Dutch Bilderberg Politicians Ordered A 30% Destruction Of All Cattle To Make Earth COLDER

This is the most utterly ridiculous thing, ever: global warmist creeps who plan to freeze/starve to death many millions now rule the EU.  The EU voters let this happen, they decided, they needed no guns, no way to overthrow vile governments and now they are forbidden to farm freely in Holland because…get this…they think there is TOO MUCH NITROGEN in the atmosphere!  Nitrogen is 78% of our atmosphere and they want to lower this for some hideous communist reason!  They also want to reduce CO2 so all the plants they are planting to ‘save the earth’ will starve to death, too.  And freeze to death, of course.


The rulers of Europe are insane.  They pretend we will all die due to too much oil and gas so they are now screaming at Putin who is beginning to redirect all that nice Russian gas and oil to Asia.  They told him to do this and he is now doing this and they are now howling with rage.  This is literal insanity.  How embarrassing!  How stupid.


Equally stupid is the ‘surprise witness’ supposed to impeach Trump and keep him from being President again:



It was a fool’s errand.  The female in question here pretended to cry while testifying what she heard, in some mysterious way, people talking about how Trump went crazy and attacked everyone driving him home.  This was stupid from the get-go and it turns out, everyone who was with Trump that day in January, strenuously deny anything happened at all.


End of fake story.  The stories about rape or about peeing on people, etc. never end and are always utterly false.  This is beyond ridiculous now.  It is STUPID.  These people are dumbbells.


Speaking about dumb, the New York Times was full of fake news, fake allegations, ridiculous analysis, it is a graveyard for journalists:



Democrats, being demonic, decided a great policy would be for them to vote for the most conservative Republicans in primaries.  You see, this way, everyone will see that Republicans are evil!  What a nice, evil plan this was.  They hoped no one would notice this type of cheating.  But it was noticed!  And it can backfire, badly, if or when all these ‘bad conservatives’ WIN and have lots of power, too, this way.  This is a very stupid plan.


Here Fox news talks about all the money and fake voters worked so hard to  push radical conservatives which I say, will backfire on them all, badly.



The NYT editors were on their usual rampage of rage:


Cassidy Hutchinson certainly did a job…she fooled all the communists and DNC operatives and Bilderberg gangsters!  She made all of them and herself look like utter fools.  The plunge off the cliff by all operatives, communists and Bilderberg gangsters is hilarious.  They are still falling, faster and faster.  Good riddance.




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12 responses to “Dutch Bilderberg Politicians Ordered A 30% Destruction Of All Cattle To Make Earth COLDER

  1. qbutnoa

    NATO (mainly USA troops) permanent army headquarters in Poland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-61983555

  2. lou

    Elaine, can you give me some quotes of my rudeness?

  3. lou

    NATO 300,000 on high alert.

  4. John Culhane

    Biden administration to Oil producers: We demand you increase your production now, we will punish you in a few years time for doing so.

  5. Lou, you deliberately put all sorts of racist junk here. Also anti-semitism.

  6. lou

    6–show me some.

  7. lou

    ‘you deliberately put all sorts’..etc..anything posted here is deliberate, so what is your point?

    I did not know I bothered you so. My apology offered here.

  8. It’s OK just can the obvious racism. Blacks are victims of liberalism. Blaming them for being screwed up is stupid.

  9. lou

    You have the typical liberal attitude, that they are [helpless] victims.

  10. RT news covered it. But no one in Europe or the US can see this news in full because RT is blocked by Bilderberg gang monsters who hate real news.

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