Criminal NY Mayor Adams Wants To Prosecute Giuliani For Talking About Being Assaulted By Store Employee In Brooklyn


The Democrat crime lords continue to investigate and attack all Republicans.  They think no one will notice that this scheme is collapsing as DNC hell hole cities collapse into chaos.  Rudi Giuliani stopped crimes in NYC.  He did a great job of it and life returned to the city and then he left office.  Since then, the city has collapsed back into a DNC hell hole again.  So voters voted for a ‘cop’ who was a pencil pusher black man.  He, in turn, made the city even worse as he let black criminals run riot nonstop.  Now, this criminal mayor wants to prosecute the law and order former mayor?  Wow.



Arrest Eric Adams.  He is conspiring with a number of gangs and gangsters to prevent law and order.  He is systematically destroying the city as the city’s Democrat DAs go only after Trump and other Republicans and ignore massive crimes, murders, looting, raping and chaos.  Another woman shoved into a train and killed, another mother walking her baby at sunset, shot and killed.  The crime events roll onwards relentlessly, all crimes way up under Adams.



Realistically, no one will be caught.  Years ago, the police could stop black men and check to see if they were criminals.  This sort of patrolling keeps down crimes.  My street patrol used to ‘tag’ guys we knew were always causing trouble and we would simply follow them at a not too discreet distance.


The team we had was mostly strong black males.  So no one could accuse us of being ‘racist’.  They knew the ‘hood’ inside and out, too.  I learned a lot from them.  Leaving the ‘hoods to the hoods is insane.  But this is how the DNC runs all the hell hole cities they use as a dead weight voter base.


Judge Clears Trump of Contempt in New York Attorney General’s Witch Hunt Probe


As ALWAYS Trump wins in higher courts.  They keep pushing this accusation or another on him over and over again and he wins every time yet they can’t stop, they are compelled to abuse the foundation of our laws in order to ‘tag’ him or wear him out.  He doesn’t seem worn out to me!


I give the man a lot of credit for putting up with this.  Some Republicans stupidly imagine they won’t be abused this way like Trump.  HAH.


They certainly will!  Imagine if say, Florida Governor DeSantis were to run for office: the DNC will spend all their time and money smearing him and all the Bilderberg media giants will attack him with ferocity.  Right now, they are absolutely terrified of him and I support him fully, he would make a fine President!  Nothing will stop this machine.  It will fight to the bitter end.


And now for a new band that has a great sense of humor:



Hilarious, fantastic patriot rock band!  I love them.


The dim Democrats now claim that Hutchinson’s name because it is ‘historical’ and of ‘incredibly powerful’ and Hillary who is always clueless thus, Bill’s fun times under the table…she thinks this is the most important day, ever, in history.  The DNC clowns fell for the fake witness, Cassidy Hutchinson:



And all of this is a tower of lies.  Even looking at photos of this crazy leftist lady shows a glaring face of a psychopath. How sad so many ‘experts’ were fooled so easily.  It shows us how stupid most of these ‘experts’ are.  As the communists in Congress and the media go nuts all the time, Putin coldly plays real war games with the dying EU that is bloating ever bigger while falling into chaos internally:



Germany is now using these tankers to buy oil from whoever they can find and make a very expensive deal with and they hope to limp along while destroying all fossil fuel energy systems due to fake ‘global warming.’


This summer here on my mountain has been COLD.  Right now, it is only 50 F degrees.  Brrr.  It is so cold, I don’t open windows until NOON and it is 100% summer by the calendar.  Some other places are having a normal hot summer so far but many places are unusually cold and this reminds me of the 1960’s as we slid into the 30 year cold cycle back then.  I track the weather all my life and this is definitely the beginning of a cold cycle yet again.


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10 responses to “Criminal NY Mayor Adams Wants To Prosecute Giuliani For Talking About Being Assaulted By Store Employee In Brooklyn

  1. TinaB

    Dear EMS – have you even considered that a mob of deranged, enraged men stampeding the White House carrying assault rifles and other weapons put over 1,800 innocent employees of the White House at risk of cataclysmic danger? And you are okay with that, right?

    You know, young people with a whole life ahead of them, women with young children and/or aging parents, fathers, grandfathers/mothers.. you know the everyday people that you CARE so much about, right?

    You are so hell bent on “not being wrong” or “not changing your mind about your cult leader when faced with mountains of evidence that he is not worthy”. There is a word for this – “denial”.

    Would you be okay with this if the Democrats did it? Because that’s the stage you’re setting and will be the end of USA democracy. Done, finished, kaput!

  2. nclaughlin

    Cassidy Hutchinson is indicative of a serious Trump flaw, namely, his inability to build teams.

  3. Petruchio

    There are too many Blacks in the US of A who have such a deep, bitter Hatred of White People that it overrides ANY amount of Common Sense. The Main Motivation of too many Blacks is to lash out and vent Rage and Hatred towards White People in general. This will not end well for Blacks AT ALL. If Biden lets the gas prices rise much more the Country could boil over and THEN things will go very badly for all of the people who are Haters now.

  4. Yes, Trump has no real ‘teams’ unlike say, the governors of Texas or Florida. I support them over Trump if they run for office. I support Ted Cruz, too, by the way.

  5. Zeek

    Agreeing with your insightful comment re. Trump not being a team player.
    He even turned on his team running mate, Pence. Wanted him killed.
    Trump is too toxically narcissistic to share anything with a team member.
    “I alone can fix it ….. “ etc. b.s.

  6. Pence stabbed him in the back. I despise the man.

  7. lou

    3–Pet, do you read articles at

    I didnt have to scroll past 8 posts by Tina, hooray.

  8. shawntoh

    @ 6 Mein Dame… Meinst du etwa Dolchstoßlegende?

  9. Zeek

    As Liz Cheney said: “You can’t be loyal to both the Constitution and to Trump”.

    You have to decide.

    Pence chose the Constitution.

    Hooray for Pence.

  10. Pense doesn’t know his history. Cheating in elections is EVIL. The DNC cheated all over the place in the last election. The main cheat was them forbidding people to check ID to see if a voter was legal. Also mailing votes to all addresses meant non citizens got to vote.

    The illegal votes were through the roof. NO ONE was allowed to discuss that at all.

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