Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Second Midnight Drunk Driving Arrest, Will This Make Big News?


While the Wicked Witch of the West was on the East Coast making a fool of herself, her personal flying monkey husband was arrested at midnight for drunk driving in California, the drunk state that is in full collapse.  Worse, this is his SECOND offense for driving drunk!  All the top Democrats are criminals.  This is nothing new, the more the DNC claims to be representing the urban poor the more they act like their urban poor voters.  Crime especially in DNC hell hole cities, is soaring and the Democrats are openly criminal now, too.  This is absurd.  Pelosi should resign.  She certainly should not be running Congress.  Arrest the Bidens, too.


Just three days ago, MTG posted this challenge to Pelosi:



Excellent timing yet again, Marjorie!  I love you.  Speaking about top DNC criminals, things continue to collapse as the Bidens get in more and more trouble with the law.


The Hunter Biden cell phone/computers crap continues to cook in the courts.  Biden refuses to resign and couple this with his open child molestation events on camera, I am puzzled as to why none of these criminals are ever arrested even when arrested like Mr. Pelosi, nothing happens to them, they are not tossed into prison.



After the police tapped my phone in Brooklyn to track phone calls from politicians threatening me, the Democrat leaders in Brooklyn all went to prison and the one in Queens killed himself.  Today, nothing happens no matter how many laws are broken.  I am serious here: the DNC leaders are releasing nearly all criminals so they also won’t go to prison since nearly no one is put in prison!  This is called ‘chaos’ and dooms all DNC cities to endless destruction.

The DNC took over NYC and many other capital cities in many states and in these places, crime runs riot constantly.  Here is Lincoln, NE where unsupervised people gather late at night to rev up their souped-up vehicles and zoom back and forth:



Several people died:  This event was advertised on Facebook:


The incident appears to have taken place near the Americruise event, hosted by the Midwest Association of Car Enthusiasts (MACE).

“Every Memorial Day Weekend, hundreds of cars, bikes, and trucks flock to Lincoln, NE to cruise down O Street to show off their rides and do some hooning!” a description for the event read.


New York City is seeing daytime crimes that used to happen late at night, now, murders, muggings, assaults, etc. happen all day long, out in the open, everywhere in that insane city that votes only for Democrats who are demons:



The black criminal on the bike knew his victim, I bet he was hunting him due to a screwed up drug deal.  Watch the video.  The attacker is riding his bike illegally against traffic until he spots his target.  He drops his machine and sprints to the victim and proceeds to slash him a number of times before dashing off again.  This is classic ‘street drug dealer clash’ events.


A citizen’s arrest in the NY subway system led to cowardly black males to walk over to the Asian (?) man being held by a good citizen, and striking and slapping him illegally, in the most cowardly fashion.  I made quite a number of citizen arrests in the past and never allowed the criminal to be attacked when they surrendered to me.

The NYC police must arrest the two black men who attacked the restrained Asian man.  A number of people who posted to this video agree:



The two cowards hitting on the molester probably have police records.  This reminds me, why hasn’t anyone popped Biden when he openly molests little girls?  I know I would arrest him if I was standing nearby when he sticks his nasty nose in the girl’s hair and then whispers nasty things to them.


Speaking of children, now they are arresting little boys for talking about shooting up their schools.  The boys need help.  They are very young!  Why are they acting out?  Why are so many teachers actually SJW leftist lunatics spewing sexual and political confusion to very young children?


I am wondering if the Pelosi arrest will be blasted all over the news today.  Not.  This is huge news so it will probably be ignored by mainstream media giants.  I expect Fox News to make a big deal in the next 24 hours.  This is a vacation weekend so many people are not posting news stuff as per normal.


I just found this story from yesterday:


During the boxing match, someone yelled about a gun being shot and everyone panicked and ran for the exits.





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6 responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Second Midnight Drunk Driving Arrest, Will This Make Big News?

  1. elaine i am sorry to hear about the trouble in nebraska

    the governor of the state is a republican

    the mayor of lincoln is a democrat – from her web page

    Mayor Gaylor Baird believes that city government, at its best, helps people coexist and reach their full human potential. The mayor’s vision of leading Lincoln toward a more successful, secure, and shared future drives her administration’s agenda. That agenda prioritizes public health and safety and maintaining the capital city’s low crime rate; enhancing traditional and tech infrastructure to support economic growth and community resilience; increasing access to high-quality, affordable housing; and building a vibrant quality of life for all Lincoln residents.

    apparently that is the real naomi osaka using the twitter account by that name

    paul pelosi’s dui arrest has two stories in the washpost and one in the nytimes – from the latter:

    Mr. Pelosi, an investor who has typically avoided the spotlight, runs Financial Leasing Services, a San Francisco-based venture capital company.

    This year, as efforts to ban stock trading by members of Congress gained momentum, Mr. Pelosi’s sophisticated and lucrative trades drew attention. Investors on TikTok and other platforms reviewed Ms. Pelosi’s stock disclosures and mimicked his investments.

    Mr. Pelosi and Ms. Pelosi own a vineyard in Napa Valley. The couple met at Georgetown University and married in 1963.

  2. daily mail says he pulled into the path of a jeep driven by jesus lopez

  3. Jim R

    mistah charley, I have missed you!

    (I know, you haven’t missed me)

    Please visit more frequently.

  4. Yes, a possible illegal alien was smacked by a drunk elite pig who is married to the female that runs Congress for us. Arrest them all!

  5. #3 Jim R – Thanks for the welcoming words. I’m glad to be back. I have found that some websites don’t care for my comments but I have never been censored here. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything said here – but it’s interesting and sometimes I learn new stuff. May the Creative Forces of the Universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the Night with the Light from Above – metaphorically speaking.

  6. Everyone is welcome here. If the people post direct, disgusting attacks again and again against me or others here, I delete this but I NEVER ban anyone, ever.

    I am very happy to hear from anyone and to chat here.

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