Senile Biden Blames Trump For Border Wall Gaps…Russia And Ukraine Accuse Each Other Of War Crimes


Fox TV has a Democrat on the show talking about ‘refugees’ when these invaders are very well fed, even fat, have money and want to get on welfare for the free ride in the US.  If males between the ages of 16-30, they want either jobs or want crime opportunities.  The White House blames Trump for the wall not being ‘finished’ when it was the DNC that tore huge gaps in the wall or prevented the building of the wall from day one of Trump’s administration.  Mainstream news is colluding with Biden about these lies the White House is telling.  Also, the IMF is worried their lovely globalization of countries is collapsing rapidly.


This is truly funny.  If Putin engineers this collapse of the Bilderberg gang, he will go down in history as the man who stopped the destruction of civilization.  The Bilderberg gang runs around, screaming we will all roast to death and have to destroy civilization to stop the world from being hot.  Cities are, due to being mostly stone and steel and very crowded, are hotter than the countryside.  Most of the worst ‘global warming’ is actually hot cities with hot pavements and buildings.


Note how liberals never talk about ‘urban heat’ at all.  When it is 100 degrees in cities in New York state, for example, it will be only 85 to 90 degrees just a few miles away from these cities.  Since nearly all cities are built in valleys, valleys are always hotter than higher elevations.  This is never, ever mentioned in news stories, of course.  Instead, we get hysteria about it being ‘too warm’.


Now on to the endless war which will destroy the entire EU economic and social systems which is rapidly heading towards collapse:


The ministry said the facility held members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, whose fighters surrendered to Russian and Donbass forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol. The battalion is notorious because it includes fighters with nationalist and neo-Nazi views.


This war, like ALL wars throughout history, spawns lots of fake news.  Every country does this.  I go to Russian news to see their side of the many stories.  No one is taking responsibility for the bombing of the prisoners.  This is a huge mess.  In wars, people become merciless and I remember all sorts of nasty things done in previous wars.  History is chock full of such stories, real or unreal.


Speaking to Russia’s TV Channel One, DPR head Denis Pushilin claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately”targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing testimonies about possible war crimes by their commanders.


Torture of prisoners of war is very common, too.  I remember stories from WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War…all the Gulf Wars…the Yugoslavian Wars, etc. to infinity.


The Ukrainian military released a statement on Friday, accusing Russian troops of shelling Yelenovka. Moscow destroyed the prison in order to pin the blame on Kiev, as well as to “hide the torture of prisoners and executions,”the statement alleged.


To my surprise, the NY Post carried this story and had some things to say that showed an open mind instead of mindless repeats of propaganda:


The separatists in control of the group confirmed at least 53 people were killed and at least 75 wounded.  However, it blamed Kyiv, as did Russia, whose defense ministry called it an “egregious provocation” designed to stop soldiers from surrendering and exposing Ukraine’s own military crimes.


First, the news article correctly says, the separatists who want to be a country just like say, Czech and Slovakia, think the missiles came from the west, not east.


Russian state media also claimed that there had been fragments of High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) rockets that the US gave Ukraine.


If they have proof, they have to show it to us.


“The political leadership of Ukraine decided to use US-producer multiple-launch rocket systems HIMARS to carry out a strike here to veil the crimes that the Ukrainian captives started talking about,” the separatists’ spokesman, Eduard Basturin, told local media.


Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak ripped those claims as “a classic, cynical and elaborate false flag operation” by the Kremlin.  “The purpose — to discredit in front of our partners and disrupt weapons supply,” he said of the “deliberate, cynical, calculated mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners.”  Ukraine’s military leaders shared a similar message in a shared statement later Friday.


“The committed explosion is a cynical terrorist act of the Russian Federation, a military provocation and a classic false flag operation, the purpose of which is to cover up war crimes, discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disrupt the supply of Western weapons and increase social tension in Ukrainian society,” they said.


Both sides are doing what all sides do during civil wars.  There is a tremendous amount of lying about this civil war.  To make matters worse, the so-called ‘free news’ states belonging to NATO are happily lying about everything because we are no longer allowed to watch Russian news, anymore.  This is being censored.


Always, the news is about Russia committing war crimes and Ukraine is winning the war.  Even as things collapse in  Europe, the news stubbornly sticks to the ‘Russia is falling apart/Putin is dying’ while the EU is falling apart and people in the EU are dying.  The looming winter from hell is right around the corner when many, many EU people will starve/freeze to death if this war continues.


China and the leftists who control the puppet in the White House had a nasty spat yesterday.  It appears that Biden’s handlers falsely claimed, he told Xi on the phone, China was committing crimes against humanity when Xi called him to order him to not let Pelosi visit Taiwan:



So, we want to hear this phone call!  I would love to hear it.


This isn’t making much news:


So, the wannabe assassin who, fortunately turned him/herself in was a cross dresser.  Crossdressers are not ‘trans’ they are ‘crossdressers’ and many of these are sexually dangerous because they are full males and the stupid Democrats refuse to make a difference between real trans who are no longer ‘men’ and men faking this so they can do horrible things.


Now on to Pravda on the Hudson: the NY Times is desperately propping up their puppet in the White House:


As always, the criminals running the NY Times use photos showing moisture from nuclear power plants as ‘pollution’ when it is moisture from a storm front interacting with the systems.  This is not ‘smoke’.  On low humidity days, there is nothing showing.



And as always, Tony Heller exposes these crooks as liars and deceivers:



Some goofy news stories:


Monkey pox is pissing off gays in NYC.  Gay sex is often very dirty and diseased so new diseases pop up all the time and these are related to doing #2 sex, not #1 sex.  Even #1 sex, when all over the place, causes diseases, too, the #2 sex is very nasty all the time.  People who don’t use condoms are condemned to have new sex diseases all the time.  Naturally, these people doing dirty stuff want to blame everyone else.



This is a four year old story making the rounds again this week.  Helmets while jogging?  How about gear that football players wear?  That will increase survival if hit by a car, too!



Sand boarding is fun until you figure out, you have to trudge through lots of sand to go home again.  Oops.  Beach sand is very stiff and hard while desert sand is very loose and also is hot, too.


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14 responses to “Senile Biden Blames Trump For Border Wall Gaps…Russia And Ukraine Accuse Each Other Of War Crimes

  1. Pete

    Liz not popular in Wyoming lol

  2. TinaB

    36 Heat Wave Photos That Prove How Dire The Climate Emergency Is

    Nothing to see here right ems? FYI these pictures weren’t taken by “the corrupt scientists”. Nope! They were taken by regular citizens with brains and eyes – apparently you’ve misplaced yours.

    Maybe your “thyroid operation” was not on your thyroid but on something in close proximity?

  3. TinaB

    France braces for another heatwave next week – its third this year

    “Extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, have grown more frequent, intense and longer as a result of climate change, according to experts. This will only worsen unless governments and people make significant cuts to their greenhouse gas emissions. ”

    Once again – no whining when it comes to your backyard – you were warned and made NO preparations because you chose to deny it. Your choice.

    And you KNOW I will be giddy with glee when – not if – it happens! YOU are the one who is a sucker for “believing” Tony instead of your own eyes!

  4. Nina

    Prince Charles took Bin Laden family’s money – media

    The donation was made after Charles met with two of the terrorist mastermind’s relatives in London

  5. Pete

    Years ago I saw a documentary on the
    spread of AIDS in San Fran. They knew back
    then (1982) that in the gay community
    men who were only TOPS never got sick.

    The men who got sick and died from AIDS
    were men who were BOTTOMS.

    Dirty sex in #2 causes all kinds of diseases.

    In London, Diana was visitings AIDS patients
    in hospitals who were sick to prove you
    could not get AIDS from casual contact.

    Meanwhile, back in San Fran, Dr Fauci was
    telling reporters that you COULD get AIDS
    from casual contact!

    Dr Fauci has always been a fraud.

  6. TinaB

    You and your readers might want to familiarize yourselves with the “aerosol masking effect”.

    “Global dimming happens when tiny particles, known as aerosols, the by-product of fossil fuels or other pollutants, absorb solar energy and reflect it back into space. The result is a reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth’s surface.

    This creates cooling and warming effects as it decreases the amounts of direct and diffuse solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. In addition, global dimming interferes with the hydrological cycles in the biosphere and reduces evaporation rate. It also impacts cloud formation which is an indirect effect that has further implications.

    Cloud physics and particle physics are fascinating and challenging subjects that we will take a closer look at here. Clouds are climate wild cards.”

  7. TinaB

    How the worst heat wave in US history prophesies our climate change–ravaged future

    “As climate change continues to worsen, experts agree that heat waves and wildfires will become much more common.

    Eventually vast regions of the planet will become uninhabitable, at least during heat waves, because the wet bulb temperature (a measurement of when the weather becomes deadly) will reach 95 °F (35 °C), which kills healthy humans within a few hours.

    Even recently Europeans have been fighting historic wildfires while Americans grapple with a massive heat wave, including unprecedented temperatures in the Northwest.

    This raises an obvious question: What kind of future lies in store for ordinary people as the heat waves get worse and worse? For an answer, it is instructive to look to one of the worst heat waves in modern history: the North American heat wave of 1936.”

    Here you go ems – some “history” that is actually relevant to today and important! Start preparing!

  8. Pete

    Deaths are starting to increase…Worldwide
    Births are falling …Worldwide


    The Great Reset?

  9. Sex was stalled for two years. Ergo: drop in babies. This will change gears now.

    About hysteria about the weather: it is stupid. And it is NOT warmer now than the 1930’s. Not even remotely which is why government agents are changing weather graphs to hide this reality. Sheesh.

    And here where I live we barely had any summer at all until this last week!!! And it is August tomorrow. This is ridiculous and very annoying.

  10. Also, I am extremely annoyed that Tina will not eliminate herself to save the earth. She pollutes it every day without fail while whining about this.

    PLEASE save the earth. Cease exhaling. Thanks in advance.

  11. lou

    tina and taylor

    Climate activists have been raging at pop star Taylor Swift after learning her private jet has taken 170 flights so far this year.

    According to research from Yard, a sustainable marketing agency that gathered “cutting-edge data” on the celebrities with the “worst private jet Co2 emissions” in 2022, Swift’s private jet flew 170 times this year with an average time of 80 minutes:

  12. lou

    Sex was stalled for two years. no, wrong.

  13. Jim R

    Yeah,. the opposite is true — when people are stuck at home, everything is closed, nowhere to go, sex is a popular pastime.

    Gonzalo is correct. I never liked him, don’t care for his personality, but like Trump, he is annoying but right.

  14. This time, sex was not popular at home. I knew Victorians from long ago. They evolved a ‘hands off’ type of marriage 120 years ago to AVOID GERMS. I know this from my own experience with these survivors of many an epidemic long ago.

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