Pelosi Taiwan Visit Reveals China Communist Hysteria

I have a very long history of playing hardball with the communist Chinese.  Heck, my father did, too.  NEVER try to obey their orders!  They know when this is futile and will back down after huffing and puffing.  China loves to talk about annihilating everyone else and this is BACKFIRING on them very badly.  Yes, some ‘brave’ Americans are terrified that old Nancy will start WWIII.  What will China gain?  NOTHING.  And they know this, they hope to flim flam everyone by pretending they want WWIII which is absurd.


China is quite happy with the present arrangement, after all.  The EU and Canada have pledged to commit mass murder via starvation/cold on their own people.  Supposedly, we will all die due to too much CO2 making it slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age.


This idiotic notion is totally ignored by China!  China spews more CO2 than all of Europe and Canada and the USA.  They laugh while doing this.  ‘Stupid capitalists!’ they chortle.  Now, the stupid western capitalists are in hysterics China will bomb us.  China is very vulnerable to being bombed.  They hope Russia will save them but…Russia has its own plans and doesn’t want WWIII.


It appears to me that no one has any brains anymore.  This is very annoying.  I played very hard ball with the Chinese in the past and WON every time.  This pissed them off but they had to follow my instructions…or else.


China is dying.  Women are not producing babies just as dying Japan isn’t producing babies.  These Asian powers are now on the decline.  Fighting a war would make this much worse.  Only a fool would do something this stupid.  Also, unlike the US, the Chinese moved everything into a few gigantic cities.


So did Japan.  No one wants to live in the countryside.  In England and the USA, everyone sane will NEVER live in a city now!  Everyone and everything is scattered all over the place.  Annihilate our cities, this makes us better, not worse.  Our major cities mostly are horrible places filled with violent criminals and corrupt DNC politicians.


Bombing these would improve things greatly.


Trudeau is pushing for starving Canadians because ‘it is too warm’ due to temperatures in winter being only -50F which is way too hot, eh?  This man is insane.



The urban Canadians love him, the rural ones want to kill him.  He wants to kill 50% of the Canadians if he can get away with this.  In preparation for this mass starvation event, he is busy disarming all Canadians.  This is why our Founding Fathers put in the 2nd Amendment.  To stop clowns like Trudeau.


We have lunatics here on my news site who harp on and on about how there are too many humans and…I ask every time for these clowns to volunteer to reduce the human population by killing themselves.  This shows honest fear for the Natural Earth and humans are the cause of this and so, the fewer of these, the better.


But never ever do these monsters volunteer to save Nature.  Not one.  They want US to die, not themselves.  Then they hope to live in this ‘Garden of Eden’ even though they are devils and destroyers, themselves.


People who are terrified of  warm winters and comfortable springs also are confused about what sex they are so they want to change ‘sex’ on whim all the time.  These people also don’t want to save the earth, of course.  The crossover between ‘sexual confusion’ and ‘we are too warm and will die’ people is exactly the same dimensions.



These idiots think this is very funny.  They run around making everyone confused and then angry and voila!  The leftist sniggers happily.  ‘Fooled you!’ they chuckle.  Well, this is irritating people to the point, they hate transgenders and want them all gone.  I warned my own children about this final result.  Instead of patiently building up support while controlling the wannabe chaos people might have worked.


Imposing ‘trans’ people on everyone helter skelter with zero examination of ‘who is really trans’ has led us to this result: anyone can be a ‘woman’ and there is no such thing called ‘women’ and no one can tell a leftist they are a man or woman or anything and these lunatics can change what they think they are, on whim, whenever.  Pure lunacy which will end very badly for all of these lunatics.


Germany is trying to control this lunacy with a law that you can change your gender only once a year, not every day:


The Self-Determination Act will allow transgender, intersex, and non-binary people to change their gender at will merely by visiting a registry office and signing a piece of paper.


I once lived in Germany.  They love documentation!  So they will now document the whims of the crazy leftists who found a new toy to play with that will make everyone freak out.


The need to submit a medical report or obtain expert opinion in court proceedings has been eliminated by the new legislation, which is expected to pass parliament before Bundestag members go on vacation.


In some places, they no longer  put down genetic ‘male/female’ on birth certificates.  This is also lunacy.


“For the disabled, the law is humiliating. We will finally replace it with a modern law of self-determination. The Self-Determination Act will improve the lives of transgender people and recognize gender diversity,” said Family Minister Lisa Paus.


“In many areas, society is further ahead of legislation. As a government, we have decided to create a legal framework for an open, diverse and modern society,” she added.


‘Diverse’ is a common leftist trigger word.  ‘Inclusion’ is another.  They are big on protecting insane people who want chaos while being very vicious to everyone else.  Violate any of the decrees of the leftists and they throw the book at you.  In Europe, if you post a joke about trans people, you can be arrested, for example.



Europe is descending into chaos and people are moving very rapidly to the right:



The Low Lands are in full revolt now.  It can’t be stopped.  It is, after all, not about having dirty sex, this is all about staying alive and not freezing/starving to death on the altar of ‘climate change.’


Now, Pelosi went to Taiwan and made international news and the stupid Chinese communists went insane with rage and revealed to the entire world, they are nasty monsters who want WWIII.  A big, big mistake by China.  Meanwhile, Pelosi’s drunk husband is back in the news:



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18 responses to “Pelosi Taiwan Visit Reveals China Communist Hysteria

  1. lou

    China spews more CO2 than all of Europe and Canada and the USA.
    …..How many coal plants do they have?
    How much cement do they make a year? steel? aluminum?

  2. Jim R

    When was the last time Xi went to Taiwan for a friendly diplomatic visit?

    My guess is that he intends to bulldoze everything and exterminate all the people … I could be wrong, I suppose — never knew much about it, except that it was the last refuge of the losing side in 1949.

  3. Pete

    Here is my take:

    China just cleared a flight path for Nancy to fly
    out of Taiwan. She has flown out and is now
    headed for Japan and S Korea where she will
    be received as a conquering HERO!

    Why did Nancy make this trip? She is in the
    legislative branch. Blinken should have made this trip.

    This was to make Nancy look like the bravest
    woman leader in the history of the US.
    She flew into the dragon’s den and spit in the dragon’s face.

    It was all planned to make Pelosi look like a HERO.
    China was in on it. They practise grey scale warfare.
    China will not overtly invade Taiwan. They don’t
    want to lose their huge trade surplus with the world.

    Also : Zelensky just said that even with all the help
    from the US that Ukraine CANNOT win this war with Russia!
    Zelensky just threw in the towel! WOW

    More soon….

  4. Pete

    When Nancy returns to Wash DC she will be hailed
    as a conquering HERO! Before Nov Biden and
    Kamala will be removed and Nancy will be PRESIDENT!

    Schiff will become Speaker replacing Nancy.
    The Dems will win in November and keep
    Control of Congress. Nancy will be President
    untill 2024. Why you ask? hehe

    There was just a vote in RED STATE Kansas.
    The first ballot on the abortion issue since the
    SCOTUS decision. The voters in KANSAS
    just overwhelmingly voted to keep the Kansas
    law allowing abortion. Republican women
    joined with the Dem voters and kept abortion
    legal in a RED STATE!

    More soon….

  5. Petruchio

    I suspected this whole “Pelosi to Taiwan” story was a Dog and Pony show. I’m thinking Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was serving as a distraction from things like Ukraine. Or Gas prices. Or the shitty economy at home.

  6. Pete

    When SCOTUS remanded the issue back to the states,
    the Republicans and Trump thought they had won a great victory. lol.

    I always wondered why the Dem justices were so quiet.
    They were giggling themselves to death. hehe

    This ruling is going to give Dems a victory in Nov.
    Republican WOMEN will vote with Dems because
    of the abortion issue! It just showed up in KANSAS!

    The CIA and the Deep State just won in Ukraine!
    The war is over, by WINTER the gas will flow
    to Germany. Europe will not freeze to death.
    Energy prices will fall.

    The CIA kept the war going long enough to
    give tens of billions to wall street defense contractors.
    Not to mention with Finland and Sweden now in NATO,
    there are now huge orders for US weapons. Ka-Ching!

    But with the war over, Russia will occupy all the
    Russian speaking areas of Ukraine and Putin will be
    viewed in Russia as PUTIN the GREAT! lol

    More soon….

  7. Pete

    Manchin just caved to Schumer. There will now
    be a multi-hundred billion dollar green deal spending bill.
    Nancy just passed a 50 billion bill for semi-conductor companies.
    You know, the companies that Paul just invested in lol

    Even though it looks like Powell has got his foot
    on the brakes, Congress just juiced the economy
    with those spending bills. The economy will look
    strong by Nov elections. Bada-Boom.

    This Nov I predict the Dems will keep Congress.
    The Great RED WAVE will disappear. boohoo

    RED STATE women will vote with Dems because of abortion issue.
    That ,combined with the usual Dem STEAL MACHINE
    and newly registered millions of illegals, will give Dems a victory.

    All hail ………….PRESIDENT PELOSI!


    The, the…. that’s all folks……..

  8. qbutnoa

    10,500 Afghans (more coming) living in UK hotels cost taxpayers £1m a day, government wants to spread them throughout the country.

  9. lou

    and they breed. However they are Caucasians.
    and criminals.
    and parasites.
    and mussies.

  10. Zeke

    Politics is theater;

    Politicians are actors.

  11. Zeke

    Have you seen the photos?

    Is Trump dying?

    You won’t see the magazines at grocery checkout – like the ‘sad final days of Donald Trump’ because Trump’s buddy controls those rumor rag magazines.

    I offer you that.

  12. Zeke is OK with the DNC walking dead gang. I find this rather funny. Is Zeke the same as them? He certainly has trouble processing information.

    Trump is old. I would much prefer Ron DeSantis and I think DeSantis is gearing up to challenge Trump. He is energetic and smart. Democrats will have trouble dealing with him.

  13. I am also OK with Senator Ted Cruz. He would be marvelous as President. I support him wholeheartedly.

  14. read dennigers comments on desantis , he has failed to enforce his own laws , he is a fake

  15. Zeke

    Hhmmm ….. so ems posts that she’s OK with either DeSantis or Ted Cruz ….. both just so happen to be RePukes.
    It’s called being a “partisan political hack”.

  16. HAHAHA. Please list the names of who YOU want for President. I wait anxiously. NOT.

  17. Peter C.

    Democrats have no good options for President. President Kamala? OMG

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