Democrats Call For Destroying USA So They Can Kill Fetuses And Even Babies


The communists who took over the New York Times are furious that they cannot force all states and cities to kill babies inside wombs.  They are so incensed, they are demanding the courts be destroyed, terminated, people who are judges be punished for violating the ‘kill pre-born babies’ mantra.  Everyone should want to kill babies!  They are nasty creatures according to the leftists.  The NYT Bilderberg gang members want to do away with the pesky Constitution.  They want absolute dictatorial powers!  ARREST THESE TRAITORS!


Here is the hysteria in the editorial side of the NYT:


The New York Times editors are traitors.  They claim, the Supreme Court can be forced to rule the way the party with barely half of the power in Congress choose to remake the courts!  The President thinks he can do this, too.  This happened in the past and ended badly when a President would try to force the Supreme Court to rule differently in various cases.


The communists at the NYT claim, Congress can IGNORE the Supreme Court and enforce illicit, unconstitutional laws on the People at whim if they are the mere majority party!  Obviously, these evil communists never read the Constitution and why this is explicitly forbidden.  This is the road to tyranny.


The Democrats, as always, are going way overboard over all this and demanding the entire structure of the government should be overthrown so that women…which they, themselves claim, are not ‘women’ at all since they CANNOT DEFINE WHAT IS A WOMAN…the need for these ‘women’ (sic) to be able to kill a baby even one hour before birth is sacrosanct.  This is radical thinking.  It is not ‘normal’ at all.


Now on to the dying NATO alliance in Europe.  This week, NATO nations decided to act childish and pretend they can defeat Putin by committing economic suicide:


They won’t buy any more gold from Russia!  Modern electronics use gold:



This ‘ban gold purchases’ is still in the news in the EU and Russia.  It causes me to marvel how stupid our ‘global leaders’ who are all, every one of these clowns, Bilderberg gangsters who attend secret Bilderberg meetings to plot how to run the world while no one is allowed to know who or why things are being done.  What is stupid here is, many countries would love to buy this Russian gold so it is only Europe that is doing the hari kari craziness.


Ukraine’s ‘freedom’ was lost years ago.  It is run by a far right coup.  The place is a mess and continues to be a mess so England is going to commit economic suicide to help Ukraine fight one of the most powerful nations on earth.



The pinch is being felt already after less than a month of restrictions growing daily.  Eventually, no Russian fuels will go to the dying EU and they will notice this during winter.


Back to the abortion issue: very violent leftists want war now.  They talk about going outside of the cities they are destroying and will attack citizens who live on farms and other country type places.  We have no police or anything in our little town in NY but nearly everyone has guns, for example.


Many towns have no cops but these always have lots of guns.  When I lived way outside of Tucson, AZ, I was the Law even when I was a mere child.  I could give city people orders when they messed up while in the ‘countryside.’  Here is a TikTok calling for killing Trump voters in the back hoot and holler parts of the country:


Comments to that tweet are hilarious.  Many say, ‘I hope they show up, I need some target practice’ for example.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about all this:


This ‘men are women and women aren’t women but everyone can abort babies whenever they please’ mantra is insane and very annoying now and is increasingly unpopular.



What that leftist ‘female’ wrote is horrifying.  Her child isn’t a person unless freed from her death grip!  This is ILLEGAL.  Courts have ruled that people (mostly men) who say, stab or shoot a woman who is pregnant and the baby is hit by the knife or bullet, this is murder because the baby is…a human!


I recall when slaves were not considered to be ‘humans’, too.  Fighting for their basic civil rights took over 100 years!  This is shocking to think about.  Now, black women want to kill their babies.  This is beyond sad.


And white women want to have the same social mess that is destroying black communities.  That is, no one getting married or having loving homes.  They want power, not unity.


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6 responses to “Democrats Call For Destroying USA So They Can Kill Fetuses And Even Babies

  1. qbutnoa

    Problems within the G7 (headline BBC news tonight).

  2. TinaB

    EMS Please do tell us all about YOUR “loving” home! Oh and is your current husband the father of all your children? And how many children do you have and are any of them “out of wedlock”?

    Come on now – you’re trying to educate us, right? How about your extended family?

    Do share EMS! Something tells me that you might just have to contradict what you write….hhhhmmmm imagine that?

  3. TinaB

    Oh ya and at your age your must have a t least a few grandchildren, right? Estranged from them too?

    Do YOU yourself have any siblings and how are your relationships with them? Can’t wait to hear YOUR story and how it measures up to “OTHERS” stories – you know those women you call “promiscuous”!

    WOW – who knew you were such a prude! Were you not a stripper when you were in your 20s? haha!

  4. snoosebomb

    everyone down the rabbit hole , oh look, them dems won the midterms !

  5. Zeek

    Another stupid article.

  6. Tina, you demonstrate perfectly why leftists are evil. Congratulations. But I suggest you try much harder, so far, you haven’t broken any windows or rioted but maybe you have already!

    You still refuse to save Nature and the Earth by ceasing to exist. You are, in your own words, a polluter and a destroyer.

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