Anti-Baby Hysteria Rise Rapidly, Europe Collapses Rapidly, Biden Falls In Polls And On Bikes

Angry young male/female/whatever young people who are sexually thoroughly confused are demanding the need to kill babies due to being too young to figure out ‘birth controls’ and who don’t even know what a ‘birthing person’ is anymore.  They do know they have to have the State provide services so they can kill babies even up to birth, on demand.  They don’t have to justify this or even pay for this, they want this for free while being utterly irresponsible while having ‘free sex’ at the expense of taxpayers. I want these people (we can’t tell if they are female or male anymore) to have abortions!  They should NOT have babies, ever.  But eventually the females, wanting welfare money, will have babies with random men.  I know, I was in that cohort that decided to do this!  55 years ago, no less.


I also marvel about Europe which is dying of old age due to few births in the latest generation of female (?) or whatever sex, not having babies anymore.  Europe’s leaders think, like Canada’s leader and our senile President and here on my blog, poor Tina, they all tell us we are going to roast to death due to using fossil fuels.  They also say there are too many people, too.


These clowns refuse to commit suicide like real believers.  And real believers do commit suicide even these days!  So there is no excuse.  But alas, they don’t go away so we all trundle onwards.  Europe is now really collapsing:

Speaking of evil, the Muslim religion celebrates terrorists and killers since it is OK to spread Islam via the sword. Gay club in Norway is attacked:



I looked at the breaking news story and said to myself, ‘I wonder if the killer was a Muslim’ and…


A suspect believed to be the lone shooter was placed under arrest shortly following the shooting massacre, which was centered around The London Pub and spread to a neighboring establishment and nearby street. The alleged gunman, whose name was not released as of early Saturday morning, is a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent, according to officials.


This happens all the time in Europe and nothing is done to stop it all so it will continue forwards until the last of the EU stock goes kaput.  Or people can finally wake up to the obvious and take strong measures!  In the US, this is finally happening all over the place.  Here is a story from Arizona where enraged leftists rioted at a Trump rally:



Every day, every month, every year leftists find reasons to riot.  All events that annoy them is then a reason to violently riot, attack everyone, burn all cities, steal everything, etc.  The excuses for these riots is endless.  Always, there is excellent reasons to resolve all events with a riot.  These riots are totally unlike the riots of the 1960’s.  We would protest something and then be physically attacked while not blocking traffic or destroying property.  These riots are deliberate assaults on everyone.


The radical left of the 1960’s devolved into violent riots and assaulting and beating up anyone who disagrees.  This started at Berkeley and I was in the middle of all this and these people turned on me and said they would assault me after I publicly mourned the assassination of an innocent police officer who was very friendly and kind.  These people are NUTS and quite evil.


Leftists believe women should control their bodies totally at all times even if it means killing babies.  Meanwhile, they also believe people who want to control their own adult bodies can’t if the State wants controls like forcing vaccinations. I am 100% for choosing vaccinations, myself.  If others don’t, that is their problem.  Also, leftists believe in forcing parents to let their little children change their sex via operations and chemicals if a small child wants to be different!


Tyrant Justin Trudeau Weeps Over US Women ‘Losing’ the Right Over Their Bodies — After Forcing Every Person in Canada to Receive Experimental Vaccine

The concept of ‘civil rights’ is very slippery.  Leftists believe we have all these rights up until they decide we have no say at all and this depends on their whims of the moment.  They don’t even want us to have free speech, for example, while they can say anything, anywhere, anytime and no one can stop THEM.  But the rest of us are punished if we say the wrong thing at the wrong time.



In Iowa yesterday, violent leftist protesters deliberately throwing themselves in front of cars get run over as a driver, seeing them attacking, slowly drives over them forcing them aside.  Leftists do this ALL the time, this is why voters are increasingly furious with these lunatics:



Naturally, the police have to punish the driver, not the protesters attacking him or her.   They do this all the time which is why leftists do this all the time.


We will see vast temper tantrums over the issue of abortions.  Abortions were for when things go wrong (I had to have one in my last pregnancy, it was literally killing me) not for monthly birth controls.  A huge, gigantic number of abortions are simply due to the females (birthing females) being too incompetent or lazy to use many types of birth controls including not doing sex until married.  In black cities, virtually no females marry anymore!  They also have the most abortions per capita, too.


By far and away, black ‘females’ get abortions in huge numbers.  No black ‘leaders’ talk about this catastrophe or do anything even slightly to stop it from happening.  The utter collapse of marriage in the black community doesn’t trouble anyone at all on the left.  Perhaps they prefer this!  Then, all these ‘women/females/whatevers’ can go to the State and marry the State, instead.  And support a dictatorship that will run everything leftist like all communist hell holes!


Fantastic, isn’t it?



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32 responses to “Anti-Baby Hysteria Rise Rapidly, Europe Collapses Rapidly, Biden Falls In Polls And On Bikes

  1. TinaB

    OH EMS is such a snowflake!

    “Few words in our ever-expanding language are as flexible or versatile.

    Fuck has had a long and storied history, and it’s arguably more popular today than ever. Unlike its more offensive cousin, which I am hesitant to print here (it rhymes with punt), fuck is used liberally in almost all English-speaking cultures, classes, and creeds.

    It’s not hard to see why: few words in our ever-expanding language are as flexible or versatile. It can describe annoyance, sadness, anger, elation, confusion, lust, boredom, panic, or disgust — sometimes all at once.

    So if anyone tells you to watch your language: fuck ‘em!”

  2. TinaB

    Like I said tell the men to keep their dicks in their pants. Last I checked it was impossible to rape a man. No one is forcing them to have “sexual intercourse” (is that better EMSnowflake?)

  3. Timothy Carroll

    By far and away, black ‘females’ get abortions in huge numbers. No black ‘leaders’ talk about this catastrophe or do anything even slightly to stop it from happening.

    Umm, sorry……..I don’t exactly see this as a catastrophe. Would definitely reduce our crime/murder rate…..And yet, if we could get TinaB’s mom back in time to pull the old coat hanger yanky yank yank,…..welll….I wouldn’t be one to complain about mopping up the spillage. Just say’n. 🙂

  4. John Culhane

    Sex Strike! Abstinence trends on Twitter in wake of Roe v. Wade ruling

    Odd that, they won’t practice abstinence to avoid unplanned/unwanted pregnancies or STDs, however, they’ll practice abstinence because they are angry that some states won’t allow them to kill their unborn children??

  5. TinaB

    Aw Timmie! Have I hurt your feelings? Are you a snowflake too! Just so you know there is nothing you can say that would hurt mine so if you have nothing nice to say STFU!

  6. TinaB

    So let me get this straight! The radical right want:
    1. to ban abortion
    2. to abolish Social Security
    3. to prevent/abolish ANY affordable health care options
    4. refuse any gun control
    5. oppose ANY tax increases on the wealthy

    If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster I don’t what does! Oh wait… the disaster is fully cooked! Happy EMS? You and your ilk have DESTROYED a once great country! Bravo dummy!

  7. TinaB

    Kick and I mean KICK that uneducated, blowhard bully, conspiracy spewing MTG the hell off this planet! That yellow straw hair on her head is a crime in and of itself!

  8. lou

    meanwhile the president wants babies vaccinted for a flu that usually doesnt kill them.

    here my dear, young people dying The cause of his death is not known

    Lemme guess …. ‘Insurance companies reporting since 2021, 40% higher than normal death rates amongst young people, highest death rates ever seen’

  9. ALL news in mainstream EU/US media about the war is FAKE. They have been pretending Russia was losing since day one.

  10. Also, selling gold is laughably easy anywhere on earth. So the EU and US don’t want to buy gold?

    OK with Putin! India loves buying gold, by the way.

  11. Zeek

    MTG is not Neanderthal; she is CroMagnum.
    You can see it in her sloped forehead and close set eyes.

  12. Zeek is what? A gorilla?

  13. shawntoh

    No… Zeek means she is also a member of the Cromags… Warning… while this not porn, this is a genre of “hardcore” rock and some people will say this sucks…

  14. lou

    Chinese and Asians like gold and know its worth a lot.

    I thought EMS didnt like gold [she posted about a gold hoarder, like years back].

  15. shawntoh

    Attention please, attention…

    There is no such thing as a “CroMagnum”[sic]. It it “Cromagnon”! Now, get this… Scientists have decided, apparently against Zeek’s wishes, and have said it’s…

    ….”Anatomically Modern Human” (AMH) or “Early Modern Human” (EMH)….*

    However… It does sound like a good hardcore band name for playing at dangerously vicious volumes launching songs with the velocity of fast merde-like tempos with pathos…


  16. Europeans and Asians have a significant genetic tagging with the Neanderthals and Cromagnons.

  17. Petruchio

    @#10 Elaine: Of course the American MSM pushes Fake News about Russia-Ukraine. All you need to know is that the tightly controlled US Media banned Russia News. Period. Now think about that. If the Russians were really lying about Ukraine, WHY ban them? It would be easy to refute Russian Lies. If they were Lies. Want to hide the Truth about something? Ban the Media outlets that report the facts you do not want People to know.

  18. RT news is famous for simply setting up cameras and recording what happens next with zero commentary or editing. I loved them for this and miss this greatly and it pisses me off, greatly, too.

  19. Zeek

    Yeah, that was a good feature.

    Did Trump build a Wall AND GET MEXICO TO PAY FOR IT as he promised some 500 times? Nope.

    Trump Promises Made; Promises Broken.

  20. Zeek, you can’t be that stupid, are you? Seriously, you need help.

    Trump wanted Mexico to ‘pay for the wall’ as a NEGOTIATION TOOL. To get cooperation.

    But Trump was STOPPED by DEMOCRATS who refused to allow him to build the wall. They desperately need alien invaders. Someone who pretends to read my stories obviously isn’t doing this at all. Repeating fake news is really stupid.

  21. Zeek

    B.S. I’ve seen numerous videos and Mexican officials are consistent in stating they won’t pay a penny or a paeso for any wall.

    You’ll believe anything your worshipful master tells you.

    There are about 500 miles of preexisting wall predating Trump. Built by Democrats.

    In his time in office, the Grifter Trump only added a few miles.

    There was no negotiation with Mexico. Their position was always a stone cold NO!

    Trump is crashing rapidly now. And the Jan. 6 hearings are exposing more and more about him.

    It must be hard on you seeing your hero dethroned.
    But …. tough cookies.

  22. lou

    Elaine continues to interact with Tina and Zeke. Most others posting here
    ignore them.

  23. Zeek


    Most posters ignore low iq lou.


    ELAINE: I ignore no one. Even stupid, insulting people.

  24. lou

    24–No one [to my knowledge] has posted anything positive about you
    and yr trolling. you are a bore.

    ha ha

  25. Zeek

    lou – you condemn yourself because no one has EVER posted ANYTHING positive about you!

    If that’s the metric, you are an abysmal failure.

    You’ve been attacking Zeek since the beginning – thinking that Zeke is “jewish” – your compulsive obsession.

    You are a sad hater – “Haters gonna hate”.
    It’s what they do.

    You’ve been begging Elaine to ban him – or at least shun and isolate him.

    ‘The answer to bad speech – is more speech’.

  26. Lou is often stupid and rude and has many problems. I never stop anyone from disputing him.

    On the other hand, the so-called smarter’ people are a problem. They have no excuse for being unable to read the news and most often, skim over my postings and attack stuff brainlessly.

    Saying that the NYT has a different story, for example, is OK so long as you all can see that the NYT ALWAYS lied about ME in the past and deliberately lied about me, IN MY FACE.

    I hate the NYT, obviously, because of this.

    Trusting that Bilderberg gang news paper (the NYT is a founding member of that secretive gang) is insanity.

  27. TinaB

    “Lou is often stupid and rude”? Well that’s an understatement for the records!

    And you sure do seem to harbor an enormous amount of hatred and rage EMS – come on now – let it go – it only serves to distort your reality!

    BUT if you insist on bringing it up why don’t you give some examples of how the NYT lied about you? Can you not get archived copies of these articles?

    Of course not – because they exist only in your mind!

  28. Tina can’t tell the difference between laugh and rage.

  29. lou

    And ‘Tina’ posts much too much here.

  30. Yup. i don’t mind people saying stuff to a point. I have deleted long screeds by people calling me names mindlessly. But it is hard to keep up with trash sometimes.

  31. lou

    31–Tina [who you posted is a fake woman] will post 6 or more in a row.

    as for my alleged ‘racism’. I am a race realist and those who hate facts call my type racists.

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