Russia Slowly Strangles Europe So NATO Demands Russia Removed From Security Council???

Nearly totally ignored by US Bilderberg media is all the many measures Putin is taking to win his war with Ukraine.  When Czechoslovakia broke in two, no one in NATO did a thing and it was peaceful.  When Donbass tried this, the Ukrainian government began bombing and shooting them all.  The EU did nothing.  All of Europe is breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces while the globalists laugh and take over more and more systems via the EU.  Now, the EU is collapsing and citizens there are increasingly angry and protesting EU edicts like ‘kill 30% of all milk producing cows now’ edicts.


Putin is happily forcing all customers to pay in rubles now:


MOSCOW, July 2. /TASS/. Excluding Russia from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is possible only if the entire organization is disbanded and created anew, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said.


The UN didn’t punish the US when we had that totally illegal invasion of Iraq after Saudi terrorists crashed jets into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon.  Note how the NATO nations went to the UN to ‘punish’ Putin only to slit their collective throats.  When the US lied totally and completely about Iraq after 9/11, did the UN kick the US off the Security Council?


Nope!  As always, the imperialists in the US were allowed to say, ‘Whoops, we lied’ and go onwards unpunished.  Iraq is still a seething mess and we broke Iraq and not one war criminal starting with Bush and Cheney are going to prison for this war crime.  If the hysterical Bilderberg gangsters want us to take them seriously, they should surrender to the Nüremberg Tribunal.



Not only does the EU have to now pay Russia in rubles for yet another Russian export item, Putin is underbidding EU and US and others with all of Asia.  Key energy deals are dead!  This is called ‘backfire’ and shows us, Russia is led by an intelligent leader unlike the US which has a brain damaged criminal running things off a cliff.


All the mini-states along the Baltic who left Mother Russia and joined the EU are pledging they will pay for the higher costs for Russian exports via…government debts.  Putin knows this will bankrupt all of these countries.  The EU can’t save them because rampant inflation and loss of manufacturing minerals and energy is shutting down all of EU industrial production now.



Putin is also slitting the throats of British and Japanese investors whose countries decided to cut off all trade relations with Russia.  Since the EU and Japan also decided to steal Russian resources and materials and systems, Russia won’t do business with them ever again.  Unless they surrender, of course.


What did the EU do?



They are going to steal Russia’s gold anyways!  Pure genius, these stupid Bilderberg gangsters forget Mao’s famous words, ‘Power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ and Russia has lots and lots of ‘guns’ and is a global military superpower, not a helpless state.  Germany, for example, has nearly nothing military.  Germany deliberately spend less than 1% of the budget on military stuff for years now and Trump forced them to ‘man-up’ and pay.  Then Biden told them to not bother again.


Meanwhile, in the USA, the leftists and Biden continue to hate the USA and work hard to destroy everything American.  Communists continue to picket the homes of Supreme Court Justices demanding they be killed.  Biden does nothing.  The governors of Virginia and Maryland begged Biden to do something and he did nothing.  Now, they have to declare the Feds inept and do it despite the Feds protecting these communists.



A museum took down the statue of LINCON and the Gettysburg Address speech because a communist complained about it.  This is pure lunacy and treason, actually.  They did this on the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address because the museum is run by communist traitors who decided to slap us all in the face yet again.  They hate patriots with a burning passion which patriots return with super hot anger.



The communists are determined to ‘protect America’ by disarming everyone and then starving/freezing us all to death systematically which all communists do all the time when they have any powers.



All DNC cities are seeing cops flee.  The communists hate the police and want them removed and replaced with party members who will menace businesses and citizens who complain and thus, gain ultimate power to rule brutally.



This foreign female wants our country to collapse and is cheerfully pushing hard for this so she can starve/freeze citizens to death while allowing her ‘people’ to invade.  All DNC actions are based on letting in invaders while killing off citizens.  This is super duper treason and we should arrest ALL the Democrats at this point since all seem OK with this.




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6 responses to “Russia Slowly Strangles Europe So NATO Demands Russia Removed From Security Council???

  1. TinaB

    Hey EMS did you predict the insect apocalypse too? I know the sex lives of other women seems to interest you more but this is really more important.

    “In 1963, two years before I was born, Rachel Carson warned us in her book Silent Spring that we were doing terrible damage to our planet.

    She would weep to see how much worse it has become. Insect-rich wildlife habitats, such as hay meadows, marshes, heathland and tropical rainforests, have been bulldozed, burned or ploughed to destruction on a vast scale. The problems with pesticides and fertilisers, she highlighted, have become far more acute, with an estimated 3m tonnes of pesticides now going into the global environment every year.

    Some of these new pesticides are thousands of times more toxic to insects than any that existed in Carson’s day. Soils have been degraded, rivers choked with silt and polluted with chemicals.

    Climate change, a phenomenon unrecognised in her time, is now threatening to further ravage our planet. These changes have all happened in our lifetime, on our watch, and they continue to accelerate.”

  2. TinaB

    Can insect go extinct?
    But, both the number and diversity of insects are declining around the globe due to habitat loss, pollution and climate change.

    Without widespread action, many of these important creatures face extinction within the next few decades. By making a few small changes in your life, you can help curb this worldwide problem.Apr 5, 2022

  3. now bloomberg is predicting 350 $ oil 2023 , earlier Armstrong said 250 $/ 2023 . makes sense , people are still driving even at 10/gal here in bc . 250 oil should shut things down so tinabees can bee happy

  4. @2 a friend was talking about this , i agreed saying i’ve seen fewer here in a place i’ve lived too long. But i blame local urbanization , case in point ‘mourning cloak’ butterflies , few here but still lots in the local wilds , sure enough out on a hike and there they were.

  5. The leftist hysterics like tiny Tina think we are impressed with their demands. We are disgusted because NONE of them are eliminating themselves. They still burn fossil fuels, eat food, exhale CO2 and destroy ‘nature’. So we can either ignore these fools or demand they stop living so ‘Nature’ can survive.

  6. lou

    5–but after shopping they carry cloth bags of supplies to their SUVs.

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