EU Economic Collapse, Beg Putin For More Oil/Gas, Putin Says, Stop Fighting


Britain is also an energy export nation.  They have deals with the EU to give them ‘excess’ gas from the North Sea gas extraction systems in winter.  But the Brits might turn off gas to Europe this winter if supplies run out.  This has everyone in a tizzy, of course.  Russia is turning off the gas/oil pipelines because the EU demanded they do this.  Now, the EU wants Russia to turn it all back on again while at the same time the EU sends more weapons and bombs to Ukraine.  Ukraine started this war against Russia ten years ago.  Now it is Russia striking back.  All of Europe will pay for this stupid Bilderberg gang war.  Russia will win.  Meanwhile, the EU populace must get used to freezing/starving to death.


Note how US headlines blames Russia for the war NATO imposed on him:


Putin Is Pushing Germany’s Economy to the Breaking Point & More Finance News


The latest figures show that it would take 115 days to reach the government’s target of filling gas reserves to 90% capacity by November. That time frame assumes flows remain at the current level, which is unlikely given the Kremlin’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Europe in retaliation for sanctions imposed over Russia’s war in Ukraine.


This comment sums it up pretty well:


If Biden is out of touch with billionaires, imagine how the average American worker feels…” Well said


The billionaires are getting scared.  Their wealth will evaporate at this rate.  They have to do something, fast.  I would suggest they all call a man called ‘Trump’ and have a chat with him.  Apologizing on their knees would start the conversation.  But these evil clowns are used to barking orders.  They can’t do that with Biden because Biden won’t remember their orders once they leave the room.


Yesterday, brain damaged Biden gave his 4th of July speech:


He is in the end stage of Alzheimer’s disease.  Note how the two younger ‘females/women’ (they really can’t tell what sex they are anymore) stand there looking into space as if nothing is happening.  All people covering up or pretending he isn’t insane are…insane, too.  This is why Pelosi and Schumer as well as Kamala should be removed, too.  And Pelosi is going senile, too.  Another comment:


After doing everything he could to get Biden in office, Bezos has buyer’s remorse. Could Bezos’ newspaper be next?


This refers to the utterly useless ‘news’ paper that has no real news, the Washington Post.  I looked up the story of Biden’s 4th of July mumbles and this is what the WP reported:


“We are emerging from the darkness of . . . a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain, fear and heartbreaking loss,” Biden said during a 15-minute speech to a jubilant crowd at the White House. Silent streets have become filled, he said, and empty stadiums are now full.


The above video has zero noise from this crowd.  Now comes the outright lies the WP spews daily:

Biden chose his words carefully — notably stopping just short of declaring full independence from the virus and instead saying, “We are closer than ever” to doing so. His comments were more cautious and nuanced than the language some White House officials had used in recent days when discussing the symbolic value of the moment.


Here is definitely the word that defines our government under DNC rule:



This holiday weekend, Biden set out to present himself as an avatar of a nation that is once again open for business and leisure — and to take credit for a moment where lockdowns and masks have largely been replaced by ballgames and family barbecues.


The bumbler in chief took credit from Trump who pushed for the vaccinations.  Mother Nature did the most here.  As virus epidemics spread, they have a normal path that lasts from two to three years as it gets milder and milder.


Steeped in Americana, Biden’s two-day sprint to a battleground state and back reflected some urgent political imperatives at an inflection point for his presidency — to put his stamp on the return to a more normal state and bring some measure of unity to a deeply divided nation on its 245th birthday.


His voters celebrated the 4th of July:



His communist handlers dragged Biden all over the place.  The man is falling apart, rapidly now.  His ‘stamp’ on it all was to show everyone everywhere that he is now literally dying and his brain is mostly dead.  Putin can barely control his glee, watching Biden self-destruct.  He reads the Washington Post to see how delusional our government is and is probably very amused.


I have to go to Russian news to learn what is going on in Europe and the world since our news media is as deranged as Biden:



The EU truckers have to read RT news.  This way, they will know they have to demand an end to the Ukraine war:


The EU and the US started this war a decade ago.  They backed a coup against the President of the Ukraine and put in a CIA puppet.  This puppet immediately began a war against Russian speaking populations in Eastern Ukraine.  The scam here was, the CIA hoped to take over the sea port Russia has on the Black Sea and thus, block Russia from the Mediterranean Sea!


This is blowing up in the face of NATO which is the ultimate cause of all this mess.  Naturally, they want to blame Russia for this mess they created.


Anyone protesting NATO messes are punished.  Like Canada’s dictator, these truckers will arrest and the EU Bilderberg gang leaders will abuse all the truckers who protest.  And then they will do nothing to fix things.  This is where the revolution starts.  Hammer the working stiffs and they will hammer back.  Meanwhile, the people hammering the Bilderberg gang are their sexually confused followers:



Confused communist kiddies are pandered to and protected so they can riot, protest, burn buildings and and run riot all the time so they are very bold indeed.  And schools are collapsing because communists are mentally ill and or criminals and children fed into these schools are indoctrinated by these lunatics and become socially anxious and violent.


RT News is still on Rumble.  Germans protest NATO activities against Russia isn’t big news in the US but is in Russia:



Birth control demonstrations and riots and vandalism by crazed leftists who don’t want to have babies continues to roil.  France has much stricter limits on abortions than liberal states in the USA:



Why are they doing this?  They can’t get abortions all the way to time of birth!  The French laws are very strict!  This is insanity.  I am very old.  I remember the 1960’s quit vividly.  Birth control pills came into circulation and so women said, there is no danger of getting pregnant while having wild sex so wild sex ran wild.


But many did NOT take the pills.  So many had babies.  This led to many wanting abortions because many couldn’t figure out how to use birth control pills.  Since welfare expanded so women didn’t need fathers anymore, divorce and no marriage became normal.  Now, most children have no fathers.  This leads to social chaos.  The left loves this chaos and hates families so they want social messes, instead.


Good luck with that!


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16 responses to “EU Economic Collapse, Beg Putin For More Oil/Gas, Putin Says, Stop Fighting

  1. Pete

    Putin plays chess.

  2. Pete


    Bette Midler gets dragged!
    As transphobic lol

  3. Pete

    Climate change madness!

  4. Jim R

    The ‘west’ has committed industrial suicide by canceling oil and gas projects, closing pipelines, shutting down ammonia plants, and so forth.

    And of course, they are all blaming it on Putin — but I blame Biden. . .

    Will people come to their senses in time?

  5. qbutnoa

    Electricity prices in Europe quadruple due to Russian gas supply cuts.

  6. Order out of chaos.

    Look, Putin knows what he is doing. He reads history and and probably has read War and Peace more than once. I read it every decade or so. The book is very fascinating, The ‘slow’ parts where Tolstoy talks about how history operates and how military systems intersect with societal restraints and problems, it is very much a ‘must read’ book.

    The companion book is of course, 1984 which I read exactly once. It is way too depressing but still is important. The left reads that book a lot and think Big Brother is the hero.

  7. lou

    The crops failed in Ceylon because — to meet Climate Mandates and qualify for some of the $100 billion in the Climate Change shakedown schwag from the West — the govt. banned the use of nitrogen based fertilizer.

    Ceylon went el natural’, now they’re starving.

    However, I did see an article in Bloomberg blaming Ceylon’s collapse on the warming planet, and racism.

  8. Yes, no more fertilizer. Much of that mineral used is from…RUSSIA. Good lord, I am not joking about ‘starve/freeze’ to death plans.

  9. lou

    report from ‘powerhouse’ Germany

    reporting from Berlin:
    grocery shelves are 25% emptier than usual.
    several products that we buy on each trip are no longer stocked.
    Prices are up about 20% YOY.

  10. lou

    13–I know you are not joking..see

    AGENDA 21
    Georgia Guidestones

  11. lou

    Con gress trying to pass a Carbon Border Adjustment Tax.

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