Mass Mob Of Illegal Alien Males Trample Each Other To Death At Spanish Border

A massive mob of men from Africa and Middle East stormed the Spanish border in Africa  where there is still colony to invade.  So many were massed there, they trampled each other to death in huge numbers.  The entire EU and US sees literal armies of invaders trying to enter and take over.  In the US, we have a blatant traitor for ‘President’ who encourages invaders and refuses to stop or deport them.  Arrest Biden!  At least Spain it trying to keep them out.



All of Europe and the US are at war with invading populations.  Instead of fixing borders, we are told we must let the invaders in.  The Democrats are openly doing this deliberately, now.


The war in Ukraine is going badly for the coup leaders there.  Nearly none of this is being reported in the US media.  Pretty much dead silence when it comes to the beloved war with everyone here waving their Ukraine flags, etc.  The harsh facts of economic warfare is now systematically destroying all of the EU’s systems.  People will freeze/starve to death next winter in the EU.  The inability of EU leaders to understand that Russia is an EXPORT power and this is due to Europe needing Russian exports!  Kill that, you kill the CUSTOMER not the producer who simply shifted to other, more lucrative markets.  Duh.



How to bankrupt all EU airlines: force them to take much longer routes to Asia!  The biggest market there is China!  China can fly in Russian air space, no EU company like say, Lufthansa can fly across Russia to China or Japan, too.



This ban has been ongoing for nearly half a year now and it is making life very unprofitable for Europe.  The British Air people are OK with spending more money for fuel and longer trips for passengers and this is squeezing their profit margins, greatly.


Six months ago, they all thought this would be for only a few weeks.  They didn’t imagine Russia would retaliate and force them to do this forever.  This baffles them but not me.  Once Russia establishes their New World Order this way, it will remain this way until the EU surrenders.


So, they want to control the price of Russian oil?  HAHAHA.  Putin will simply cease selling the oil!  Already, he is very busy arranging new customers who really want this oil, badly.  Europe can go pound sand.


Here is one of many funny comments to the RT article:


The G7, like NATO, the EU, IMF, WEF etc have an extremely over-inflated sense of their own importance. They believe that if they say something will happen, then it will. (It normally doesn’t).

G7: ‘Hey Russia, we think your oil is too expensive so we’re going to buy it from you for less.”
Russia: ‘Bye’.


It is worse.  Japan is dying. So they decided to commit hari kari.  They won’t get any more Russian oil.  Period.  This will all be rerouted to China which is also right next door to Russia!  Talk about childish, cutting off your own nose to spite your own face.


We now have spats in Congress over the issue of killing babies for any reasons, it doesn’t matter:


It is OK to invade government buildings, attack judges and destroy property if one is a left wing radical.  Everyone else has to obey laws and go to prison if they invade government buildings, attack judges and destroy property.  This is, of course, utterly illegal and having no laws for supporters and laws only for opponents leads to a collapse in all systems until a dictator takes over.


Here us a video the leftist abortion activists don’t want anyone to see: little children and babies who have very poor eyesight to the point of being blind, suddenly seeing after getting their first pair of glasses:




The babies in the video are all children with birth defects.  The left wants to kill such babies within an hour of birth so they can’t be accused of killing babies.  This is beyond cruel or stupid.  Note how the babies go from sad looking to smiling the minute they can suddenly see everything especially their moms!


The pro-kill the babies even as they are being born gang is also demanding the death of judges who rule against their insane wishes:



Here is a typical video made at the Supreme Court where radical leftists who hate babies are running wild.  What is strangest of all is this ‘liberal’ male who claimed he was being ‘attacked’ by the Infowars reporter when he is the one who keep returning over and over to lean into and scream at the reporter ‘in your face’ aggression:


He blurts out the truth: these ‘liberals’ effing love to kill babies.  He even calls these victims ‘babies’ and not ‘fetuses’.  Funny, how the radical leftist even calls these babies ‘babies’ and not ‘fetuses.’



Criminals run Chicago and the place is a total mess.  NYC is also run by criminals, too and like Chicago, is also a mess.  Elsewhere they have crocks and alligators running wild, killing people:



This monster creature tried to eat a man, killing him.  They lunge out of the water and grab people.  Here is one at the same community but on the ocean side, swimming about:



I guess this is the DNC voter base.


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9 responses to “Mass Mob Of Illegal Alien Males Trample Each Other To Death At Spanish Border

  1. Ken

    The Spanish enclave in Morocco is quite small. Anyone invading it could be easily located, and then shoved out. No need to even deport them. The fact that they are there is itself proof of criminal invasion.

    So why do the Africans keep breaking in? Are they being welcomed somehow (fed and clothed and sheltered) if they can successfully get past the fence? Is Spain transporting them to the European continent if they get into the enclave?

    There is so much about this that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Zeek

    Stupid white people wading in the water while knowing full well there is an alligator swimming there.
    Darwinism exemplified.

  3. There are also sharks. Even in NY sharks come ashore, I once caught one, myself! Hauled him out of the water to show the lifeguards! The beach cleared rapidly as everyone ran.

  4. just watched ‘right wing extremist ” newsmax tv promoting the war criminal zelensky ,
    the market ticker fan club is delighted with the scotus decision to swing the mid terms for the DNC . MSM is very open about that. [ & karl is waiting for the stupids to rise up and do the right thing, gonna be a long wait , or maybe Jesus will come ]
    now when they cheat again the swing can be blamed on Roe V

    what a F’n clown world , are you-all worth it ?

  5. qbutnoa

    “There is so much about this that doesn’t make sense.”
    Ken, the rulers want the white native Europeans dead and gone. The plan is very simple, replace us with black male Muslims of military age from Africa and the middle East. There are a huge number of government agencies, including the military who *make* this happen, all helped and supported by an incessant gang of charities and NGO’s (including the church of England). The invaders are welcomed by every royal family and government without exception (it is policy at the highest levels), the cities are full, the towns are filling up, and the countryside is next (there is no escape). The invasion will continue until the bitter end.

  6. Ken

    qbutnoa @ 6

    Presume for the moment that you are correct. There are individuals and organizations who have attained power and influence under the current social system, but who now seek to destroy the very system that they control. What is their end game? What are they hoping to accomplish by shooting themselves in the foot?

  7. qbutnoa

    Ken, that is a *very* good question. The elite do not seek to destroy their social system but ours, they do not want to shoot themselves in the foot, they want to break our backs and leave us for dead. The indigenous white Europeans have (some) rights and privileges. For example, we can and do own property and land, we expect and demand some form of representative democracy and things like separation of church and state, social services, health care, education, pensions etc. We consider ourselves part of the system, we have identity, we are free and we want and demand a slice of the pie – we are expensive. The elites do not own or control everything in every way, this is what they want – total power, pure power, absolute ownership of everything, no restrictions of any kind. This end game cannot be achieved while the white people exist. So, the plan is to replace us with black Muslim slaves, people who do not have a stake in this land and never will, people who do not expect or demand things from the state, people who are used to existing under a (religious) dictatorship, people who look and sound different to the elite, people who are very cheap. Of course, there are problems with their plan, but it is going very well in their favour so far.

  8. Nina

    There is no stronger bond than that between a mother and her child. Every child is a precious gift.

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