Twitter Allows Eco-terrorists To Post Instructions Vandalize SUVs Via Flattening Tires


We notice that Twitter doesn’t ban outright criminals calling people to break obvious laws.  The ever-polite Canadian professor, Jordan Peterson was banned by Twitter leftist communists because he used both female and male pronouns when discussing a fake female who wants to be ‘a woman’ when convenient.  But threatening or boasting about breaking laws and causing vandalism is OK with Twitter.  This is why ANTIFA gangs are never banned there, too.



So far, Elon Musk doesn’t control the communists at Twitter.  Communists of various sorts still get to post at Twitter and the Tyre Extinguishers are still posting at that silly site:


Unfortunately, NYC is run by Democrats so the city is dying rapidly.  The former cop running it off the rails probably won’t do much of anything to stop this insane terrorist organization.  By allowing leftist terrorists free rein, we have chaos and violence in all places on earth run by leftists.  They imagine, if they terrorize people, they gain more power.


The recent years of chaos caused by communists is causing vast populations to move very strongly towards far right solutions.  For example, the demand for abortions due to women not bothering with using birth controls is causing leftists to openly say, they intend to be very violent until they get more abortions.


I keep saying, we should pay them all to have abortions!  Do we really want these lunatics to have babies?  We should encourage abortions in this population.


Now on to the secretive Bilderberg gang and their secret meetings.  One of the greatest ‘expose the Bilderberg gang’ people these days is Mark Dice.  Like Alex Jones, he understands and tracks this gang.  And last week, they had a very secret meeting in Europe to discuss Elon Musk:



The invasion of the US enabled by Bilderberg gang rulers continues out of control and the hope is, with this alien army, the Bilderberg gang can terrorize and control entire countries via letting invaders vote the same day they invade.  This is insanity.


The only fix here is to vote for DeSantis for President.



I remember when NY had limits on when one can abort a baby.  The reason it was extended all the way to birth was due to the desire to eliminate a baby with birth defects.  Back to Jordan Peterson:



Canada is now an open dictatorship.  Yes, Trudeau can be removed from office.  But he has disarmed the People and now, is arresting again, the people who defied him last winter.  He intends to crush them totally in the usual communist ways.  Just like preachers were chained up and imprisoned for feeding people outdoors during the covid event, he wants to imprison and control everyone, all the time.


People of Canada have no legal ‘civil rights.’  The British Crown doesn’t allow this and doesn’t allow this at all in England, for example.  Our Founding Fathers knew all about this which is why they cooked up the Bill of RIGHTS so no one could usurp basic rights like the First and Second Amendments.  All the other early Amendments talked about State Powers and how to prevent this by curtailing the ability to arrest people for giving speeches, for example.


I will note here that the communists running the DNC now are trying to charge Trump with saying the wrong words.  They tried to pretend he told everyone to riot.  This is obviously false so they tried to say, he did stuff in his limo and that now turns out to be totally false, too.


Meanwhile, these same Bilderberg gangsters in Congress who attend SECRET meetings overseas to plot with despotic rulers overseas, they have gone forth and openly told their supporters to riot, loot and burn as per always.  This is why terrorists are secretly sabotaging cars, for example.


Arrest them all!


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13 responses to “Twitter Allows Eco-terrorists To Post Instructions Vandalize SUVs Via Flattening Tires

  1. TinaB


    ELAINE: you aren’t using your brains, Tina. YOU are destroying the earth by living here. You should save the earth by eliminating your CO2 exhaling.


    “The brother hit the nail on the head – It’s always criticism and never any solutions. Kinda fits the whole republican platform.”

    Hey EMS I believe I have been saying this TO YOU for a year now(?)!

    Complain, criticize, cry, smear and attack are the ONLY solutions you have! And you want me to tell you why?

    Because there are NONE! Why? Because the planet and the ecosystem that ALL LIFE DEPENDS upon for our survival is finite and has finite resources and humans are in over-shoot!

    That skull of yours must be getting really heavy as it grows thicker by the day!

  2. TinaB

    Btw – did you predict the loss/erosion of top soil? Did you predict the bleaching of coral reefs? Did you predict the EROI on fossil fuels?

    And they changed the name from “global warming” to “climate change” because they have been MEASURING AND STUDYING the matter for decades and continue to this day.

    So ergo, they find new data and make interpretations! OMG! Is that how science works? Really? Not in EMS world!

    Newsflash EMS the global average surface temperature of the planet has increased – period end of discussion. Do you have any clue how this affects all life on earth? Yes humans can take measures to survive extreme weather, cold or hot, BUT plants and animals CANNOT! Another KEY issue is the RATE OF CHANGE! Life cannot evolve at that rate.

    What is the average global temperature this year?
    “The average global temperature in 2021 was about 1.11 (± 0.13) °C above the pre-industrial (1850-1900) levels. 2021 is the 7th consecutive year (2015-2021) where global temperature has been over 1°C above pre-industrial levels, according to all datasets compiled by WMO.Jan 19, 2022”

    How much has global average surface temperature increased by?
    “Earth’s average surface air temperature has increased by about 1 °C (1.8 °F) since 1900, with over half of the increase occurring since the mid-1970s”

  3. Jim R

    I keep saying, we should pay them all to have abortions! Do we really want these lunatics to have babies? We should encourage abortions in this population.

    Couldn’t agree more — let them self-select.

    And, what a curious way to fight “global warming” — they want everyone to drive less, so now they force them to call a tow truck? And spew MOAR carbon dioxide just to get around?

    Of course, the manufacture of tires (or tyres) is completely carbon-free too, right? /sarc

    They are insane.

  4. lou

    Elaine, one of the bitcoin ‘miners’ cant pay its electricity bill, now that BC price is 18-23k.


  5. qbutnoa

    India – Historically, private currencies have not ended well.

  6. ‘’ hottest weather event there ever ! ‘’ . what we didn’t know is that they define say a hot spell in very specific terms , then claim that never happened before. whereas we would just go look at some temp records and say, yeah that was hot then.


  7. TinaB

    Gawd you people are thick! It’s not the weather, it’s the GLOBAL….AVERAGE….. SURFACE…. TEMPERATURE!


    And guess what? Scientists are studying this every day and analyzing the data they gather- oh wait that’s what science does!

    They have much better technology and instruments to gather, record and analyze data today than they did hundreds of years ago.

    Too stupid!

  8. ”They have much better technology and instruments to gather, record and analyze data today than they did hundreds of years ago.”

    so what good does that do ? you still need the temp records.

    [ then you can adjust them to fit your theory ]

  9. The ‘global temperature’ is made up. It has little accuracy. It includes all the temperatures of all the CITIES while nearly none in various distant places with fewer humans or the great oceans.

    This is so silly. My ‘summer’ so far has been very cold. It got up to 75 F today! Wow, in July which usually is much hotter.

    The hysterics about the weather is normal. Hot or cold, people like to be hysterical and think we humans control the sun.

    We don’t.

  10. 11 , please back up that claim , little is known about ‘ temp global ‘ except they some meteorologists who just average the daily measured temps , raw data , unadjusted .
    if you had bothered looking you would have seen they show current world temp below average , in line with your experience
    any claim of world temp measure is impossible , that’s just the nature if the beast . Maybe you should just trust NOAA like you say you do [ sarc]

  11. Let me be more exact: NOAA is LYING about temperatures so they are useless for figuring out what is really going on.

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