EU Propaganda: Russia Is Losing Ukraine War…But Reality: EU Is Losing War Totally


The NATO war in Ukraine makes near zero news here in the US lately.  After lots of hysteria and flag waving, people’s interest is flagging as inflation bites harder and harder.  Europe is being destroyed not only by inflation but loss of many things Russia exports to Europe.  This is slitting Europe’s economic throat and is very successful.  So of course, the EU leaders decided to pretend RUSSIA is falling apart, not the EU.


News about what is really going on is hard to find in NATO countries.  The very first thing all the NATO countries did was block or forbid Russian news.  This means they can lie about everything unashamed.  During all wars, countries do this so they can do horrible things and no one is the wiser.


I used to publish ‘real news’ during the Vietnam War.  Where did a teenager find the information I published?


Why, via Radio Bulgaria!  I had a shortwave radio and it was marvelous.  Bulgaria, for some reason, also gave us real news about Russia in a very sly way so it was very amusing to listen to that radio service.  All countries lie about wars and it is a good thing to see all the ‘news’ so one can figure out what is really going on, if you can think clearly and carefully and read a lot of history so you can have an idea how wars operate.


All the Bilderberg gang leaders are blaming Russia for EU and US economic problems that are really caused by stupid actions taken by both to deal with, for example, the coronavirus and the collapse of NATO powers due to losing all their wars over time.


Wars against Muslims are a gigantic failure and the invasion of Europe by Muslims is ignored by Bilderberg leaders and is becoming a huge problem as Europe descends into religious/ethnic warfare everywhere.


This reminds me that the Ukraine war is an ethno/nationalist war, too.  Gee whiz!  Will wonders never cease?  All of Europe faces these wars due to stubborn populations of a various ethnic/religious groups who feel like they are being destroyed by invaders who are not their belief/social systems!  Europe is NOT ‘united’ at all.



Everything is going bankrupt in Europe now.  A Great Depression is looming there.  No food, no fuel, no minerals for manufacturing: Europe is DOOMED.  Utterly and totally doomed. This includes England which is no longer a manufacturing or mining or fishing power thanks to the EU.


Some EU leaders can now see the obvious and are increasingly terrified about what will happen next.  Austria knows what will happen next! Even though nearly no one alive remembers what happens in these cases, history books tell the Austrians where Hitler came from and why he gained powers: GERMANY.



The US Daily News version has zero stories on the front page about the mess in Europe.  Germany is the #1 manufacturing power in Europe and this is in full collapse now.  Not just due to energy restrictions, it is due to lack of materials used to manufacture stuff to sell!  And if they can restart, the problem is, no one will have money to buy these things due to high food/fuel costs!



The insipid, stupid Bilderberg conspirators continue to lie to the EU populations about what will happen next.  Yes, Europe can get energy products…AT HIGH COST and low delivery security.  The easy energy from Russia which was CHEAP is gone.  All other things are going due to this.


Worse, China and India and others who export stuff will get this from Russia!  Good lord, does anyone in the Bilderberg gang have any brains at all?  Can’t they understand basic economic rules, basic trade history???


HAHAHA.  Nope.


UEFA announced on Thursday that it is looking into “alleged misbehavior” of supporters of the Istanbul club after they chanted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name during a 2-1 defeat to Dynamo in a Champions League qualifying tie at their Ulker Stadium on Wednesday evening.


The chant was pro-Putin.


Reacting to the news, Russian politician Svishchev suggested to Match TV that people in the stadium “were just expressing their emotions, perhaps towards their idol.”


“In addition [to this], no one insulted anyone, unlike the match at the European Futsal Championship, where Ukrainian fans allowed themselves [to make] obscene expressions,” Svishchev added.


Yes, Ukraine is allowed to anything and everything and this is totally excused by NATO leaders.  Anyone else has to be punished.  This is stupid but then, NATO leaders are clueless idiots.



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18 responses to “EU Propaganda: Russia Is Losing Ukraine War…But Reality: EU Is Losing War Totally

  1. Timothy Carroll

    I fear for the jews who, while behind much of this mess, always are the scapegoats whenever we see a real SHTF scenario. Holocaust 2.0?

  2. lou

    1–they beat you as they cry out in pain???

  3. TinaB

    Unlike you ems I don’t “boast” nor am I prideful. Unlike you I don’t rest my laurels. Frankly, I don’t need the scientist’s data as being an organic vegetable/fruit gardener for the past 12+ years, I can see for myself.

    It really doesn’t take a rocket scientists to see and understand the predicament we find ourselves in as pointed out by ALL of your commenters DAILY.

    The ecological destruction and population overshoot is enough to destroy us – climate change or not. There simply is NO WAY to grow enough food and “artificially climatize the environment” for 8 billion without cheap fossil fuels.

    I guess what you want to debate is how we got here and who is to blame and at this point it really is moot.

    Amor Fati

  4. TinaB

    “The bit at approx 103:40 where he talks about how people might call him an alarmist. I can relate to that so much. So many people have called me that and said that I overreact.

    Then, time and time again I have to come back to them and say “as much as I wish it wasn’t true, I told you so.” We are not alarmists. We are simply alarmed. Because alarming shit is happening. If people want to stick their heads in the sand then they won’t be of much help to us. Anyway, great film! Very eloquent and entertaining! Capitalism = devolution”

    “2021 and things are worse than ever, getting worse by the day. Prices are higher in the evening than they were in the morning. Our entire media is controlled by just five mega corporations feed ing us Government propaganda, distraction, and corporate marketing.

    Our ruling elite have strategically and willfully divided us with racism and class, while taking away liberties and privacy. They break the law, lying, stealing, raping, polluting, murdering, fraud etc. and none are punished. Minimum wage hasn’t changed in 23 years. Forever chemicals have made the planet uninhabitable. Banks are loaning money at negative interest…We’re fucked, can’t eat money.”

  5. Pete

    Can Saudi Arabia afford this?
    Oil biz must be good lol

  6. TinaB

    Oh dear! And just like that – under the bus he goes! He’s finished and he did this all on his own. Let’s change his “I alone can fix it” to “I alone can fuck it up”! All that support he HAD and he blew it because he’s too stupid and prideful. Bye, bye donnie and not a moment too soon!

    Son who lost father on 9/11 says Republicans are turning on Trump over golf event.

    The young smart guys at Meidas Touch (love Texas Paul) are hitting donnie and his cult members HARD! Just like he hit his opponents hard and thought he was the master – haha well it’s coming back at him in SPADES!

    These smart young guys are just going to take him and the Repuglicans down one video at a time. They are ruthless just like he is but in a good way. They don’t fear his thug ass one bit – unlike the spineless GOP sycophants. Can you say “beating him at his own game?”

    And of course LOVE the Lincoln Project. Although not particularly a fan, revenge can be so very sweet and I make exception in donnie’s case.

    The gloves are off donnie – watch him run! I am giddy with glee!

  7. Pete

    $840 Billion defense budget and soldiers
    can’t afford food and family housing costs.

  8. Zeek

    So much ‘the sky is falling’ pearl clutching and gnashing of teeth on this site.

  9. TinaB

    Unfortunately it feels like the sky is falling over here on my deck! It’s been over 100F on my shaded deck for the past 3 days – you can imagine how hot it is on the patio in the direct sun.

    Completely impossible to withstand. I believe it’s called the “wet-bulb temperature”. My entire body is wet within minutes and the sweat drips into my eyes. Within minutes. Not sure if you’ve ever experienced it – it is a first for me. Not comfortable at all! And yes I am almost naked.

    Unfortunately the plants can’t move into the shade and the birds are struggling to fly in this heat.

    It’s extremely hard to move.

    What happened to snoosebomb? He is 30 minutes from I think he said. Has he melted?

  10. Timothy Carroll

    Confidential to “TinaB”….nobody cares about your d*ck! Or its temperature. Bunghole!

  11. snoosebomb

    30 miles nice an cool in the shade , yup heat islands suck

  12. Nina

    Seems like the western propaganda machinery is losing the information war aswell as more people can see through their bullshit. Their lies about Ukraine, the economy, inflation etc. are all falling apart. Russia is struggling, but they will not collapse as some western pundits hope for because Russia is self sufficient in essential things like food, energy and minerals, something which most EU countries are not!

    As the saying goes; you can fool all the people for some time, and some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  13. Petruchio

    You knew the Western Press was going to LIE about Ukraine when they banned Russian Media. The tightly controlled Western Media only wants their Narrative to be told–without challenge. Think about it. If the Russian Media were going to spew lies, half truths and Agit-Prop there is NO reason to ban Russian Media.

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