Colorado Hero Dog Killed By Mountain Lion Stalking Children

Hero Dog Named ‘Lady’ Dies Protecting Children from Mountain Lion Attack


I grew up in mountain lion territory.  We had all sorts of dangerous critters in Southern Arizona and back when I was a child we had far, far, far fewer humans.  I actually made pets of various dangerous animals when I was only a child.  We had a Gila Monster, for example.  My brother saw it come to the swimming pool for water so he snapped his towel at it, it bit and didn’t let go so we got it into the empty fish tank this way and two years later, the government told us to let him go.


So my father turned over the fish tank and the Gila Monster chased him around the house!  He wanted to stay for the free meals, I guess.  We also had a Bob the Bob Cat.  My cat brought him home when he was a little kit and put him under my bed.  He became my beloved pet kitty until he destroyed my mother’s new living room curtains.  So off to the Desert Museum he went and he entertained school children after that.


I also, when only six years old, got a little Rocky Mountain Spotted Skunk my kitty brought home to me and he went everywhere with me until my parents…gave him to the Desert Museum.


Most people living out West have no idea how to live out there now.




Splitter wrote:

I.S. is a little further west than 15 minutes. This attack probably happened up Soda Creek or off 103, due to the reported response time. There are lions all over the place, here. You’re probably right about the liberal democrat thing, a bunch have been moving into Clear Creek over the last few decades. Yes, I’m 6 miles west of I.S. and am prepared for this scenario.


I used to visit Colorado 60 years ago with my family to run around in the mountains there. Today, guns are being banned all over the place and the family that was attacked by the cougar is not allowed to have guns and shoot attackers. Four legged and even two legged attackers can’t be stopped! Imagine that!!!

People blissfully go about thinking nothing bad will happen while living as close as possible to ‘nature’ and nature is dangerous!  I live in upstate NY and the NYC communists want to disarm all of us.  I use guns to stop BEARS and other dangerous animals from attacking my homestead.  So far, the sheriff has given us a literal license to shoot invading bears.  We have to have this to stop the State from attacking us for defending ourselves from 500 pound bears.  Speaking of guns:


The other day the Attorney General of California who is overtly openly a ‘communist’ has released the names, addresses and phone numbers of all ‘concealed carry’ people who have the right to bear arms still to protect themselves from criminals because of their type of work like transferring money/stocks or lawyers, etc.  All my lawyers carried concealed guns, for example.



Now on to online commentator Jimmy Dore as he tries to explain why so many airlines are cancelling flights.  He imagines it is due to firing pilots who didn’t get vaccinated.  He is 100% wrong.


I know the REAL reason: if a flight isn’t 100% full, the airlines lose money due to overhead costs of fossil fuels.  I know this is the reason they are suddenly being cancelled…because I lived through the 1970’s high fuel costs/energy boycotts by Saudi Arabia and they would cancel flights not 100% full back then and still, some went bankrupt.


Today, some airlines will also go bankrupt, too.  Blaming the cancelled flights on the pilots and crews, namely, the workers, is the executives covering up their plots to force everyone onto overcrowded planes.  Do note all flights are now over 100% booked so a few people are left behind over and over again!


Patriotic Canadian vet James Topp walked across all of Canada to remember Canadian war dead.  ANTIFA attacked him when he arrived in Ottawa because they hate patriotism, overall.



These childish haters were pushing the reporter around and using squeaky toys to prevent people from talking.  Police officers came and the aggressive protesters who hate patriots had to back off.  This is Trudeau’s voter base: insane leftists who hate patriotism.


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7 responses to “Colorado Hero Dog Killed By Mountain Lion Stalking Children

  1. TinaB

    According to the English language which some of you appear to have difficult understanding.

    Global adjective adjective: global
    1. relating to the whole world; worldwide.

    1. a number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number.

    1. the outside part or uppermost layer of something (often used when describing its texture, form, or extent).

    1. the degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object, especially as expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch.

  2. TinaB

    EMS wow you’re really hitting rock bottom now! “Nature is dangerous”? Really? It’s called “balance” you know something humans like you are ignorant of. You know nothing about Nature – they don’t discuss it on FOX news so how could you?

    Go ahead and shoot all the wildfire or cage them like you did in your youth. It’s not enough that we’re destroying their habitat to make way for, yup you guessed it…..HUMANS, is it? You want to shoot them hahahahahahahahaha! FFS! Are you trigger happy or jut a kook?

    “Sustainable human development means living in harmony with nature

    One of the most important aspects of rearticulating human development is to emphasize the need for fairness to nature and other living beings. We cannot be developed unless our lives become reconnected and in balance, cooperation and harmony with nature.

    A good balance between indigenous knowledge and modern science and technology can take us a long way towards this new vision of sustainable human development, says Yanfen Wang.”

  3. TinaB


  4. ”I know the REAL reason: if a flight isn’t 100% full, the airlines lose money due to overhead costs of fossil fuels. ”

    Do note all flights are now over 100% booked so a few people are left behind over and over again!.


    i have a friend who quit his job over the vax , now every industry is having labor problems . msm won’t say cause u know ” safe and effective ”

  5. TinaB

    And EMS why do you keep calling people with darker skin “blacks” – like they’re some other species. They are PEOPLE just like everyone else with varying degrees of skin color. I never hear you say the “WHITES”? WTF?

    It’s creepy!

  6. What, pray tell, do you call us white people? As for ‘I never say ‘whites’ this proves you are STUPID and a LIAR. And you don’t read anything I write. After this, I will eliminate ridiculous junk like this post.

  7. lou

    6–Tina [your ‘fake woman’ as you once posted] has a lot of time on her hands, imo.

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