Violent Crazed Leftists Riot At Trump Phoenix Rally Screaming About Right To Kill Babies



In DC, ANTIFA rioters prepared to attack the city by ordering delivery of bricks which they always do before a riot.  They did this repeatedly in Oregon and Washington State and in NY City.  Congressperson AOC urged females and males to riot and she wasn’t arrested for incitement to riot.  Meanwhile, the DNC in Congress continues to accuse Trump of doing this last year even though he didn’t do this.  The left is going utterly insane, now.  They hate law and order while ordering us all to obey any laws they want obeyed.  They, on the other hand, can do as they please.


AOC did her level best to incite a real riot:



Young people who were told, they can have sex any time, any place with no protections and then get rid of babies if inconvenient, rioted in Arizona:



Trump was there, appearing to Republican voters who were assailed and attacked by violent rioters who want to kill people so they can have the right to kill babies right up to the hour of birth because, according to them all, babies aren’t even humans until after birth and maybe, not even then!  This is utterly amoral.


The institution of marriage is collapsing rapidly in Europe and North America due to the belief, men aren’t really men, women aren’t really women, babies aren’t human at all and no one is responsible for their own actions except for men who are forced, by the State, to pay for babies which women choose to keep in order to get money from men they aren’t married to at all.


Many men are declared ‘fathers’ with zero genetic proof they are the real fathers and only in the last few years are men allowed to demand genetic testing to see who is the real fathers.  These uncovered a terrible truth: many, many women have many sex partners, far more than expected!  Also, men have zero right to demand an abortion when they learn a woman got pregnant during fun play.


The WOMAN has ‘choices’ but the babies and their fathers have zero choices.  I say, if women on the left want total abortions for any reasons, men have the right to legally demand abortions when they are inconvenienced by babies, too.  Furthermore, they should petition for this in states that give women total right to kill babies no matter what, no matter how close to birth so should fathers be allowed to demand the same right to kill babies, too.


By the way, I believe taxpayers should pay for leftist females to get abortions.  They would be terrible mothers and they also would indoctrinate their poor children, too.  Best to put a stop to this if they want no children.


Mr. Clark complains about how he was physically abused over a simple law event that normally is a letter asking the person to show up in court.  Instead, in all the cases engineered by Democrats to attack, harass and abuse Trump supporters, in these cases, anyone working with Trump in the past is suddenly yanked out of bed before sunrise, chained up and abused and hauled into jail and then released the next day.


This is raw communist abuse of rivals to intimidate and destroy them.  This is to scare everyone else so they won’t cause problems for the dictatorial leftists.  This is also why I call, every day, for all the DNC leaders…and now all RINOs, too…to be arrested for treason.



There is no such thing as ‘independent fact checkers’.  This is an oxymoron.  There are people who like to ‘check’ others but they all have an agenda.  This is why everyone should have an equal playing field, not one side being the opponent and the referee.



The trans movement is filled to the brim with rapists, child molesters and other criminals.  This is the fault of Biden and the leftists who are too stupid to see the obvious.  Men seeking to latch onto women’s awards and money and titles, etc. now pretend, while having penises, to be temporary ‘women’ so they can take advantage of all this and women who are genetic females are losing ground very, very rapidly now.  Will they all figure out what happens next?



Biden is insane.  He is also senile.  Worse, he is also throughly evil and is a sex abuser, too.  Arrest Biden.


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11 responses to “Violent Crazed Leftists Riot At Trump Phoenix Rally Screaming About Right To Kill Babies

  1. TinaB

    ELAINE: Tina, if you freak out and continue cussing and snarling and attacking people you will be erased each time.

  2. TinaB

    I don’t get the discussion/argument about what a woman is…. it’s simple. If you can get pregnant and birth a child then you are a woman/female – if you can’t you are a man/male. Period. Very simple!

    I don’t care if you cut off your dick or your breasts, or add a few body parts – it matters not in reproductive matters. Period. End of discussion!

  3. don’t get sucked into the abortion rabbit hole ! This is about a corrupt court doing the UNIpartybidding . AS ALWAYS the uniparty accuses Trump of what they have done. In this case to help rig the mid term elections they know they would otherwise lose !

  4. Petruchio

    “The WOMAN has ‘choices’ but the babies and their fathers have zero choices. I say, if women on the left want total abortions for any reasons, men have the right to legally demand abortions when they are inconvenienced by babies, too.” ALSO: Men should have the Right to NOT pay Child Support if they so choose. It’s funny how old fashioned Women are when there is money involved. The Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp battle is an extreme example of that. Note the Rage, the HATE, the Anger that overturning Roe v. Wade triggered by the Abortionists? Rage, Hate, Anger. That’s what fuels the Abortionists. The Real Plan with Abortion is to destroy White Western Ideals, such as the Institution of Marriage. The Sanctity of bringing Children into the World and the responsibility involved with doing so. “Don’t want your baby? Go ahead. Abort it.” You can not over rate the Hatred and Venom that guides the Abortion movement.

  5. lou

    Pet, have you read P Buchanon? He says Japan made it legal before other 1st world nations did and now its population is really shrinking.

    The cult of Moloch is alive and well. It’s not about the right to abortions or woman’s rights it’s about sacrificing baby’s period.

  6. Zeek

    Another deranged article by ems.

    Get the truth from the Jan. 6 hearings.
    (Sworn testimony under oath and penalty of perjury.
    All else is b. s.)

    The Truth shall set you Free.

  7. qbutnoa

    Russia takes control of Severodonetsk (industrial Donbas region).

  8. Russia is winning. No surprise to me.

    And the left has gone bonkers. Very sad to watch. But they are also becoming violent again so we will have to deal with this the usual ways.

  9. snoosebomb

    weLL @ Pet . we have lived with roe v wade for how long ? its not been an issue . mid terms coming ,,,,,, so now ? its Trumps fault !!!! we get this shit in CDN even , ol mafia girl pelosi cbc headliner

  10. lou

    a 250 pound python in florida
    at 56 minutes

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