Supreme Court Rulings Drive Everyone Crazy


The Bilderberg gang’s plan to fix the oil crisis via forcing Russia to sell oil cheap to the EU while the EU bombs Russians is going to fail.  Also, the Supreme Court had more huge rulings today, they are quite revolutionary and it is obvious, we will have to fight out over everything possible.  Biden wants to end Congress’ ability to filibuster so he can pass laws against the will of the minority party and this will end any unity in Congress.  The Supreme Court also ended Trump’s ‘stay in Mexico’ rules and said, Biden is in charge of the border and if he wants to have us invaded, we can only stop him via IMPEACHING him which will certainly happen in a few more months.


Yellen who runs the Fed Reserve said that Russia can’t sell us oil unless Russia wants to sell it at any price she and her buddies pick out so if they want it cheap, Russia can sell it cheap:


The idea was first introduced by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen earlier this year, and was then taken up by the G7, which is considering the possibility of an embargo on the transportation of Russian seaborne crude oil unless it is purchased at or below a price to be agreed with international partners.


Russia laughed and said, ‘OK, we accept your challenge and you will get no more oil’ and the G7 states were shocked, I tell you.  They thought Putin was dumb like Biden.



Drastic changes so women, mostly black, can kill their babies is astonishing.  Blacks are the base of the DNC.  They tend to live in clumps in major cities and due to high crime and bad schools, all other ethnic groups pick up and flee.  So they end up ruling the roost.  This is the entire DNC voter base in a nutshell.  Why they want to kill it off baffles me no end.  But this is what they want: as few black babies as possible.


President Joe Biden said he would back killing the filibuster to pass federal abortion legislation and blasted the Supreme Court’s ‘outrageous’ repealing of Roe v. Wade during a press conference in Madrid on Thursday. The president took questions from reporters in a brief press conference running just shy of half an hour after meeting with European NATO leaders. Biden pledged to have further updates on the fight to keep abortion access for all women after meeting with US governors upon his return on Friday. He also pointed out that the Supreme Court’s Friday decision to roll back federal rights to the procedure had larger implications on ‘the right to privacy’ as a whole. ‘The first and foremost thing we should do, is make it clear how outrageous this decision was and how much it impacts – not just on a woman’s right to choose, which is a critical, critical piece – but on privacy generally,’ Biden said. ‘And so I’m going to be talking to the governors as to what actions they think I should be taking as well.’ He added that the ‘most important thing’ was his belief that the protections granted in Roe v. Wade should be codified into law.


I am all for abortions because mothers who don’t want babies make terrible mothers.  I warn the conservatives about this matter but no one listens to me.  Now, the liberals and the middle of the road conservatives in the Court also ruled, and ruled correctly, that Trump’s border rules can be changed by Biden.  So now we have Biden’s border rules.  The solution is to get rid of Biden, of course:



Basically, the Court says, the PRESIDENT decides how to protect our borders.  If we have a traitor for President, the fix is for us to get rid of the traitor by arresting him, impeaching him and then punishing him or her.  Biden thinks, this is a green light to replace American citizens with illegal aliens which is…treason, of course.  He and he alone is responsible for this now.  Trump tried to keep his rules running after being cheated in the election.


The DNC hopes all elections will be cheated via no ID voting.  This leads directly to a full revolt, of course.  Texas warned, if the border opens up totally, they will leave the USA.  And I bet the Supreme Court will side with Texas in this, too.


Biden’s days are numbered. After letting in a flood of illegal aliens and violent criminals and drug lords, he is also going to shut down the oil companies.  The Supreme Court reacted to this by saying, the EPA cannot regulate the gas anymore:



The ‘climate change’ scam has to end.  It used to be called ‘global warming’ except the globe isn’t warming.  This ridiculous program was changed so that cold weather became evil and caused by gas and oil, etc. So, the gas/oil business was causing both cold and hot weather.  This is insane and stupid and fools few people.



Liberals desperately want to eliminate gas/oil and other things to peasants so they can kill everyone easily.  They want us disarmed, too. They hate the Constitution and want it torn up and the Supreme Court canned and have a dictatorship!  This belief that the climate is changing in ‘unusual’ ways is beyond stupid now.  None of these liberals explain how we have sudden Interglacials in between very long and very deadly Ice Ages.  They falsely claim, we ended all Ice Ages.  Which I would say, is a good thing, no?


But then, they want to freeze and starve us to death and this is their plan and their desire.


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3 responses to “Supreme Court Rulings Drive Everyone Crazy

  1. Floridasandy

    I want the Supreme Court canned , and I’m no liberal. They are in FOR LIFE
    Sometimes less is more

    Keep it simple

  2. shawntoh

    The problem is people want just enough government, as in, government to keep the other groups at bay, while they grab “the best” based on “the swindle” for “law” that they get… I don’t care who it is… They only care about their own “tribe” and that’s it! Peace.

  3. The Bilderberg gang has co-conspirators of all religions and types.

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