Democrats Quietly Finish Building Border Wall In California And Arizona


This month has seen the Democrats finally finishing the border wall in Arizona and California.  But they are trying to do this quietly for some insane reason but then, everything they do is insane.  DC Democrats are now whining about the flood of illegal aliens into their city, bussed there by very angry Texans.  Texas thinks this is very funny, and I agree.  Democrats whining about too many illegal aliens is hilarious.  Arrest all the Democrats pushing illegal aliens into our communities in order to destroy civilization!  Also, the change from a 30 year warm cycle to a 30 year cold cycle is causing heavy monsoon rain in the Southwest.  This always happens when Nature switches from hot to cold cycles.  No hurricanes, though.



DC is being flooded, too!  But not by just water:



The flood of illegal aliens is caused by the Democrats.  Arrest the DNC leaders!  Meanwhile, we see massive flooding in the Southwest as well as the Southeast.  This is due to global cooling which is the main sun spot cycle we are now entering for the next 30 years.



The monsoon season in Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and other southwest states is immense this year.  It is like the 1960’s when we had a lot of floods and snow storms as the earth’s climate cooled.  I lived through the 1950’s end of hot cycle and beginning of the 1960’s cold cycle and during the shift to the cold cycle, we had epic floods in Arizona to the point, I couldn’t go to school due to the main bridges being literally under water.  This is happening this year: floods in the Southwest.


England is in hysteria about ‘global warming’ due to exactly TWO hot days:



“BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor said he had never experienced anything like it in nearly 25 years working in weather. The Royal Meteorological Society condemned the trolling. Most of the abuse seems to have been prompted as links were made between the heatwave and climate change.”

“Met Office lead meteorologist Alex Deakin said “it’s scary in some ways”, adding: “I find it more frustrating and offensive for my colleagues – some of the great minds in climate science. Show a bit of respect and do a bit more research rather than just believe Bob down the pub or Tony on YouTube.””


Tony Heller is tickled pink, he is being watched by the BBC.  Congratulations, Mr. Heller.  You are, like me, the hidden troublemaker for all leftist loons.


The BBC wants us to ‘do more research’ and when we do this, we learn the BBC really was hysterical and lied about heat waves this week.  Looking at NOAH for information will be a waste of time since they altered all their graphs and charts to produce fake ‘global warming’.  This is utterly criminal and all the ‘climate scientists’ who are actually communists, should all be arrested for lying about the past.



90% of the people now living in Arizona and Nevada have not lived there for  more than 70 years.  The population back in 1950 is about 10% of what it is today.  I, on the other hand, do remember what it was like 70 years ago.  I remember the end of the hot cycle and the beginning of the cold cycle: we had many floods!  It was quite noticeable.  Unavoidable!


Here is a video of flooding yesterday to the east of Tucson:



This is typical when we have a change from hot cycles to cold cycles in Arizona.  I also should add, when I was a child when the 1960’s start of the cold cycle, there were no nicely paved roads in much of Arizona.  This is why my bus ride to school in the ranch areas was a rough ride.


We kids would go to the furthest back seats to enjoy the bouncing up and down on Roller Coaster Road which was very aptly named.  In the 1960’s, I would ride to flooded roads to stop traffic and always, some fool would not believe me and suffer the consequences (loss of car).



Normally, in summer, massive floods happen in Kentucky due to hurricanes.  Not this year!  This year, it comes from the north, not the south:



The liberals will blame cows for this flooding.  This sort of flooding is characteristic of all ‘climate CHANGE’ situations. Namely, when we go into 30 year cooling cycles.  Droughts are what happens when heating happens.  We had heating for 30 years and now we will have cooling for 30 years.


This is 100% due to the sunspot cycles.  Fewer sunspots=cooling and more sunspots=heating.  I have lived through 3 hot/cold sun cycles now.


Illinois and Missouri also had floods this week:


Meanwhile, like in all cold cycles, there are no hurricanes this month:



There is not even a hint of a hurricane.  We will still get these but not like during warm cycles!  During warm cycles, we get many very ferocious hurricanes.


Trump loves trolling leftists.  This is always amusing to watch.  Like clockwork, they scream hysterically every time he does this.  This is his best selling point, to me.  Maybe not to others.  But to me.


THREE DOCTORS From the Same Hospital “Die Suddenly” in the Same Week After Hospital Mandates Fourth COVID Shot


This would be news except it turns out, some of these men had late stage CANCER and were dying.  Oops.  Rumors based on misreading events is quite common.  Anti-vaccinationists depend on rumors to push their agenda.


Yes, the vaccinations didn’t work but I have a memory still and remember how people were understandably terrified of the covid epidemic here in NY where it hit hardest early on.  The death rate was horrendous back then.  Now, it has evolved more and more to be much less deadly.


China is still doing full lockdowns trying to ‘stop’ this germ and it isn’t working.  The shutdowns destroy more lives than ‘dying from vaccinations.’  A lot more lives lost.


There is easy hysteria at work here.  Coincidental events doesn’t automatically mean these have the same causes.  Anti-vaccinationists always grab hold of any event that would justify their desire to have no protections from any diseases.  They are as destructive as radical leftists who scream every time we have a heat wave, that we are going to roast to death unless we impose actions that will kill 90% of all humans via starvation/freezing to death.


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48 responses to “Democrats Quietly Finish Building Border Wall In California And Arizona

  1. TinaB

    Comment from OFW:
    “Browsing through Telegram and Substack comments and the anxiety and trepidation over ‘what comes next’ is intense…

    The problem is … they are unaware of the energy issues… so they are grasping onto a wide range of illogical explanations for what is happening to them… confusion reigns…

    If only they could realize that we are running out of affordable energy and resources… that would remove the stress from their lives….

    Then they’d just be resigned to the fact that they’ll be dead — likely in Q4…. it will either be ROF or UEP…

    Sure there’s a bit of despair when one first realizes this… but acceptance comes swiftly .. and it removes all the confusion … no cheap oil – no more life.. that’s a very uncomplicated equation.”

    Is it a lack of understanding or wishful thinking that cause people to deny reality?

  2. TinaB

    The only thing those wanna-be terrorists are languishing about is how bloody stupid they were! Oh they are languishing alright!

    No savior trump to bail them out like he promised he would. Btw, do “tough guys” actually languish? Asking for a friend.

    “To desire or grieve over someone or something so intensely that one becomes depressed or melancholy.”

    Is that the same as “wishing they had NEVER gone to the Capital? The same as “they would do ANYTHING to get their – what they deemed horrible – life back? Guess they’re now thinking it wasn’t so horrible after all but it certainly is NOW! But hey, even suckers have to pay the piper.

  3. qbutnoa

    Latvia latest country to have gas shut off by Russia (for violating supply conditions).

  4. the vacceens can and do inhibit the bodies immune response to cancers

  5. Zeek

    @ SoB – quit spreading lies, you sick twisted freak

  6. Jim R

    It is the Trump wall they are finishing.

    Let that sink in.

  7. lou

    8–USA is finished. population explosion and migration …

    Elaine, are they wonderful?

  8. Jim R

    #4 snoosebomb,
    They obviously all died of Covid, because they were unvaccinated.

    They don’t count as ‘vaccinated’ until 2 weeks after the booster, and a PCR test, running 400 cycles, would verify the presence of Covid RNA in all of them (if they ran it).

  9. ? we are way past that issue , i assume your comment was sarc but they were all just boosted , 4 th shots

  10. Nina

    Russian foreign ministry spokesperson trolls Boris Johnson about western gender madness.

    UK’s Johnson could identify as woman for NATO Secretary General race – diplomat

    “Nothing prevents Boris Johnson from suddenly discovering an inner woman. Trendy, bold, his style,” Zakharova said.

    According to the spokeswoman, the number of genders recognized in NATO member states makes it possible to Johnson to pick one that fits him most.

    “Even if NATO will choose from people calling themselves women, they can always suddenly discover an inner man or some other gender,” the diplomat added.


  12. Jim R

    Yes, it was sarc. I just can’t get over they way Elaine, who is keenly aware of most of these modern scams (such as “monetery theory” or “global warming”), continues to shill for Pfizer.

    The present ‘vaccine’ is far and away the worst ever, including Edward Jenner’s famous concoction of scabs scraped off infected cows and horses 225 years ago. You are 50 to 500 times more likely to die from the jabs than the virus.

    And if you run your PCR operation for more than 35 cycles, you’re just amplifying primers and random DNA/RNA strings from test reagents, and you will get a ‘positive’ result even if your sample is plain sterile water. Fauci has said this, I have seen the video of him saying this. Kary Mullis, the Nobel-winning inventor of PCR, said it long ago, before he passed away.

  13. Norm

    Here in Toronto we are now up to five young doctors who have died in July with no cause of death. One was a 27 year old woman who was running a marathon. However they immediately reported the deaths weren’t caused by the vaccine. How long can they keep up this ruse?

  14. qbutnoa

    Hinkley Point B nuclear power station (SW England) 1.1-gigawatt/1.7 million homes to close Monday.

  15. Pete


    I’ve seen his interviews.
    Mullis called Fauci a fraud.
    He passed away in the Fall of 2019.

  16. according to substack guy she is on her way

  17. qbutnoa

    Yes, it would appear so. China has had words about it with Biden, it is dodgy.

  18. Petruchio

    @#9 lou. I also see a large uptick in people–white folks mostly–who are going to leave the USA because of the Hate in the USA towards white people.

  19. Pete


  20. Nearly if not all the ‘sudden death doctors’ were doctors with CANCER who were under treatment and finally died.

    This is so utterly dishonest. Anti-vaccination people feel no shame in lying. We have hysteria about say, basketball players in college dying suddenly, for example.

    Guess what? 1 in 1200 basketball players die suddenly of heart attacks! This is because they are nearly seven feet tall and doing high energy stuff that is dangerous for super tall people!

    But anti-vaccination people ignore this reality.

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes have a significantly higher incidence of sudden cardiac death than previously thought, especially among men, African Americans, and male basketball players, according to a study published May 14 in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. In addition, the main cause of sudden cardiac death differs from what is commonly assumed to be the root of the problem.

    The study, “Incidence, Etiology, and Comparative Frequency of Sudden Cardiac Death in NCAA Athletes: A Decade in Review” was conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, Mayo Clinic, and Brown University.

    The results show sudden cardiac arrest is the leading medical cause of mortality among athletes, but there is debate regarding exactly how often it occurs. A recent American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology study, “Assessment of 12-lead ECG as a Screening Test,” suggested that sudden cardiac death is “a relatively low-event-rate phenomena.”

    However, this latest study validates that rates of sudden cardiac death are as high as 1 death in 5,000 in Division I basketball players. This statistic translates to 1 in 1,250 over a 4-year college career. The researchers also discovered the most common cause was not, as previously thought, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is heart muscle thickening that impairs cardiac function. More commonly, pathologists couldn’t find a definitive reason and listed those cases as autopsy-negative sudden unexplained death.

  21. Jim R

    Yeah, sure, Elaine.

    And back in the 50s when we were in kindergarten, children were always having heart attacks.

  22. hey ! that study was from 2015

    & why do you continue to use the Bilderberg / msm , slander term ‘anti-vaccinationist” . ???

  23. lou

    my comment did not enter or was removed.

    child coffin sales up. way up.

  24. This casket story is fake. Good lord, proving it could be easy but it is just rumors.

  25. Zeke

    Thanks Elaine Rumor Buster

  26. ok let see your proof ,,

  27. Jim R

    It isn’t funny any more, Elaine. And you will recall that I helped you find a site for mRNA jabs back in the early days. Do not slander me with the “anti-vax” lie …

    Where is Tiffany Dover? Young, fit, healthy people are dropping dead all over the “free world” now. Probably not so much in Russia, where they did not twist people’s arms to take an experimental drug. And there are lots of stories of doctors being threatened unless they lie and say it wasn’t because of the jabs. The jabs aren’t killing 100%, it’s more like Russian Roulette, but the mortality statistics are there, for anyone curious — no doubt such statistics will be obfuscated soon.

    More and more, it’s looking like one of the goals of this thing was depopulation. Not so much adults, but they are looking to “immunize” children against sycytin, required for placenta formation. The effect of it will not be observed until they reach child-bearing age.

    @snoosebomb, interesting site, the RAIR Foundation — I’ll bookmark it. There aren’t many sources of unfiltered news any more.

  28. Jim R

    Back on the topic of climate, isn’t it interesting that we have been watching videos all summer about the empty Lake Mead. And now they have floods in Las Vegas.

    We have a drought going on in Texas right now, but not nearly as bad as the one in 2011. Lakes are still over 50% full.

    In another thread, I commented that Lake Mead is empty because the water in it was promised to places all over the southwest. We had that problem in 2011, when Lake Travis was almost drained, while Texas rice farmers downstream were still able to flood their fields and bring in their crop. Texas lakes were down to less than 1/3 full.

    I don’t have exact numbers for Lake Mead, but suspect that the current floods aren’t doing much to fill it up.

  29. jim , interesting situation up here in cdn , they have already stated you are not ‘ fully vaxed ‘ w/2 shots but at the same time they want to keep the arrivecan app going . there is going to be lots of reluctance to get 3 , 4 shots , my guess all those now happy border crossers will not be so fine in the near future . should be quite the sh’ show

  30. The elites are very confused, we have fake news from elites and fake news from outsiders hoping to scare everyone. Applying common sense usually works but not in hysteria times.

    We are in a hysteria time which is being pushed by hysterics. Left and right.

    I am old enough to remember previous hysteria events! The covid crisis was a crisis when it first leaked out of the germ warfare lab in China. Now, it is basically a common cold like normal. Remember, people die of the common cold every year.

    The hysteria surrounding this increasingly common cold is deliberate now. So I reject it. Nothing stops the common cold, all related germs evolve into the common cold over time. Every 50 years a new variation arises and kills much more than normal. I survived the Hong Kong flu, for example, BARELY.

    Every event now is blamed on either the germs or the vaccinations. Even when I show that ‘sudden death’ of young athletes happened in the past, people remain hysterical about this now.

    Everyone I know had the vaccinations. None showed the slightest problems so far.

  31. lou

    Everyone I know had the vaccinations. None showed the slightest problems so far.
    anecdotal. I hear the opposite. Blood clots, feeling sick, sudden deaths.

  32. Jim R

    Flu is still worse than a cold. Of course, both of them kill people with weak immune systems. And sometimes they kill young people whose immune systems overreact to them…

    The flu vaccine works well in some years, and not so well in others. Flu researchers are like weather forecasters. The virus changes faster than any other virus, as its genome is sort of like a deck of cards. It gets shuffled with every case.

    In the 1970s, a batch of flu vaccine was recalled because of 50 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Did everyone die that got that vaccine? No. It was 50 cases out of (hundreds of?) thousands … so if you had a dose of the defective vaccine, your chances were pretty good.

    With the current new Gates-funded jabs, there are millions of reports of adverse events, a hundred thousand deaths, and the probability that ALL of them are coincidental is 0. And as I said above, doctors are threatened. Dr. Peter McCullough has bureaucrats trying to justify pulling his license. He is suing them for defamation, things are still up in the air. But the bottom line is, they are threatened if they do not lie about this jab and the virus it fails to immunize against.

    … it fails to immunize against. I am repeating that, because our fully jabbed-up potato-in-chief has reported another case of the coof. How can anyone report, with a straight face, that the jabs even work? At all?

  33. ”Now, it is basically a common cold like normal. Remember, people die of the common cold every year.”

    ADE ,,

  34. Coronavirus isn’t a flu virus, it is a cold germ.

    This experiment in vaccinations for cold germs failed. I wish it didn’t fail. So we will continue the 50 epidemic cycle. The next one will be around 2060 or so. I won’t be around to see it.

  35. Jim R

    It’s good to see you have come around that far, Elaine. For two years, you were referring to it as ‘flu’.

    Flu is actually worse than a cold — the virus evolves and adapts faster. Covid-19 is a cold with some odd extra symptoms. The extra symptoms a result of GoF research? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    All of the pathogenic viruses do ‘stupid virus tricks’ with your immune system. It gives them a little more freedom to spread if they can throw your immunity off track, even for a few hours.

    But there is one trick that Coronavirus family members do not do, and that is ADE. That’s a characteristic of the Flavivirus family, the ones that are spread by mosquitoes — Yellow Fever, Dengue, Zika, and some others. It doesn’t mean SARS-Cov-2 is harmless, it just means that people like to toss around scare words without knowing anything about them. Cold viruses can do plenty of damage without ADE, and somehow manage to avoid stimulating long term immunity.

    By the way, the germ warriors have isolated the toxic viral protein of the Flavivirus family, it’s called NS1.

  36. Jim R

    Yeah, no, not the same thing. Dengue has been called “bonebreak fever” because it is so painful. But your first case of it is trivial.

    Covid is not that. Yes, the virus messes with your immune system, all viruses do. The Coronavirus family is famous for setting up things for future infections. They do not create lasting immunity. You can catch the same cold again next year.

    As for what the vaccine does, I look forward to the Church Committee 2.3, they need to grill some germ warriors… I have a little list.

  37. The ‘cold’ is never the ‘same’ it mutates. Learning how to clear the lungs when sick with coronaviruses is important and no one talks about this because the ‘fix’ is nasty: you have to continuously choke up the gung in the lower trachea region. This yellowish nasty stuff is what congests the lungs and deliberately (and this is noisy and disgusting) choking up the goo works wonders.

    This, I have done ever since nearly dying of the Hong Kong flu which was closely attached to a coronavirus which is what killed people over the long run. I figured this out, how to keep the lungs clear, when my upper left lung got congested and I nearly died a second time in less than two weeks.

  38. Putting patients into a coma and pumping oxygen into the congested lungs killed many people. This is why I didn’t go to the hospital this recent time I had the disease. I stayed home and isolated myself while I kept my lungs free and clear while making very nasty sounds, doing this.

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