GOP Navy Seals Running For Offices, Texas School Shooter Was Infamous For Being Psychopath Pet Killer


The GOP under Trump’s leadership is becoming the Patriot Party.  Trump was told to ‘start your own party’ but he learned from previous Patriot Party failures, this would only divide people so he did the smart thing and even talked about it: make the GOP the Patriot Party.  He is slowly succeeding.  He is pushing out the RINOs and replacing these with patriots.  The Traitor Party is the DNC.  They are enabling foreign invaders, all their cities are crime hell holes and they hate the police.  Also, we learn today that the Texas killer teen actually had a hideous record known to all the teenagers and many parents as a psychopath who killed animals for fun and who talked about mass murder a great deal, online.



I will note that the people in Congress going after the Democrats the most are the ‘radical conservatives’ the mainstream media and mainstream GOP leaders hate so much.  True patriotism pisses off all Bilderberg gangsters and the GOP has many Bilderberg gangsters who attend all the many secret meetings they have in various venues and under various names.


As the Bilderberg gang drives us into wars, they simultaneously let invaders come here and commit many crimes, etc.  This makes them all our ‘enemies’ and eventually they will be dealt with because this is literally a life and death issue.  We can’t pussy foot around this treason.  Now on to Texas: the teen mass killer actually was infamous at home and known by nearly everyone as a psychopath who killed for fun long before he finally killed many children and himself:


The sicko was previously rumored to have had a fascination with dead cats and had threatened to kidnap, kill and rape girls who shunned him online.


“The shooter was known for hurting cats,” said David Trevino Jr., who is related to the shooter’s grandmother by marriage, to The Post. “He liked hurting animals,” Trevino said. “I’m told he killed the cats and carried around the bag of bodies for s–ts and giggles.


No one bothered to call authorities or take any actions.  This is true of all teen mass killers.  Everyone knows and no one does a thing in advance.


One classmate said Ramos had a tendency to be “violent towards women” and was described by an ex-girlfriend as “scary.”


His mother showed zero remorse about the mass killing her child inflicted on everyone else.  When I saw that, I knew she groomed him to be antisocial.  And she and her mom were both on welfare, too.  Most mass killers have no fathers in their lives.  This fact is also outstanding.  This is why murder is so common in black communities with a single mother rate approaching 80%.


The Democrats make this worse and worse, of course.  They want the State to be the father of these poor children.  Young people all over the earth are troubled these days.  Here is an example from Europe:



The far leftist lunatic was screaming about ‘global warming’ and how we have to ‘save the earth’.  He was ‘tackled’ by security and then let free to walk away while yelling about imaginary warm weather.  Why he attacked an innocent painting is also insane.  For some reason, poor Mona Lisa is a target of many an insane attack.  She is famous for being attacked and every attack makes her more and more a target.


In the museum, massive numbers of tourists mob that poor painting and they all take cell phone pictures of her and it is very unpleasant and ridiculous and nasty.  She is a carnival side show.  Eventually, insane people will succeed in destroying her.


Speaking of insane people destroying everything: the EU is committing economic/energy suicide now:



The hilarious news is, the EU will stop Russian OIL but not Russian GAS.  HAHAHA.  They need the gas.  Russia is already preparing to shift the gas lines to Asia.  Time is running out in the EU.  They can lie to themselves but lying to the people who will freeze in the future is another matter.


In Germany, they are trying to put up even more windmills.  Now, people are angry these will be erected in state forests like this one in central Germany:


The Reinhardswald is a band of trees surrounded by farms.  Many farms were still being used until recently and the place where the windmills will be built is the open lands of former farms inside the ‘forest’.  Most of the trees are post-WWII.  Here are some screenshots of the forest:



At the Swiss NZZ daily, Christian Saehrendt writes on the “absurdity” of clearing one of Europe’s last remaining intact forests to make way for monster wind parks.


Actually, the ‘forest’ isn’t even there where the towers will rise, half of it was open fields due to farming for the last century or so.  It is mostly recent trees, very few are older.  I have trees more than a century old on my own property but not very many due to the cutting down of the forests here 150 years ago.  Same happened in Europe 150 years ago, too.


In the Reinhardswald, which covers an area of around 200 square kilometers, there are centuries-old oak trees, a highly developed natural biodiversity that is home for example to rare wild cats and populations of white red deer – a balance which has taken 1000 years to establish. But now it’s all being industrially raped, gangbang-style, by crony, greedy bastards under the guise of environmental virtue. It’s a grand swindle that in normal times would have everyone enraged.


This part of Germany was seldom very ‘wild’.  On the other hand, Bavaria and the Black Forest (where I lived, once) is quite wild and never was turned into farmlands like nearly all of the northern half of Germany. This is due to the mountains.


But these are not normal sane times. The NZZ reports: ” Yesterday, trees were planted as climate savers; today, only plastic rotor blades count.”


This ‘tree planting’ thing is a big element for leftists.  Note how nothing they do flourishes.  For example, they scream we need more trees and where I live, we have vast forests, then they flood us with illegal aliens and order us to cut down trees and build public housing for the invaders.



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12 responses to “GOP Navy Seals Running For Offices, Texas School Shooter Was Infamous For Being Psychopath Pet Killer

  1. qbutnoa

    Reuters reports ‘India’s imports of cheap Russian crude surge since Ukraine invasion’. The article says ‘India has received 34 million barrels of discounted Russian oil since Moscow invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, according to Refinitiv Eikon data, more than trebling the value of total imports from Russia, including other products, compared with the same period of 2021.’ This will then be exported back to Europe with a good markup, This is a scam, a shakedown, we are being looted.

  2. Speaking of trees, and structures put up where there used to be forests, there’s a toll road in Maryland that I sometimes drive to get to the Baltimore Washington International Airport – by the way, the name of the first black Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall was attached to BWI in 2005. I drove that road on Friday,

    Along the way there is a cell phone tower that is somewhat camouflaged to look like a tree if you see it out of the corner of your eye. This one is a “pine tree” – in the same way that Bruce Jenner is a woman. It was only just now that I found the following article, which also shows “palm trees”. As Mark Twain said, “Truth is powerful medicine – people can only stand it in very small doses.”

    The bizarre history of cellphone towers disguised as trees
    By Joseph Stromberg Apr 19, 2015,

    I live in Maryland and have been to see the da Vinci painting in the National Gallery of Art in Washington probably a dozen times over the years – from when I was in elementary school back in the 1950s to a couple times in the 21st century when accompanying visitors. So far as I know nothing exciting has happened to it recently.

  3. Nina

    EU policies are backfiring badly, as Eurozone inflation hits another record high as food and energy prices soar

  4. qbutnoa

    The UK news keeps trying to convince me inflation is 9.1% and that this is *unexpexted*, and could possibly even go a little bit higher, but will also probably drop later in the year. Meanwhile, the price of brent oil has gone up over the past 5 days ($123 pb), petrol is hitting record highs (173.02p a litre) and the price of fish and chips has gone up 50% in the last 3 months. I do not believe the official inflation figures for the UK or Europe because it is lies, the real inflation rate is much higher.

  5. Nina

    According to our rulers it is worth the pain, because we are “supporting Ukraine”,”defending democracy”, and standing up to those “evil” Russians.

  6. Nina

    A new Gallup poll has shown that Americans’ confidence in the economy has plummeted to a new low, hitting likely the lowest confidence since the end of the Great Recession in early 2009.

  7. Even major US newspapers are admitting the Ukraine Nazis are losing the war to the Russians who live inside Ukraine.

  8. qbutnoa

    @5 Indeed, the pain has barely started.

    The BBC article ‘Russian gas firm to cut some supply to Shell.’ – ‘Gazprom said it would halt gas to Denmark’s Orstead and to (Royal Dutch) Shell for its contract to supply gas to Germany, after both refused to make payments is roubles.’

  9. qbutnoa

    The BBC article ‘Danes hold vote on forging closer EU defence ties.’ – ‘Denmark is the only EU member that has a so-called defence reservation. But like its Nordic neighbours, Sweeden and Finland, it has been reassessing its security policy since Russia launched its war on Ukraine.’

    Every previous attempt to create a United States of Europe has failed, because we all hate each other (for whatever reasons). If only we could be forced together to hate one person (Putin) and one country (Russia) more than everything else put together, thus putting our differences aside. So, I think the EU is using the ‘Evil Russian’ as a common enemy, furthering its agenda to totally integrate every country in western Europe (force the holdouts to fully commit). The EU rulers wanted this conflict in Ukraine, they want it to escalate, they want it to cause as much pain as possible (the more pain, the more gain). It is a very risky gamble.

  10. snoosebomb

    hey qbutnoa , do they still have covld pass/travel restrictions over there ?

    here in CDN we still have useless /insane air travel restrictions and turdoh gov calling for 3rd vax cause you know , we are undervaxed ,, !!

  11. And no more guns so invaders can come in and take over.

  12. qbutnoa

    The UK has dropped all internal covid restrictions, if you test positive for it, then you are supposed to self isolate (5 days). At the borders and across Europe it varies, day to day.

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