NY Mayor Adams Shocked, Just Shocked That Subway Crimes Up Another 50%


Surrounded by body guards and media, the clueless mayor of NYC rides the subways and learns that things are going really badly there due to violent criminals and drug addicts running wild all over the city.  He is ‘shocked’…just shocked.  What a surprise!  Who would have guessed?  Mr. Limo Man who never goes on public transit even when he was a ‘transit police chief’ also doesn’t read the news about all the violence going on underground including massive terror attacks.


“And I started peeling back layers and what it started to unveil to me is how we just had this good shell, but underneath — it’s bad.”


Using the NYPD “as one example,” he said, “We have not utilized this amazing agency and all our skills.”


In other words, he went out and noticed that things were collapsing into chaos, imagine that!  He claims the ‘shell’ was good.  What shell?


Oh, the mainstream media like the noxious communists at the New York Times never, ever has huge stories about crime in NYC.  They have only fake news there.  The NY Post has real news but the mayor hates that newspaper and avoids it.


And as the city struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, crimes in the transit system are up a staggering 54%.


I used to arrest people on the subway.  I went after quite a few criminals there.  Did one mass arrest.  Giuliani supported my efforts.  He then did what I did when he became mayor and voila: crime on the subways vanished!  Duh.


Adams acknowledged his frustration in implementing his first major initiative: to crack down on rule-breaking in the subways and stop homeless people from living in stations and on trains.


It is pure chaos now and all DNC cities with subways have the same problem for the same reasons and refuse to fix any of this, ever.


That move followed the shocking slaying of Upper West Side resident Michelle Go, 40, who was pushed onto the tracks in the Times Square subway station and run over by an oncoming R train around 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 15.


Most people make the mistake of not looking at anyone when in the subways.  I looked at EVERYONE very closely if they were doing things that translate into ‘this is a criminal.’  This is so obviously necessary, criminals seek out people who are not looking around, observing everything!


Hizzoner told The Post that City Hall created a shareable Google document and put a “system in place” so cops patrolling the subways who saw an encampment of homeless people could “put it on the document” for follow-up by the Department of Homeless Services and others within seven days.


But Adams said when he spotted an encampment, “I go on my phone, look at the document — this encampment is not on here.”


Days later, Adams said, he went back to the station and asked the cops there, “Did y’all log this encampment in?” to which they responded, “We weren’t told we were supposed to log it in.”


The police don’t work anymore because the mayor attacks them all the time when talking to blacks.  He is openly anti-police when he is in the black ‘hoods.  Now he pretends he is surprised, the police don’t report homeless camps.


The police are deserting NYC in huge numbers now.  Many are taking early retirement and then go off and do police work in say, Florida.  Giuliani’s son is running for governor in NY:


While campaigning for his son, Rudi Giuliani was assaulted in a grocery store by one of the staff: https://nypost.com/2022/06/26/rudy-giuliani-attacked-inside-staten-island-shoprite/?utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow


Giuliani said he had just gotten out of the men’s room at the store on Veteran’s Road and was being greeted by a bunch of supporters when he was suddenly hit from behind — an incident caught on surveillance video obtained by The Post.


If you click on the link above, you can see the attack.  Giuliani was simply chatting with people who stopped him to ask questions.


“All of a sudden, I feel this ‘Bam!’ on my back,” Giuliani said. “I don’t know if they helped me not fall down, but I just about fell down, but I didn’t.


He is elderly and like me, can be easily pushed over.  Everyone at home is very careful to not shove me for this reason.


“I feel this tremendous pain in my back, and I’m thinking, what the — I didn’t even know what it was,” he said. “All of a sudden, I hear this guy say, ‘You’re a f–king scumbag,’ then he moves away so nobody can grab him.


The man who attacked accused Giuliani of killing women.  But criminals do this every day in NYC, they also kill children and babies and other men, too.


“And he says, ‘You, you’re one of the people that’s gonna kill women. You’re gonna kill women,’ ” Giuliani said, quoting the suspect, who now faces assault charges. “‘You and your f–king friend are gonna kill women.’ Then he starts yelling out all kinds of, just curses, and every once in a while, he puts in that woman thing.


The attacker who thinks violence is OK if you are a Democrat, was charged with assault.  Video and witnesses will testify against him.  For some reason, they all think if they are Democrats, they can do anything with no repercussions.  Rioting is OK, killing people is also OK.


More oddball news:  https://www.infowars.com/posts/fact-checkers-demand-youtube-censor-competitors-because-no-one-is-watching-their-content/


The censorship demand was made during the GlobalFact 9, a fact-checking conference organized by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).


“As an international network of fact-checking organizations, we monitor how lies spread online — and every day, we see that YouTube is one of the major conduits of online disinformation and misinformation worldwide. This is a significant concern among our global fact-checking community,” the IFCN previously wrote in a letter to YouTube.


YouTube’s Brandon Feldman responded by assuring the group it was doing more to elevate “authoritative sources.”


Authoritarian sources that is, only ‘liberal’ content allowed on YouCan’tTube.  Already, YouTube is hiding all people online who are not toeing the liberal lines.  It is now nearly impossible to use Google to find anyone on YouCan’tTube who isn’t mainstream media.  This is a recent development.


The International Fact-Checking Network is really a Big Brother censorship operation.  I will note here that RT Russian news no longer can be accessed on YouCan’tTube anymore due to fiat by the goons running these operations designed to censor people and prevent real news.


90% of the ‘news’ from Ukraine is fake or misrepresented and no one is supposed to see the real news if this can be engineered by these censors.


On YouTube, this manifests itself in the form of content from mainstream news networks and regime institutions appearing at the top of search results, with dissenting narratives buried deep down the list, if they appear at all.


“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – George Orwell, 1984


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8 responses to “NY Mayor Adams Shocked, Just Shocked That Subway Crimes Up Another 50%

  1. lou

    1—so what can people do? buy coal? solar? what?

  2. qbutnoa

    -“so what can people do? buy coal?”
    AFAIK, most of the collieries have been closed in France (same in the UK). The coal is imported from Russia and South Africa and is very expensive, there are also laws against using coal to curb carbon emissions (same in the UK).
    Solar does not work well in winter and will take a long time to roll out, the electricity is needed now.
    If oil and gas supplies from Russia are not restored, then there will be no electricity, nothing can or will be done to make up the difference – ce la vie.

  3. fire wood , not greater than 3” dia. ,,,,

  4. Zeek

    Do what the English do; put on a sweater.

    (and stop complaining).

  5. nclaughlin

    Buy thick blankets! Or sub zero rated sleeping bags!

  6. Set fire to government buildings! This is exactly what triggered the French Revolution: very cold winters plus no bread. Let them eat cake!

  7. qbutnoa

    An indication how much the price of gas has gone up. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-61955666

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