Male Lions Have Very High Death Rate, Not Like Disney…China Rehearses WWIII


I dislike Disney most of my life.  It isn’t because of the talking animals, that is OK.  It is due to giving warped messages to children.  Today, I watched a very interesting video on YouTube that explained the status and difficulties of male lions.  I learned a bit from this video such as, nearly 80% of all male lions die young.  They are either expelled from the Pride by two years of age or are killed by rival males when their fathers are killed.  No male taking over a lioness harem lets the former male’s male offspring to survive.  And virtually no lion pride leaders survive to old age, they are attacked and driven out/killed by younger, stronger males.  And not by their own sons, either.


Disney makes up nearly everything in the Lion King cartoon and movie.  One obvious, glaring problem is how all the animals lions chase and eat celebrate the birth of yet another very dangerous, always hungry male lion.  This is disgusting.  It is propaganda.  Yes, kiddies, we should celebrate and love our vicious rulers who intend to abuse you all and steal everything.  Yup.  Hey!  Great idea!


But wild animals are not this stupid.  What is stupider is a monkey of any sort, celebrating this horrible event.  Lions eat monkeys, after all.  Monkeys love to torment predators and humans.  They steal stuff, they scream a lot, they fly from tree to tree, hurl things at others, trick predators and then kill them.  Monkeys are dangerous.




I once had a monkey fall in love with me.  Little Elmo was from the Amazon and was a very small breed of monkey, he loved clinging to my upper arm.  He was owned by a professor at the University of Arizona.  I would visit the monkey and he loved this.  Then, I moved away from Tucson.  Little Elmo went nuts, he escaped from his cage, ran around Tucson looking for me, the police came and tried to lure him out of a tree in my former neighborhood.


The monkey flew out of the tree, ripped the hat off of the cop and began pulling his hair out while screaming like a maniac so the cop shot him dead!  This made the news and one wag at the university wrote a musical ode about lost love and the mad monkey and I told Hal, the song was appropriately disgusting.  Anyways, monkeys are dangerous animals.  Even little ones.


And…lions hate monkeys of any sort for obvious reasons.  Little meat and a lot of annoyance!  The cartoon gets worse, the brother of the Lion King kills him.  This is very normal for lions.  But afterwards, the winner then kills all the cubs who are males or chases them out.  In the cartoon, the uncle chases the young cub out.


The young cub doesn’t return or if does return, the females chase him away.  This is smart!  No inbreeding unlike European royals who inbred like crazy and then went insane and fell apart at the seams.  The entire history of royals going back thousands of years shows the rise and fall of each ‘dynasty’ due to massive inbreeding causing stupidity and health problems over time.


Simba in the cartoon ends up mating with…HIS HALF SISTER which is very much like ancient Egyptian royals, for example.  The entire cartoon is dumb.  Having the lion cub grow up eating grubs is stupid, too.  Lions need lots of food to survive.  The obvious solution is to kill anything in the vicinity, not dance around, singing songs.  Lions are big time killing machines!


Now on to other mass killers: reptiles.  I grew up around very dangerous and even poisonous reptiles.  A number of these would die in our swimming pool at night and I would feed the road runners the dead reptiles.  This is why the road runner birds followed me around all the time and waited at my bus stop for me to come home and play with them.


Gila monsters are quite dangerous and poisonous, too so of course, we had one for a pet until the sheriff told us to release him.  He then chased my dad around the ranch and made us kids laugh.  Our lizard wasn’t going to hurt dad, he wanted a snake, mouse or lizard!



Someone brought a komodo dragon to Connecticut where it escaped and tried eating everyone and everything.  These reptiles are very large and very strong.  They like eating monkeys.  We now have gigantic snakes slithering all over Florida, too, brought over from Asia and Africa.  These can kill even humans but seldom do this.  Rattlers, on the other hand, are much smaller and a lot nastier to humans.


Luckily, they coil up and warn us via rattles, to stay away.  They hunt silently but when fighting each other or interacting with humans or very large mammals, they coil and rattle like crazy hoping you run away which is a very good reaction.  Run.  Speaking of running, here is a useful video for surviving a Komodo dragon attack:



And now news about our military: they are hosting a ‘diversity/equity’ event at a military base this week:



The same day the Chinese military posted this gem:



China is itching to start WWIII now.


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17 responses to “Male Lions Have Very High Death Rate, Not Like Disney…China Rehearses WWIII

  1. TinaB

    Jon Stewart Excoriates GOP Senators For Blocking Veterans’ Health Bill

    THIS is how you “CARE” about veterans! NOT by attacking and lying about Democrats, blacks, immigrants & minorities, single mothers, drug-addicted victims, etc….. you know the LESS fortunate.

    You’re not very “christian like” if you ask me.

  2. qbutnoa

    There is talk of Algeria, replacing Russia as the EU’s main gas supplier, but.

  3. TinaB

    ems continues to repeat herself like her brain is stuck on a loop! Or maybe she thinks that her readers are obtuse? That’s an insult.

  4. Do you think Tina is driving away readers?

  5. Zeke

    No. Many readers come here just to read her insightful opinions.

  6. lou

    1–Tina, Look up John ‘Stewarts’ real, original name. No, he is not Christian.
    [she is dumb, she cant see the shoes for the trees].


    and on to real news,

    Suddenly an extremely rare virus is hitting newborns & infants in Memphis, called parechovirus, in areas where Sec. Mayorkas has been dumping illegals.

    You can add this to the cases of polio and meningitis turning up in children across the country. Apparently letting hundreds of thousands of illegals into the US from squalid Central American barrios and fetid jungles without health checks has consequences. Little ones are paying the price.

  7. TinaB

    There will be no escape from the heat in Texas, which has already endured a historically hot summer. Temperatures there are projected to remain above normal — with highs mostly in the triple digits — for the whole week.

    The heat wave has its roots in the Pacific Northwest, where it set records for longevity in Seattle and Portland.

    Combined with a historically severe drought, the heat has fueled dangerous conditions for the spread of wildfires in Northern California, where the newly ignited McKinney Fire devours the landscape. The blaze, located in the Klamath National Forest, has torched 51,468 acres and is entirely uncontained.

  8. qbutnoa

    German public cut back, retail sales down a hard 8.8%.

  9. Shawntoh

    Zeek and Tinab…
    Pretend I’m this little baby elephant…
    This is what the system does to people like me…
    Who aren’t useful income tax contributors anymore…

  10. Nina

    While US rulers are busy hyping competition with China and Russia, and desperately trying to reactivate the cold war, most Americans are most most concerned with problems at home. This only goes to show how out of touch with reality the US leadership are. No wonder the US is such a shitty country when its leaders are more busy with starting WWlll than they are with fixing problems at home!

    Only 1% of Americans consider Russia as threat to US — survey

    NEW YORK, August 2. /TASS/. The absolute majority of Americans do not view Russia as a threat to the United States with only 1% of the country’s residents having an opposite opinion, according to the results of a poll by Gallup published on Monday.

    Similarly, the Americans do not view China as a threat to their country. Less than 1% of the Americans included it among the challenges facing the nation.

    The poll demonstrated that currently, the major problems for the Americans include inflation (17%), the issues of government and leadership (17%) and the state of the economy (12%). Abortion issues concern 8%, immigration and gun control worry 6% each.

  11. Yes, like tiny Tina, our rulers are worried we might have normal warm weather once and a while. They demand the Little Ice Age return or else!

    They really want to kill us pesky citizens! Note how Tina and Zeek refuse to fix ‘global warming’ caused by them using fossil fuels and other crimes, they refuse to commit suicide and thus, save the Earth from ‘too many humans.’

    I really despise people who refuse to practice what they preach. Not one ‘global warming’ fanatic at the top of society is cutting out all fossil fuels, nay, they double down on consuming vast amounts of fossil fuels and little people too dumb to understand what I post here every day, don’t figure out how they are CHUMPS playing into the hands of some very cynical, evil rulers.

    There is no excuse for this level of stupidity. Not one!

  12. Zeke

    Elaine, you get more ridiculous each posting.

    Although I have normal sized appendages I have a small carbon footprint.

    Don’t drive a “land yacht” and am not a “frequent flyer”.

    My presence on the planet is a material nullity.

    Get yer facts straight ma’am.

  13. TinaB

    @Zeke Ditto for me ems! Have flown once in the last 20 years in 2015 and only 1000 miles for my mothers funeral.

  14. You imagine your ‘footprint’ is small but it is gigantic compared to someone poor living in Africa!!!! DUH.

    Worse, you refuse to go after your buddies who have giant footprints. Where are you attacking the guy in charge of our ‘climate change’ junk, Al Gore? Attack HIM not me.

    This is so beyond stupid. You both eat food, use electricity and use modern transportation ergo: you all are destroying the earth. PERIOD. You pretend you are a ‘small’ part of the destruction you all whine about but from the other view, from Africa, you are gigantic in energy use and CO2 stuff.

    Worse of all, you exhale every day and every night. HOW DARE YOU do this!!! Also also, you eat food grown elsewhere which is transported to you causing global warming, too. STOP EATING and starve to death to save the earth but no…you both whine about all this, instead. Shame on you.

  15. lou

    15–Over the years I notice how much more throw away plastic is being created and discarded. its inescapable.
    Food items that were not in plastic now are in plastic.

    Tina to me is the person who takes their plastic wrapped food, puts it in a cloth carry bag, gets in the car and feels they are saving the earth.

  16. lou

    Tina, Nancy P, well she just built that $25 million mansion on the coast of Florida, you think she’d want to enjoy it in the few years she has left.

    Does anybody else find it interesting that these Big Dems Pols who shout the loudest about Climate Change and catastrophic sea level rise build the largest ‘Cottages’, closest to water’s edge.
    (How do they get insurance on them if sea level rise is a certainty? Insurance companies deal in odds.)
    Obama, Biden, Gore, Kerry, Pelosi … the list is long.

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