Students Bravely Defy Xi, Democrats Refuse To Stop Illegal Alien Invasion


Communist China is seeing yet another student uprising brewing.  This is no surprise.  Chinese students are very brave to openly confront one of the most evil dictators on earth, Xi.  Truly courageous!  I supported them in the past and do so, today.  This news is mostly ignored in US media.  Germany and France are begging Putin to negotiate peace with Zelenskyy only they, themselves, make this impossible by giving money to Zelenskyy and helping him fight Putin.  They are begging the wrong person.  Meanwhile, the war inside the US continues with our government making things worse and worse.


This is the stupidest news out of Europe, ever:


French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to have “serious direct negotiations” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in order to reach “a diplomatic solution” to the war.  The request came during a phone call among the three leaders, Scholz’s office said.


Note how both ‘leaders’ don’t mention what Putin said to them.  ‘Go jumpski into lakeski’?  I wonder.  The fact they won’t tell their media puppies what Putin said is obvious…he told them to go talk to their buddy, Zelenskyy.  Why can’t news media in the NATO nations report news in a sane way?  I often wonder about this…naw.  They want to lie or conceal all the time, they are mostly Bilderbergers playing games with us all.


They now hate Elon Musk.  So I love Elon Musk.  Anyone who irritates the Bilderberg gang is my best friend even if we never meet!  Go, Musk!


Meanwhile, the US continues to collapse internally wherever it is run by Democrats.  Here is NYC’s latest monstrous moment on the subway which is now hell on wheels underground:



A violent, crazy black man attacks lady on subway, tried to smash out windows and in general, terrorizes riders who do nothing to stop him.  I made MAJOR arrests on the NYC subway system many years ago and it horrifies me to see the usual out of control criminal stuff is now happening and the mayor of the city was head of the Subway Police before becoming a very useless and stupid ‘mayor’.


And in a black run DNC city in Tennessee, young hoodlums gather in the streets and then begin popping off guns but are ineffective in killing each other:


The exact number of victims is not yet known at this time but the Chattanooga Police Department said victims are believed to be young and in their teens or up to 20 years old, WTVC reported.


The CPD officers also speculated the victims of the shooting may have been bystanders as large groups of juveniles were spotted in the area and the victims are not believed to have been directly involved in the incident, according to the report. One person of interest has been detained and police said there is no further threat to the public.


There is continuing threat to the public.  I once got a gang of teenagers arrested by orchestrating the police to nail them all.  Pro-active adults can and do this sort of thing if you know how to do it.  Back when I did this, I knew, first hand, all the cops in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan so they responded when I put out the word, to come and help me detain a gang off teenagers going wild.


It worked.  And more important, I got involved in the families of the teenagers and helped them along, afterwards.  It appears no one is bothering to do this today because all black communities are now nearly 100% single mothers so community involvement is very weak.


Now on to the little town on the Mexican border where a Hispanic fatherless kid with a drug addict mom ran riot and murdered many helpless children while the police stood down:



I am not surprised to learn the killer was known internationally at various web sites due to his violent nature and posting violent pictures and making violent threats, repeatedly.  His online nickname was ‘school shooter’?  Talk about blatant.  Adults failed at every level.  It now appears that Uvalde, Texas was part of a ‘cutting-edge program’ to stop school violence via monitoring their online activities:


Uvalde, Texas, was part of a cutting-edge AI program designed to monitor social media and other aspects of students’ lives. The intention was to prevent the mass murders from being perpetrated by students like Salvador Ramos, but despite clear signs that he was dangerous and well-armed, the program failed to notice him.

  • Texas school officials had been monitoring students’ social media prior to the deadly shooting in Uvalde Tuesday – but failed to pick up on posts from gunman

  • Uvalde School District officials say they had been monitoring its students’ social media pages using an advanced AI-based service called Social Sentinel


The jaw drops at these revelations.  Very little of this is being organized on mainstream news to uncover how all systems failed all the way all the time.  This little town is on the front lines of the US invasion by foreigners who are now enabled by our traitor in the White House who helps them invade and attack.  This is called ‘treason’ as I point out, daily.


We learn more and more about the lunatics and evil doers who flooded into liberal universities to get a teaching license so they could confuse and destroy our children:



Yes, they are flying strange flags and eliminating the American flag.  They are spreading hate, not love.  They are anti-patriotic and want chaos.  They are making schools impossible to attend via forcing little children to change pronouns constantly or are punished if they use the ‘wrong’ pronouns which are actually the real, correct pronouns.  Children under teenage years are being kicked out of school for using the wrong fake pronouns.  This is insane!  This is very, very destructive on the most intimate levels.


Biden’s gangsters running our borders stopped Fox reporter Melugin from filming the invasion at our borders.  So the local cops let the reporter use their own helicopter to film the invasion:



Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Announces It Will Not Conduct Immigration Enforcement in Uvalde, Texas at this Time After Mass Shooting

The #1 thing Biden’s gang should be doing is doubling down on stopping this invasion.  Instead, they do the exact opposite which is why I call them all ‘traitors’ and they all should be arrested, immediately.




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9 responses to “Students Bravely Defy Xi, Democrats Refuse To Stop Illegal Alien Invasion

  1. snoosebomb

    they look like ants

  2. qbutnoa

    Soldier ants on the march.

  3. Jim R

    Uvalde, Texas was part of a ‘cutting-edge program’ to stop school violence
    Haha, they need a cutting edge sharpener! It’s dull and useless.

    Lauren Southern has put together another documentary about this tide of illegals. I haven’t watched it all yet, but it’s interesting so far. Some of her critics will probably say she is omitting things, but here’s a link —

  4. Petruchio

    About the NYC subway video. Elaine, maybe back in your Day in NYC there was a System that could deal with these violent punks, but I don’t think any such System is in place today. And what’s going on today s what matters, not 40+ years ago. I mean, do you see ANYBODY in NYC Government that will step u and deal with these kinds of violent incidents in any meaningful way? I do not personally. Now it is just a short step away from Vigilantism. the problem with Vigilantism is it nails innocent people as well as guilty people.

  5. snoosebomb

    meanwhile the WEF , below says they want us to be the ‘Borg’ . So their ideation of future progress comes from star trek but they want to be the bad guys ! lol

  6. Nina

    The US hates China, but China also hates the US, and with good reason.
    China cuts US Treasury holdings to lowest in nearly 12 years amid volatility in the US

    The reduction in China’s holdings underscored that the country’s resistance to the hegemony of the US dollar as a reserve currency has strengthened, Tian Yun, former vice director of the Beijing Economic Operation Association, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

  7. qbutnoa
    ‘The Defence Ministry said the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Northern Fleet in the White Sea launched the Zircon cruise missile in the Barents Sea, successfully hitting a practice target in the White Sea about 1,000 kilometres away.’

  8. Pete

    NYC subways are crazy dangerous
    and getting worse!

  9. Pete

    Just one more from NYC.
    There are so many!

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