EU Hurting Badly Due To War With Chief Energy Supplier, Russia


The war against Russia is in full swing with Russia winning, hands down.  The longer this goes, the worse it will be for all of Europe.  Even Finland is now suffering from the loss of Russian fuel.  All replacement fuels in the future will cost much, much more than Russian fuels. This means the EU will be in a depression for a long, long time.  Manufacturing goods will cost more, for example and China is getting a lot of this missing Russian fuel and at a cheaper price than any available fuels the EU is desperate to buy.  The entire ‘global warming’ scam is rapidly losing support in all populations.  Yet the Bilderberg gang doubles down on screaming we are roasting to death due to a few days of unusually hot weather in Europe.


All this is crashing into the Reality Wall.  People have to learn lessons the hard way, it appears.  Europe wanted no more ‘global warming’ and the deal was, the EU had to cease using fossil fuels.  Well, now they have to do this and are immensely unhappy about this.  They should be happy!  They will have another Little Ice Age!  Goodie gum drops.  Meanwhile, I continue to go to Russian news for real news:



The stupid leftists in Germany are slowly waking up and figuring out the painfully obvious.  Bravo.  This proves that reality can hammer information into liberal brains if it hammers hard enough.  Here in the US, we have RT video news censored.  Ditto in Europe.  RT videos are very instructive.  They always simply park cameras here and there and show, over hours, what actually is going on!  How revolutionary!


This is exactly how early Ted Turner CNN used to operate.  Ted did this for me, for example.  Then CNN was taken over by the Bilderberg gang and is now one of the most worthless news shows on earth and has a very tiny audience now.  What a shame.  Pathetic.



Former rich mass production King of the Hill, Germany, is sliding rapidly into poverty and all the industries in Germany will begin losing even more money as they pay a very high price for precious fossil fuels.  Russia is gloating over this.  They have plenty of new customers:



We are at war with Russia and the global elites want us to cease modern life because it is ‘too hot’ which causes Russians to laugh heartily.  Here is Heller telling us the obvious:



La Nina, which the global warmists constantly scream ‘has ended’ has not ended at all.  It continues onwards:

Note how this very cold upwelling is directly on the equator in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  I have noticed this happening during la Ninas for many years now.  This is very curious.  It is also obviously caused by the sun, in some way. Note how the Mediterranean Sea is extra warm water as is the water off the East Coast NA.

These floods are typical of all global COOLING events. These are not happening because of hurricanes. Proof is very obvious: there are no hurricanes this year, not even a whisper of a hurricane:



Just below the surface, the water off the East Coast is very cold.  No hurricanes can feed off of this.  Even in the Gulf of Mexico offshore of New Orleans, it is cold waters, too. Ditto, offshore of Baja California which explains all the monsoon rains this year.


During this hurricane season, the above screen shot is a daily appearance…nothing, absolutely nothing. Where is the global warming causing hurricanes? Or does this have anything to do with how warm or cold it is? Of course not, the forces that create hurricanes are an interaction between solar energy sun spot activity and temperature of water upwelling or going stagnant at the surface. Right now, the very cold upwelling continues:


It is very clear that cold upwelling is still quite strong and getting stronger, not weaker. NOAA has to pretend we are going to roast to death and this troubles the staff there greatly. They want el Ninos! And these are darn rare now! How dare the sun and oceans be so disobedient! Arrest Neptune!


As the el Ninos don’t show up, we  do have many el Ninos committing crimes in California and New York, two of the most left wing states in the US:


The Wild West continues.  Blacks now openly drive up to stores in broad daylight and hop out of expensive cars to rob stores.  Merchants are fighting back now just like they did in the 1970’s in NYC when a friend of mine had to shoot to kill, too.  Not to mention in NJ, another friend had to do this while making a pizza.  Black criminals, knowing the States won’t punish them much if at all, are again, openly committing many crimes and this is 100% the fault of Democrat leaders.  Arrest the leaders causing these crimes!


We should send Kamala on a hurricane hunt.  She has to find these, fast!




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24 responses to “EU Hurting Badly Due To War With Chief Energy Supplier, Russia

  1. TinaB

    cOMMENT FROM ofw:

    “Sincere question: should the global civilization even bother with vaccines at all? Should we not instead accept viruses as a legitimate part of nature and simply deal with the consequences?

    By way of analogy, I find mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other parasitic organisms to be intolerable and potentially dangerous nuisances. Yet they serve important purposes in nature. The mosquito, for example, is a source of food for fish in its larval state and for birds, bats and frogs as an adult. The mosquito is also an important pollinator, with males feeding solely on flower nectar. Female mosquitoes only go looking for a blood meal, instead of flower nectar, when they’re attempting to produce eggs.


    Should we attempt to eradicate mosquitoes?

    Should we attempt to eradicate viruses?

    Vaccination increasingly appears to me as the global civilization’s war against nature. It’s a business model based on exploiting people’s fear of death. “I’m not supposed to decay. I’m not supposed to become part of the earth. ‘I’ – this physical body, this shell in which my conscious self, my soul is temporarily housed – belongs to ‘ME.’ It’s my possession; I own it. The earth doesn’t!”

    “A huge problem particularly with RNA viruses, like the flu and coronaviruses, is that our bodies will continually and rapidly mutate these viruses so that they CAN continue to spread through the population.”

    There is an essential purpose behind this, even if the global civilization doesn’t understand it.”

  2. Why are you still here? Tina, you continue to refuse to stop abusing Nature and living on this earth which you think, has too many people. Your refusal to follow your own demands is disgusting. You are pure evil due to this blatant refusal to save the Earth and protect Nature. Shame on you!

  3. TinaB

    Oh ems you are losing your mind. You keep wailing about how the “corrupt communists bilderberg globalist elites” are trying to KILL you but you jump in line for your injection made by….. who? The corrupt communists bilderberg globalist elites”! Wtf?

    I mean is that confusing or what? I guess you have to have a twisted mind to understand your logic and I don’t have one.

    But hey you’re not a hypocrite are you?

  4. TinaB

    Why are you so annoyed and angry ems? There seems to be an enormous amount of anger here on your site… what’s up with that?

    I’m not committing suicide much to your chagrin so STFU about it already!

    YOU figure out a way to feed 8 billion people which seems to be the biggest problem but TRUE TO FORM you have no solutions.

    Just stick to your usual wailing about insignificant bullshit and your stupid “stories” which are manufactured in your mind.

  5. TinaB

    Courtesy of OFW:

    China’s Mortgage Crisis, Banks are Failing, Protests Everywhere. China’s financial crisis is Here… 28 Jul 2022
    3,002,032 views 11,939 Comments

  6. TinaB

    Btw you sound JUST like the “corrupt communists bilderberg globalist elites” … salivating over wanting certain people “dead”. hhhmmmm that’s interesting isn’t it.

  7. TinaB

    Comment from OFW in response to previous one – I believe he is referring to YOU ems:

    “yes but humans are stooopid — they are constantly trying to f789 Mother Nature…

    And now we’ve got 8B ‘rapacious primates’ roaming the planet always demanding MORE.

    Mother Nature has a surprise for us – coming soon hahahahaha”

  8. TinaB

    “Communism” means a very specific type of social and economic organization. China, despite the “communist” label, has embraced an authoritarian form of state capitalism. There is nothing communist about China today”

    Oh dear looks like another on of ems’s boogemen is obsolete and apparently only exists in her mind. But SHE DOES want an authoritarian government with her dear psycho leader trump.

  9. lou

    Elaine, when I saw that the new thread had 8 comments, I sensed Tina had left her mark.

    Elaine, you are the best. We have had our differences but you still are the best.

  10. lou

    Why are you still here? Tina
    because she likes leaving her marks.

  11. Jim R


    I have seen a theory floating around to that effect. Only a few vials out of every thousand have any toxin in them. That way a chosen subset can get off completely risk-free, and if only a few of the plebes get sick, it won’t be enough to panic the herd.

    And then they have special doses for the children. If it’s a sterilizing shot, the effect won’t be noticed until they reach childbearing age. One sterile generation, and you have your un-population called for by WEF…

  12. RRW

    TinaB means well but she’s hogging the comments area. She needs her own blog.

  13. Timothy Carroll


    Why are you still here? Tina
    because she likes leaving her marks.

    Yeah, skid marks!

  14. Timothy Carroll


    Won’t happen. Nobody likes reading the ramblings of a retarded bimbo. We should start calling her/it Ms. Scroll by.

  15. Timothy Carroll

    @#13 TinaB means well but she’s hogging the comments area.

    Means well? WTF? I suppose a syphilitic whore “means well” when she gives out free b.j.s, but spreading filth and disinfo is mostly what comes out of TinaB’s nasty mouth. I firmly suspect she’s a jewess. Just say’n. 😀

  16. qbutnoa

    First major sign of a desire to end Russia/Ukraine war made public in the UK media (shouted down of course).

  17. lou

    Elaine, I saw this>
    Mr Trump buries his ex wife at Maralogo and it all of a sudden becomes a cemetery and he doesn’t need to pay taxes on that property.

  18. Pete

    This is great…watch Jimmy rip Nancy

  19. Pelosi showed clearly how deranged and dangerous CHINA is. Now, she has to go home and impeach Biden and arrest his son for being communist Chinese agents. HAHAHA.

    I marvel how no conservatives has figured this out. They should double down on how violent China is and how dangerous for us to put our industries in China and impeach Biden, of course.

    But no, the conservatives mindlessly attack Nancy which is dumb.

  20. Jim R

    Well, of course there is one China. But Beijing may need some extra persuasion to abide policy decisions made in Taipei.

  21. Jim R

    plain text comment, no profane words .. and it is still in limbo at 8:41

    your blog is being censored, Elaine, whether you know it or not.

  22. qbutnoa

    @23. Jim.
    It is WP spam filter, I have endless trouble with it. If you want to test it, repost the comment with substituted letters, eg O=0(zero), I=1, B=8, E=3, A=@, U=#. See what happens.

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