NYT and WP Both Cling To Dying ‘Trump Revolt’ Story As Country Reels Under Alien Invaders, Collapse of Law And Order

With childish glee, the savages at the New York Times top headlines for nearly a year is about Trump and January 6.  No stories about citizens languishing in prisons, never allowed bail while violent criminals in NY City are released instantly even after physically trying to kill police officers.  This insane world of violent NYC criminals nearly never makes front page news in the NY Times world!  We are much more likely to see violent riot/attacks on police news…in England via the Daily Mail!  The NY Post also features real news, too and is now more popular than the NY Times in New York.


Here is one of the NY Post covers from this last week:



The newspaper is very pro-Ukraine war, too.  The NY Times approves of releasing violent attackers so this isn’t ‘news’ for them when these events happen.  The NY Times is also pro-Ukraine war, too but figures news about this is a dead issue so they basically put it on back pages not front pages like the NY Post.  The communists at the Washington Post mirror the NY Times:



Nothing about the war in Ukraine which the Washington Post also supports.  Here is the third ‘big news’ at the Washington Post’s front page news, I am not joking:


I have to go to Russian news to learn what is going on in Europe!  I looked all over the front page of the Washington Post and not even one peep about Ukraine at all!!!  This is very astonishing.  Ditto, the NY Times.  Both Bilderberg papers think that there is nothing that is newsworthy in Ukraine at all.



Big story at the Washington Post: Texas is shipping all the illegal aliens to DC!  HOW DARE THEY!  The WP is furious. This is…unAmerican.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/07/26/migrant-buses-washington-dc-bowser/


Here is the announcement by Gov. Abbott:


Here is the Washington Post whining about Texas doing something sane unlike the Democrats in DC and NYC:


Since April, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, both Republicans, have bused more than 5,000 undocumented immigrants to the nation’s capital to score political points against the Biden administration’s immigration policies. The governors have bragged that giving Washington a taste of the problems border communities confront would unnerve “big city East Coast mayors.” But far from being overwhelmed, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) has largely sat on her hands, arguing that the migrants are a federal issue. That inaction further victimizes vulnerable people and fuels the success of Mr. Abbott and Mr. Ducey’s political stunt. It’s time for Ms. Bowser to provide more concrete leadership.


The illegal aliens are a Federal issue!  The Feds won’t deport these invaders.  Instead, the Democrats unite in wanting aliens because these will vote for free money for the invaders!  DUH.  Arrest everyone!


For months, the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network — volunteers working for free outside of their day jobs — and a shifting patchwork of nonprofits have supported arriving migrants on their own initiative. But in recent weeks, The Post’s Vanessa G. Sánchez reported, the number of buses has increased, exhausting the ability of the mutual aid network and nonprofits to support the arrivals.


Easy solution: CLOSE THE BORDER.  The WP won’t say that, of course.


Mr. Abbott has said he is busing migrants to D.C. because he wants “to take the border to Joe Biden.” Mr. Abbott and Mr. Ducey hope to cause trouble, to make it seem as though migrants inevitably lead to chaos and thus compel the federal government to pass more draconian border policies. The District government’s inaction, and local aid groups being overwhelmed as a result, threatens to create a narrative of crisis that plays into the hand of the Republican governors. But it doesn’t have to be like this: By implementing humane and effective programs, D.C. could model immigration solutions. The city should waste no time in acting.


DUH, the government has to stop these invaders, not help them!  This is so obvious, so utterly insane how the DNC and the Bilderberg gang insist on letting anyone invade our country.  It gets worse:  https://nworeport.me/2022/07/26/wef-calls-for-end-to-private-car-ownership/


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling for an end to private car ownership. A recently published paper calls for an end to “wasteful” private vehicle ownership in favor of public transportation and communal cars.


The elites openly said, ‘you will  no longer own anything’ and this will be because THEY will own ‘everything.’  They are utterly serious about this.  They want a New Soviet State and only Russia will have a capitalist system?  Wow.  Incredible, no wonder they hate Putin.


Here is why the Washington Post and New York Times are not doing important news stories:  https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/news/releases/breaking-supreme-court-hands-texas-another-win-biden-another-loss-border-security


Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court handed Texas another victory in denying the Biden Administration’s request to stay a lower court’s vacatur of an unlawful Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo. As a result, the Administration must continue to follow the law while it awaits further legal proceedings.


The Supreme Court is once again, functional.  This irritates the Bilderberg gang no end. They openly push for someone to assassinate some of the judges.  Their irritation is immense!


This case arises out of a federal district court’s vacatur of a DHS immigration enforcement priorities memo. The judge concluded that memo is contrary to law, arbitrary and capricious, and procedurally unlawful for failing to go through notice-and-comment procedures. The core of the case is about certain immigration statutes, which say that DHS “shall” detain aliens with certain criminal convictions and those with final orders of removal. Rather than abide by these statutes, DHS chose to follow their own contrary directives, which don’t require detention of those aliens.


This is part of the overall ‘catch and release’ program of the communist party.  The DNC is now the communist party, far leftists and illegal aliens vote for this party and now run it off the cliff.


After Texas won in federal district court, the Biden Administration sought a stay in the Court of Appeals, which was denied. The Administration then went to the Supreme Court, which denied their request and set oral argument on the merits for December 2022.


On top of this, the child molesters are being chased out of libraries where they have been going for a while now to read (sic) to little children:




This was in England.  All NATO countries are supposed to be hosting these sex for children schemes.


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6 responses to “NYT and WP Both Cling To Dying ‘Trump Revolt’ Story As Country Reels Under Alien Invaders, Collapse of Law And Order

  1. Pete



    Three giant corporations,Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto bought seventeen million hectares of Ukraine agricultural land.That’s sixty percent (60%) of the total agricultural land in Ukraine!

    Gates bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto.
    This is about GMO’s and US corporate greed.
    Putin against GMO seeds.



  2. Jim R


    They’ll have to arbitrate their ownership of all those millions of hectares with a Russian court. European courts will probably be closed for winter.

  3. Pete


    Closed for winter 🙂

  4. Zeek

    All nonsensical blabbering.

    Posing as wit and insight.

  5. The elites are buying farmland everywhere so they can control the food supply. None of these people figured out what happened back in the 1770’s. ‘Let them eat worms’ is the new chatter from these lunatic leaders.

  6. lou

    5–why do you think J Bezos bought Whole Paycheck?

    Monsanto was started by Marranos, if I recall. Italian jews.

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