Pelosi Pushes Cute Kid, Mad Congresswoman Mayra Flores Pushes Back

Mayra Flores was just made an official Congresswoman in DC.  Nancy Pelosi presided over this swearing on the Bible when the little girl, Mayra’s daughter, crowded her a bit after being told to stand there for photos.  Nancy turned on the kid and tried to shove her away.  After seeing this video, mommy blew up and attacked her party leader!  HAHAHA.  Women with power can and will push around little children and demand the right to kill babies, too.  Sounds more like the Wicked Witch of the West.


Meanwhile, enraged women are freaking out.  I should never call these people ‘women’ since none of the demonstrator screaming about abortion can call themselves ‘women’ or even ‘females.’  What we are is unknowable, this is due to sexual confusion.  There is no ‘women’s rights’ movement left.  It is dead.



So, in NY where we have very high taxes, our darling politicians who are only popular in the big cities and only because they hand out welfare goodies to illegal aliens and others (anyone can vote here, no ID required now) using taxpayer money to pay for abortions for women WHO DON’T LIVE HERE and pay no taxes here is abusive.  It is stealing from us taxpayers.


These politicians think we are this bottomless bucket of easy money.  The entire DNC operates this way which is why, when they control our government, we spin into hyper inflation and collapse of all civil services.



A crazy actress in LA was arrested because she kept on insisting on sitting on the highway blocking traffic because she wants to abort her own babies whenever she wants.  The police pushed her away from them when she went to them to ‘in your face’ act up.  The police did NOT approach her at all.  She went over to them to provoke them.


If the ‘we want dead babies’ people want to be hated by all citizens, blocking highways over and over again does the trick.  The leftist communists think they are getting more popular, doing this all the time for various excuses.  It is doing the opposite.


In England, the BBC has announced that everyone working for them has to learn up to 150 different PRONOUNS when working at that insane asylum:


Employees were ordered to include their own gender pronouns in company emails, a list which has now apparently expanded to include newly invented ones such as “xe, xem, xyrs.”


No one will use emails now.  They will have to avoid using any pronouns at all when talking which I find very funny, actually.  This looks more like a Monty Python skit.


Staffers who insisted on using traditional he/she pronouns were warned they “can create discomfort, stress and anxiety” and lead to depression and suicide risk in trans people.


Perhaps we all should avoid using pronouns so crazy people will not kill themselves.  But on the other hand, if driving them to kill themselves is this easy, I foresee people doing this for laughs.


“If you overhear a colleague using the incorrect pronouns for someone, take them aside and remind them of the correct pronouns,” attendees were told.


This is straight out of 1984, the book was pure genius.  All college kids for the last half century was ordered to read this book.  Increasingly, the professors and the poor kids learning to hate reality have joined forces in trying to recreate the Big Brother world as in the book!


It is their Bible!  Rewriting the past all the time, censoring everyone, warning people to watch what they say lest they upset obviously insane people who want weird pronouns is pure Big Brother activities.


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