We Need Border Controls To Protect Everyone


The latest mass killing is being examined in the usual ways.  Quite a few deranged people attack schools because of traumatic life experiences can lead to homicidal behaviors.  One key element in the mental deterioration of young males is the fact many were raised without fathers.  We have a massive fatherless children in our cities thanks to the collapse in marriages and women being rewarded if they are not married.  The most recent school mass killer gave out many warning signals before attacking, for example.  All of this was ignored by the grandmother and mother as the young man assembled his arsenal and spent thousands of dollars on weapons.


Two Unnamed Boys the Same Age as the Shooter Were Arrested in 2018 for Planning Columbine-Style Shooting at Uvalde School in 2022


The sad fact that two other young boys at the very same school, planned to do the same ‘shoot everyone dead/bomb the school’ scheme, too.  They were arrested.  I am betting the dead killer knew both boys and knew of the arrests, etc.  The question becomes, why did all these boys want to kill everyone?  This is important because I went to high school where the first mass murder of kids happened many years ago.


My own high school was a mess!  It was hell on wheels.  It was overcrowded back then and students could harass each other with near zero interference from teachers, for example.  My fighting skills were quickly honed at Palo Verde High.  I developed very fast reflexes to any attacks after going there for only three years before I got scholarships to go to universities, instead.


I will admit I became suicidal while in high school but then I changed direction quickly by age 14 and took up the mantle ‘fighting for the weak’ and took on the school bullies not because they were bullying me but when they bullied mostly ‘weaker’ males who were smaller and often, intellectuals.  So I made friends with ‘nerds’ some of whom ended up making movies, etc. when they grew up.


Our schools have deteriorated badly since 1966.  People still send their children to these schools but they are barely functional as ‘schools’ and in many DNC cities, are utterly dangerous, terrible places that produce mainly criminals, not citizens who will work to make America stronger.


Fixing these messed up schools can’t be done by Democrats because Democrats run the majority of collapsing, dangerous schools.


Now on about the school shooter in Texas: I wonder why tear gas wasn’t immediately shot into the classroom from the windows when the police were called?  We know from the subway gunman in NYC, he used teargas to empty out the car at the station so he could cover his tracks.  I have been teargassed in the past while on campus in the 1960’s!


Protocols can be set up that work, after all.  I believe few actions were taken to stop the violent teenager due to the police being stopped from anything that might hurt criminals and this is why cops are very reluctant to act, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  This is unacceptable!  This cannot go on forever.    I believe in pro-active policing, not ‘handle with kid gloves’ policing.


Some of my takedowns were very violent, for example.  But each case was effective back 50 years ago and I was never charged with anything due to being female and heroic.  So I got away with this.  And it worked!  And I didn’t even have to kill anyone, either.


Twitter is still down here in New York.  I marvel at how Twitter is collapsing into a total nonfunctional mess.  Suddenly, while working on this story, Twitter came back up again.

So I clicked on Musk’s twitter and then…it vanishes again as Twitter collapses in NY yet again!


Then it came back up again.  This is very annoying.  The World Economic Dictators met this last week in Davos, Switzerland:


The Real Rulers want censorship.  They have an alliance with the communists to impose global censorship on the internet so they can rule is in the most cruel ways imaginable.  They are now gunning for Elon Musk and want him destroyed no matter what:



Ever since Elon Musk joined Trump, chaos reigns at Twitter.  It keeps on shutting down in DC and NY.  It happened off and on for the last 48 hours.  I was quite frustrated by this.  Finally, I can see MTG’s site agin and she is in full war mode:



Yes, brain dead Obama chimed in to whine about dead black criminals who perish while fighting cops who are forbidden to shoot these violent criminals unless shot at, first.  This is why police refused to go into the school in Texas: if they get in shoot outs with violent ‘minority’ (sic) teenagers, they will be punished and even put in prison if they kill violent criminals who fight them!  This is insane and impossible to continue onwards, law and order collapses.


Meanwhile,  Trump Jr. attacks the Bilderberg gang at Devos:



The real news about the sad Texas school mass murder event is the fact that this poor school is constantly shut down nearly every WEEK due to illegal aliens acting out very violently in the same neighborhood:  https://www.breitbart.com/border/2022/05/26/uvalde-schools-locked-down-at-least-48-times-this-academic-year/


Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin told the TDEM the region needs refrigerated facilities to hold deceased migrants. “I can’t send local decedents from our community to San Antonio because our facilities are full–that is unacceptable,” McLaughlin said.


McLaughlin told the TDEM his community dispatched all six available ambulances on one occasion to treat migrants in need of care at the local rail yard. That left residents with impaired emergency response capabilities for most of the day. McLaughlin says local schools have been locked down 48 times this year due to high-speed pursuits and migrants fleeing law enforcement in his city.


McLaughlin said local law enforcement is dealing with armed smugglers and migrants with convictions including murder and sex offenses. “When the Haitian crisis was going on, the border leading to our city was wide open, there appears to be no end in sight, we need help and answers,” he explained.


This poor school is under sustained attacks.  No one says a word about it until the children were mass murdered.  I am amazed the school functioned this long!  I grew up within spitting distance of the Mexico border and have a good idea of the level of violence that comes from this proximity.


Last story: Kissinger says Ukraine lost the war and should release the provinces that didn’t want to be part of Ukraine for the last ten years.  Many, many new ‘countries’ were formed ever since communism collapsed, after all.  So why can’t the eastern half of Ukraine do what the Czechs and Slovics did recently and part ways?



An online joke is, Kissinger always looks the same for the last 50 years due to a portrait painting in his attic which shows the real Kissinger.  ‘Vampires don’t age’ is another common comment.


Meanwhile, in the UN, the US sanctions against North Korea failed:



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3 responses to “We Need Border Controls To Protect Everyone

  1. Elaine, I haven’t visited your blog for several years and I am glad I dropped in today – I learned things about the Uvalde school situation that I didn’t know, even though I try to get a panoramic perspective by reading both the Washington Post and the Daily Mail. I have recently learned what I will probably die of – although not exactly when – it might be a few years from now, or maybe sooner.

    And speaking of life and death – my own view of the cowardice of the Texas cops at the school shooting is that they feared being shot themselves – not the unlikely event that they would be prosecuted for too-vigorous action against a civilian.

  2. Ever hear ‘between a rock and a hard place’? This is a very old Arizona saying ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.’ If they storm in, they will be accused of using too much force.

    I vividly remember some of my more spectacular arrests which I was VERY violent. Nothing was thrown at me back then, fifty years ago because NYC and Arizona and California were all very embarrassed that a young female was taking down dangerous, violent criminals often single handedly.

  3. A couple of those cops I saw were morbidly obese and probably not much good in an active shooter situation.

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