 but NEVER secured the door again. The suspects walks through said door at either 11:33 or 11:40, depending on which press conference you watched, and walks down a hall and into a room that may or may not have been locked.


Here are the school’s Facebook postings from that morning:



The school was NEVER under ‘secure status’.  The shooter didn’t force his way in, the door was propped open.  Good grief, this poor school right next to Mexico is the site of frequent guns going off as illegal aliens attack or fight back or fight each other (drug smugglers) etc.  This entire mess became much worse due to the DNC open border policies.


I assume the Hispanic killer knew the police would hesitate to shoot him dead outside the school because police and border agents who cause even the slightest harm to the invaders is severely punished by the Biden traitors who want illegal aliens to invade in vast numbers.


Speaking of vast numbers, there is zero fighting in half of Ukraine but many poured into Western Europe to take advantage of all the free goodies offered by liberals there.  Now, suddenly, all the people living in Europe are pissed off at the freeloaders and want them to go home again:



While all this chaos in the US and EU broils along nicely, our Real Rulers continue to meet and discuss making everything a thousand times worse due to their ‘fears of global warming’ which includes themselves being allowed massive carbon burning footprints for themselves so a Rebel News reporter from Canada confronted the ‘Climate Action’ Bilderberg gangster, Mark Charney, to discuss why he refuses to eat bugs and ride a bike or a horse instead of a private jet to this gathering:


Trudeau is terrified that Canada might warm up somewhat so he tried to go to a huge rich people fundraiser in his huge armored vehicle that gets 5 miles to the gallon….and found angry demonstrators there who support the truckers that he put in prison:



Meanwhile in the USA, we had Biden blundering his blind way through a speech that was posted in front of his face so he could read it and he still blundered into the wall calling North Korea ‘South Korea’.   He has to be removed from office!!! Good gods.



Trump Jr. notes that in Congress yesterday, NY Rep. Blumenthal bought stocks in ‘Intel Subsidy’ and then voted to give them a sweetheart government subsidies to the tune of billions of dollars:


Arrest Blumenthal.  And here is a final posting I find funny as hell:



The world’s #1 killing equipment seller is the US.  Next to Russia and China, of course.  Good grief.


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10 responses to “Hispanic Mass Killer Was NOT Locked Out Of School, Teacher Propped Exterior Door Open Minutes After First Gunfire Outside

  1. lou

    Sounds like a set up. Thanks for the research.

    meanwhile, Diesel, Blackrock, etc.

  2. snoosebomb

    lou , cept go look at Daimler site , no ev semis there ,, so ?

  3. Pete

    NYC Subway

    [video src="https://htrs-special.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/NYC-Subway-Nut.mp4" /]

  4. Pete

    Poroshenko and former head of Ukraine’s highest court are said to have fled the country into Poland.

  5. Pete

    NYC subway nut

  6. Pete

    Russia captures Severodonetsk quickly
    Now 85km west to Slovyansk!

  7. Pete

    One more post…
    This is too rich to pass up!

    It would hurt Russia more
    if we continue buying oil! lol

  8. Good postings.

    Yes, Ukraine is collapsing. The EU is collapsing. Germany wants peace now but dares not demand Ukraine start peace talks. Instead, they want Putin to do this.

  9. Jim R

    NATO “negotiation” is nothing more than a demand for capitulation. Do whatever they demand or … Putin has been ready for talks since Minsk II. He says he doesn’t want nukes in his face, next to Russia, and NATO tries to move them there anyway. And then the “news media” ignore it and say they have no idea what Putin wants. That is how “negotiation” works with NATO.

    More speculation about the near future for Ukraine:

  10. lou

    while the cops did nothing, the kids trapped in the room with the shooter were calling 911 on a dead teachers cell phone. it seems they are not only conditioning the shooters, they are conditioning the public to accept any outrageous bullshit excuse they come up with and unfortunately it seems to be working on both accounts.

    “they were unprepared”….very strange considering they had an active shooter drill just two months before. /UNZ.com

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