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NY Mayor Adams Shocked, Just Shocked That Subway Crimes Up Another 50%

Surrounded by body guards and media, the clueless mayor of NYC rides the subways and learns that things are going really badly there due to violent criminals and drug addicts running wild all over the city.  He is ‘shocked’…just shocked.  What a surprise!  Who would have guessed?  Mr. Limo Man who never goes on public transit even when he was a ‘transit police chief’ also doesn’t read the news about all the violence going on underground including massive terror attacks.

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Pelosi Pushes Cute Kid, Mad Congresswoman Mayra Flores Pushes Back

Mayra Flores was just made an official Congresswoman in DC.  Nancy Pelosi presided over this swearing on the Bible when the little girl, Mayra’s daughter, crowded her a bit after being told to stand there for photos.  Nancy turned on the kid and tried to shove her away.  After seeing this video, mommy blew up and attacked her party leader!  HAHAHA.  Women with power can and will push around little children and demand the right to kill babies, too.  Sounds more like the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Democrats Call For Destroying USA So They Can Kill Fetuses And Even Babies


The communists who took over the New York Times are furious that they cannot force all states and cities to kill babies inside wombs.  They are so incensed, they are demanding the courts be destroyed, terminated, people who are judges be punished for violating the ‘kill pre-born babies’ mantra.  Everyone should want to kill babies!  They are nasty creatures according to the leftists.  The NYT Bilderberg gang members want to do away with the pesky Constitution.  They want absolute dictatorial powers!  ARREST THESE TRAITORS!

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Mass Mob Of Illegal Alien Males Trample Each Other To Death At Spanish Border

A massive mob of men from Africa and Middle East stormed the Spanish border in Africa  where there is still colony to invade.  So many were massed there, they trampled each other to death in huge numbers.  The entire EU and US sees literal armies of invaders trying to enter and take over.  In the US, we have a blatant traitor for ‘President’ who encourages invaders and refuses to stop or deport them.  Arrest Biden!  At least Spain it trying to keep them out.

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Anti-Baby Hysteria Rise Rapidly, Europe Collapses Rapidly, Biden Falls In Polls And On Bikes

Angry young male/female/whatever young people who are sexually thoroughly confused are demanding the need to kill babies due to being too young to figure out ‘birth controls’ and who don’t even know what a ‘birthing person’ is anymore.  They do know they have to have the State provide services so they can kill babies even up to birth, on demand.  They don’t have to justify this or even pay for this, they want this for free while being utterly irresponsible while having ‘free sex’ at the expense of taxpayers. I want these people (we can’t tell if they are female or male anymore) to have abortions!  They should NOT have babies, ever.  But eventually the females, wanting welfare money, will have babies with random men.  I know, I was in that cohort that decided to do this!  55 years ago, no less.

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Violent Crazed Leftists Riot At Trump Phoenix Rally Screaming About Right To Kill Babies



In DC, ANTIFA rioters prepared to attack the city by ordering delivery of bricks which they always do before a riot.  They did this repeatedly in Oregon and Washington State and in NY City.  Congressperson AOC urged females and males to riot and she wasn’t arrested for incitement to riot.  Meanwhile, the DNC in Congress continues to accuse Trump of doing this last year even though he didn’t do this.  The left is going utterly insane, now.  They hate law and order while ordering us all to obey any laws they want obeyed.  They, on the other hand, can do as they please.

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RINO Senators Face Intense Rage From GOP Voter Base


The RINOs are rioting against the GOP now.  They are openly defying their own voter bases.  They obviously don’t give a hoot about these voters since cheating in elections was legalized by Congress and the Courts two years ago.  Allowing fake votes, obvious voter frauds to taint the election and not allowing any of this to go to courts and be dealt with has led the Bilderberg gang to think, they can ignore citizens entirely now.


This is why they are enabling and assisting open invasion of our country in hopes these invaders will continue to support the DNC/RINO rule of citizens.  This is a very dangerous time now, they are openly committing treason in many forms and don’t give a hoot about laws forbidding all of this.


They now are exercising raw power and intent to expand this which is why the DNC/RINO gang want no voter ID so cheating will be easy, rampant and unstoppable.  


RINOs like Cornyn are also voting for foreign students to stay in the country and work for corporations, etc. while pushing US citizens out of universities due to his costs, etc.:


Millions of foreign students have enrolled in U.S. universities because a White House policy set by President George W. Bush allows them to get “Optional Practical Training” work permits for the rising jobs needed by American graduates.


The foreign students are a bonanza for the universities and their local economies, Burrola told Cornyn and Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA), the chairman of the Senate’s subcommittee on immigration and border safety:


We love foreign students!  We don’t want our children to get these jobs, we want aliens to have these jobs.  Whoopee!


Here is the other Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz:



I know a number of foolish conservatives posting videos online don’t like Cruz.  I like Cruz.  He isn’t perfect but he does his best which is a lot better than many other people.  He is also a good speaker and talks off the cuff all the time, easily.


The Supreme Court is tipping the apple cart and everyone on the left and the entire Bilderberg gang is in hysterics.  The Bilderberg gang media and the DNC/RINOs in Congress conspired to destroy not just one but several Justices by smearing them when they had to appear in Congress and this was done to stop Trump.


Stopping Trump was the #1 goal of the DNC/RINO gang!  They tried to impeach him not once but twice.  Already, RINOs who hate Trump are on the ropes with their own voters out to get them out of power forever.  So they are now doubling down on attacking…their own voter base.


This voter base is increasingly up in arms about all this and are increasingly determined to eliminate all of these RINOs who will go extinct in Congress in the long run.


Because of the intense rage aimed at Senator Cornyn, he said this on Fox News:



Openly lying about this won’t save him.  Texans who voted for him are sufficiently enraged to kick him out of office via popular demand.  He is done, in Texas.



Nancy Pelosi’s husband is finally being charged with drunk driving.  He was allowed to go for over four hours before being tested for how drunk he was.  He did a full blown car wreck.  It also appears a sheriff was the first to see the crash and ask questions.


It was midnight so it was very dark.  When the sheriff learned it was Pelosi’s husband, he decided ‘it isn’t my job’ and he DROVE OFF.  Leaving the wrecks in the pitch dark again!!!


He later explained, it wasn’t in his ‘territory’ so why should he call the other cops and WAIT until they showed up before driving off?  I hope he is kicked out of his job, he is a co-conspirator with the Pelosi family.


There is also a ‘witness’ out in the middle of nowhere in the pitch dark and they won’t say who this (probably female)  person really is.



This video from over a year ago was Mitch tearing into Biden while he was also playing footsie with Biden and his gang, in private.



Mitch was play acting back then.  He then went to the very private secret Bilderberg meetings to coordinate his actions which would support Pelosi and her gang.  This is why he nearly always votes for the DNC gang’s policies.  He did it again this week, fatally.


I think now his voters know for certain, he is not a ‘Republican’ but is a RINO who is a Bilderberg gangster who hates Americans and want us all replaced by foreigners.


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