More And More Uprisings Against Bilderberg Gang, US Democrats Stupidly Increase Inflation, Hike Taxes


Alarmed Dutch people rise up against the Bilderberg gang globalists who are now imposing ‘starve/freeze’ everyone else.  They are finally figuring out what I have been yelling about for years: the Bilderberg gang plan is to literally kill off at least one third of all people in first class countries like the entire EU and USA as well as Canada, etc. Japan is already eliminating most of the youngest generation and will soon be very empty 50 years from now.


Here is a typical leftist fat pig who lives in palaces and flies private planes, etc.  Al Gore has decided this is time to tell everyone, they are going to be starved/freeze to death to ‘save the earth’:



None of these leftists practice what they preach. It is universal: the best fed/housed rulers on earth are all communists.  The elites live like kings and queens and the populous starves and freezes.  Under communism, the plebes share all the misery and the elites hog all the goodies. This happens literally every time leftists go fully left.  Halfway leftists moderate this a tad.  But do note the leftists in DC all live in palaces and have private planes and fancy cars, multiple homes, they live high off the hog while their voter base lives in hideous, violent slums.


The leftists tell us, they will tax us out of inflation.  So, the plan now is to spend money like crazy but at the same time, tax everyone heavily.  This way, everyone has rampant inflation devaluing their money AND they will see taxes go up.  This will cause a violent revolt, I assure everyone.

Joe Manchin Suddenly Supports the $800 Billion Green New Deal Spending Spree — Funded by New Tax Hikes As Inflation Hits 40-Year Highs


Yes, in the teeth of obvious too much money printing, the Democrats double down and print more money claiming, this will fix the economy which is collapsing due to too much DC spending!  This insanity will continue until it costs 1,000,000 to buy a postage stamp.  These lunatics even call this openly ‘a STIMULUS bill.’  What, pray tell, is ‘stimulated’?


Why, inflation, of course.  When there is rampant inflation caused by governments printing money, printing more money doesn’t fix inflation.  The reverse has to happen.  This is yet more proof that the communists in the DNC are out to destroy our country.  Worse, these gangsters are raising taxes while destroying the value of money.


Of course, they call their plan the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” — a total lie.


This is classic ‘doublespeak’.  Doing inflationary things while claiming, this isn’t inflation is classic.  I am old enough to remember when the Democrats did this 50 years ago.

REPORT: 83% Of Americans Concerned About Election Integrity In Midterm Elections, 75% Concerned About CHEATING – Majority Also Believe The 2020 Election Was STOLEN


It was very obvious to me that the election was fake.  Nonvoters like illegal aliens and criminals and dead people voted heavily for Democrats.  This is why everything the DNC does is increasingly very unpopular and now, people are demanding Biden and Harris resign.  Meanwhile, the super rich Democrats who buy fancy mansions right next to the ocean, are screaming about global warming and how we should condemn…segregation!  HAHAHA.



No black politician actually lives in their districts.  They have a legal home there but park their carcasses in the finest white neighborhoods.  This has been true all my long life.  Radical leftists who have few or no children took over the schools in all DNC neighborhoods and teach garbage to children:



Radical leftists and communists who run liberal schools secretly push the strangest and most destructive ideological propaganda regimes on small children.  When they are revealed to the general public, they delete everything as the school authorities in Portland, OR did yesterday when news about their ‘queer classes’ was revealed to furious parents.



They also teach communist ideology.  All the top universities in the US have been taken over by outright communists who push their ideology on students.  Intelligent students who dare to argue with these fake professors are punished openly.  Professors can be radical lunatics.  I clearly remember the music department at the University of Arizona way back in 1972.


I went to war against ‘atonal music’.  This was created by Schoenberg, a crazy German who wrote beautiful music before WWI and after WWI, he went mad and created music that was anti-music.  Atonal music is hideous to the ears and gives a person a headache.  So of course, schools loved it because it pissed off parents.  By 1972, it ruled the roost at all universities.


I hate atonal ‘music.’  The screams of hyenas while ripping apart an elephant are more melodic than that crap!  So I began arguing about this in class.  The professors were horrified.  Finally, when a professor had the premier of his pet atonal piece, I stood up in the audience and yelled, ‘That was the most PAINFUL, awful thing I ever heard in my life!’


Oh my, the horror, the chaos.  I then backed a young composer and persuaded him to write a real opera with real music.  He did this and the professors said it was ‘good’ but not ‘interesting’.  I blew up and chewed them out.  ‘Are you DEAF?’ I said undiplomatically.


So…in the end I went to NYC and tormented museums and the ballet and opera operations there, pushing for no more ‘modernism’ which is code for ‘insanity’.  Every time the police were called, they would laugh and agree with me!  I called this ‘the Emperor’s New Clothes’ in that I would say loudly what everyone was thinking privately.


By the way, the Joffery Ballet people loved me.


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30 responses to “More And More Uprisings Against Bilderberg Gang, US Democrats Stupidly Increase Inflation, Hike Taxes

  1. TinaB

    “Several days of unusually warm weather in northern Greenland have triggered rapid melting, made visible by the rivers of meltwater rushing into the ocean.”

    ““As an arctic country, Finland is particularly concerned about the fast-warming Arctic region. Everyone else should be concerned too: if we lose the Arctic, we lose the globe. In the Arctic, reducing black carbon and methane emissions is essential,” Niinistö said.”

    Once we have a BOE it is GAME OVER!

  2. TinaB

    Comments – NOT from scientists just people with EYES!

    “The temp in Tulsa was 107 today. It’s been like this for a month, and the weatherman says it’ll be like this for another month. I know weather isn’t climate, however, I’ve lived 60 years on the same property I was born on, and I’ve seen the changes. My pond never freezes in Winter any more, and my pine trees are dying. It may already be too late.”

    “As a kid in Kansas in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I remember leaving the house and riding our bikes for miles in the summer. We wouldn’t go home until dark. The hottest days were in the low 90’s. Rarely did it hit over 100. Now, from Late June to Early August, ALL of the highs are in the triple digits. My grandkids can’t stay out more than an hour before they’re nearly cooked. I don’t need to be kicked by a mule to know not to stand behind one and slap it’s @ss! Climate change is real. And it’s accelerating.”

    “What’s scary about the arctic is the ‘latent heat of fusion of ice’, which is just that right now, all the heat goes into melting the ice so we don’t feel it. Once it is gone, the world will lose its AC. And without a substantial gradient between the poles and equator, global circulatory flows like the jet stream slow down messing up seasonal temperate weather in fundamental ways.”

  3. Kerry

    Joffrey Ballet was once the affordable company in NYC. I saw them perform a lot as child because my family could afford their performance tickets. NYCB I only saw during the holiday because my Grandmother’s company had box seats and would sell the tickets the executives didn’t use.

    Joffrey was starved out of NYC, they are now in Chicago. I don’t know if they are doing well there, I hardly ever hear from them anymore.

    The controllers are now in the process of killing American Ballet Theater. They use it as an effigy for the country.

  4. TinaB

    Almost 3,600 comments and 95% GET IT! But not here on planet ems! Ignorance is BLISS!

    “Worse is bacteria thawing out and posing a biological threat.”

    “I’m in the UK in my 60’s. When I was a child, every winter, there’d be several weeks of snow. Summers were about 22C, anything over 25 was very hot, and 30C unheard of. Now there is a generation of children in large parts of the UK who’ve never seen snow last more than a couple or three days. Some winters, there’s almost no snow at all. Summer temperatures up near 30C are getting common. The short heatwave we’ve just had , with temperatures reaching 40C in some places, is something I’d never have imagined was possible, in the Uk, as a young adult.

    The frustrating things is that I was in my 20’s when I first heard that scientists were getting concerned about the potential for rapid, human-induced climate change. And what did our politicians have to say about it? If you imagine they said “Heck, we’d best take some serious action to cut our production of greenhouse gases” you’re wrong. Instead we had some idiot (I forget who) saying that it’d be nice for it to be a few degrees warmer hear. Absolutely no understanding of the realities, nor any interest in educating himself in the matter. Wilful ignorance, pure and simple, because doing somethng about it probably wouldnt get him any votes. We very much need an end to short-termism in politics, and fr government to focus on the well-being of the populace first and foremost, and businesses a distant second, rather than the other way around.. IMHO.”

    “One of the complications from this melting is that organic material under this ice becomes exposed, releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.”

  5. TinaB

    “The more CO2 in the air, the worse the air pollution is, the hotter the weather gets, the more the glaciers melt, the faster and higher the ocean levels rise, the more people that are displaced, the higher housing prices get. But how about when the ocean starts flooding farmland? Oh, here is the fun part! The more farmland is flooded, the less food is available, the more people go hungry, the more people get desparate, the more people that are willing to break the law, oops, complete social breakdown. Enter, MADMAX WORLD!

    Yeah, this shit isn’t conjecture. This shit isn’t fake news. This planet is about to be completely fucked because less than a hundred assholes worldwide can’t think of anything but filling their pockets with as much money as possible. And yes, it is literally less than 100 people worldwide stopping the world from taking the climate crisis seriously.”

    “For those who fail to grasp the significance, the increase is sea level rise is irreversible. The only way the sea level would decrease is a countervailing event of similar magnitude– like an ice age. Nuclear Winter, anyone?”

    “All this, and we are in the 3rd year of La Niña Southern Oscillation conditions, meaning cooler ocean temps.
    This is (I believe) only the 4th time La Niña has lasted this long.
    When the oscillation reverses (probably next year) we will enter the El Niño Southern Oscillation, meaning warmer oceans.
    Enjoy the weather this year, it’s probably the coolest it will be for the rest of your life.”

    “Not only will the Greenland ice melt cause sea level rise, the fresh water pouring into the North Atlantic will cause the Gulf Stream to stagnate (fresh water is less dense than salt water, causing the salt water presently at the surface to sink). This means the AMOC (the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current) will be interrupted, leaving the entirety of Northern Europe without the warm climate effects coming from the Gulf Stream, leading to more frigid winters and drier conditions. 40º Celsius (104º F) is nothing—wait until Great Britain is experiencing 50º (122º F). This could also ultimately interrupt the entire global conveyor belt of oceanic currents, leading to who knows what disastrous results in other places.
    Regeneration by Paul Hawken.”

  6. TinaB

    Air conditioning breaks down at Cape Breton hospital during heat wave

    “A recent heat wave and broken air conditioning have made his five-day-per-week treatments nearly intolerable.

    “I’m sitting here, basically now on dialysis, lying on a chair, soaking, wringing wet,” Hawley said in a phone interview from the hospital on Tuesday. “It’s like … I dunno, it’s not comfortable.

    “If you’re up on a third-floor attic, up in the eaves, and it’s really unbearably hot and humid, that’s what it feels like.”

    Air conditioners at the regional hospital have been struggling with the high temperatures lately.”

  7. TinaB

    Upwards of 110 F anyone? Party on! Nothing to see here – just business as usual! JFC! Humans are so stupid!

    “Some major cities in the Pacific Northwest have broken heat records with triple digit temperatures, triggering concern in areas where air conditioning is hard to come by.

    Portland hit a record 102 degrees yesterday and Seattle also hit a record 94 degrees. By the end of the week, some parts of Washington and Oregon could reach upwards of 110 degrees.”

  8. TinaB

    China has reported above normal heat since June amid global heatwaves that meteorologists say are linked to human-induced climate change. State media reported the current heatwave was expected to be worse than one earlier this month. More than a dozen local temperature records were broken on Sunday alone. Xinjiang’s heatwaves have been particularly long and widespread, Chen Chunyan, the chief expert at the Xinjiang meteorological observatory, told state media.

    “Continued high temperature has accelerated glacial melting in mountainous areas and caused natural disasters such as flash floods, mudslides and landslides in many places,” Chen said.

  9. TinaB

    How Military Jet Fuel Leaked Into Hawaii’s Drinking Water


  10. Pete


    Great article with charts. Thanks

  11. Floridasandy

    Nobody reads Tina B, so she tries to hijack comments section

    Get your own forum, lady, if you can

  12. Timothy Carroll

    @Floridasandy-TinaB is a retarded sociopath. As Elaine has said, she cannot read, cannot comprehend, and is a nuisance to this blog. Screaming Karens are not on anyone’s “must read” blogs, so no, she cannot and will not get her own forum….unless you enjoy reading the rantings of a raving retard.

  13. TinaB

    With scorching high heat, many longstanding B.C. heat records were broken on Wednesday:

    In the Vancouver area, a new record of 30.4 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 29.9 C set in 1998.
    In the Bella Bella area temperatures tied the record of 29.6 C set in 2009.
    In the Cache Creek area, a new record of 40.8 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 39.5 C set in 1998.
    In the Clinton area, a new record of 34.1 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 32.9 C set in 2009.
    In the Dawson Creek area, a new record of 32.2 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 30.5 C set in 2009.
    In the Fort St. John area, a new record of 31.7 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 30 C set in 1935.
    In Lytton, a new record of 42 C was recorded, breaking the previous record of 40 C set in 1939.
    In the Mackenzie area, a new record of 33.3 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 32.5 set in 2009.
    In the Nelson area, a new record of 38 C was recorded, breaking the previous record of 37.8 C set in 1944.
    In the Puntzi Mountain area, a new record of 34.9 C was recorded, breaking the old record of 34.3 C set in 2009.

  14. TinaB

    Collapse, Not Apocalypse
    “It’s quite simple: None of us is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to avert collapse. We have shown that to be true in our elections and our buying decisions as much as through the corporate behaviours we tolerate. We’re not “to blame” for that. This is our well-intentioned nature, and the expression of that nature is now colliding with the longer-term interests of our planet and all its residents. This does not make us evil; it makes us human.

    The word apocalypse in Chris’ title is, tellingly, a religious one, referring to the revelation of a divinely-invoked cataclysm followed inevitably by the permanent triumph of good over evil. The religious, it seems, can never give up their crutch of hope, their belief that, no matter how we sin, we are a species of destiny.

    In the real world, nature doesn’t give a fuck about our species, and whether it survives or perishes, thrives or suffers. No other species would lament our disappearance from the planet, which may or may not happen soon.

    There is no apocalypse, and there has never been one. Just plain ordinary garden-variety collapse, which happens from time to time, when things get too far out of balance.

    Nothing to be done about that, and no one to blame.”

    AMEN! Spot on analysis! See ems – no boogeymen or communists, just plain ol’ Mother Nature wanting her balance back.

  15. Zeek

    The term “apocalypse” has been hijacked and distorted by Spielberg’s movie.
    Originally an exegesis.

  16. Zeke

    Different than ‘Armageddon’.

    The two are conflated wrongly.

  17. Timothy Carroll

    #17-19- Dumb….and DUMBER!

  18. The greenies posting here are without original thought. Not one of them is a “scientist”, I promise you. They are only repeating what they heard from someone else and are incapable of real world analysis themselves. Keep up the thought provoking good work Elaine!

  19. Zeke

    # 20 dumbEST

  20. Pete

    Food Crisis Coming

  21. qbutnoa

    Children with mental health issues were ‘overshadowed’ in favour of gender identity issues.

  22. Pete

    Farmers are serious Yikes

  23. THE most important info of the moment ,

  24. I notice Tina is boasting about how SHE is roasting everyone to death. She continues to exhale, she uses many things that exist thanks to oil/gas. She eats food made by using fertilizer and loves to have cow’s milk products. She is using oil like a fiend while screaming about this and…she refuses to die in the name of her cause, fix global warming via eliminating herself.

    I am shocked she won’t follow her own rules and eliminate herself. This is, I would suggest, criminal. This refusal to save all humanity and the earth by eliminating her CO2 is primary to the global warming movement.

  25. lou

    28–Do you enjoy Tinas drama?

    exhibit A on Bidens anti whiteness

    Biden’s Cybersecurity Czar Says ‘Systemic Racism’ Is Major Threat to US Security – Geller Report

    B via MSN

    Kenly, North Carolina The entire police force has resigned, along with 2 clerks, due to the “hostile environment” , after a new anti white black female Police chief was installed last month.

  26. lou

    12–that is funny in a way. The industrial powerhouse of Europe says no hot water.

    Elaine, can you recommend the hot water mini systems that are solar. I forget its name. not solar panels. copper tubes?

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