LA Stops Homeless Camps Next To Schools, Communists Demand All Schools Be Homeless Camps


All DNC run cities are hell holes without exception.  All of these cities remain firmly DNC if they make schools utterly horrible, dangerous places and let criminals run riot, nonstop.  This scheme is easy to understand: only new arrivals to the USA and all people wanting a life a crime wants to live in these horrible places and so we have a flood of illegal aliens and domestic criminals concentrated in all our once-functional cities.  Now, sane people try to avoid even driving through these hideous places!


The protesters shouted, ‘Shut it down,’ and ‘We won’t go,’ as Council President Nury Martinez instructed officers to get rid of them.


‘I think people were intent this morning to shut this place down and keep us from doing the very job that we were all elected to do,’ Martinez said. ‘And that, I think, is incredibly disturbing.’


The leftists want chaos.  They hope to see everyone beg them to impose communist dictatorial regimes on us all in order to stop the far left criminal gangs.  Then we see the communists run severe regimes that starve people to death and provide few services.  People have to be creative to survive.


The GOP finally figured out how to run for office: talk about how all DNC cities are hell holes.  They can’t talk about this new segregationist scheme by the Democrats but they all know exactly how this scheme works: drive out taxpayers from cities and then force them to pay for these hell holes via state level and Federal taxes.


The House Minority Leader, McCarthy, visited Manhattan this week to talk about the raging crime wave going on in all DNC hell hole cities especially in NYC after several years of DNC rule.  The city is dying, of course.  No one sane wants to live there.


The Democrats do this ‘constant crime’ thing because it drives out all middle class people so the DNC gang has eternal powers if they succeed in driving away everyone else.  This is, of course, cynically using black people to stay in power while making black lives more and more miserable and destructive.



The Ukraine war trudges onwards with everyone lying.  Both sides bomb anyone and everyone and why is this?  Oh, all wars do this, all the time!  This is so simple to understand, I am baffled as to why everyone has to pretend, they are not doing this when everyone does this, all the time, without exceptions.



After all the flag waving and pretending Russia is the USSR here in the US, interest in the war is dropping rapidly as inflation bites harder and harder.  People in Europe are utterly fed up with this war, too.  Not only inflation, energy is vanishing and things are going very badly there, duh.  Why they didn’t figure this out in the beginning baffles me.



The petty dictator of Ukraine is furious he isn’t getting lots of loot from the EU.  Well, this is going to be less and less as the entire economic systems in the EU collapse.  We see the war on farmers is now raging there as the Bilderberg gang strangles farmers because of the ‘climate change’ hoax.  The elites are now openly pushing to literally starve people to death to ‘save the climate’ and have a wonderful paradise for the wicked elites who will live in a wonderful world while everyone else starves/freezes to death.


ALL EU countries are splitting apart now.  It is very common.  We hardly notice it now.  But when Ukraine did the exact same thing, suddenly, this is WWIII.  Nancy Pelosi did us a huge favor by going to Taiwan.  China tricked the US into moving our industries to China for cheap labor.  Now, China wants to take over everything via military invasions.

Double DUH!  I warned about this for years and years!  Now, China can no longer lure anyone to their home base.  Everyone is packing their bags and leaving if possible.  The Chinese government killed their own economic system due to the covid germs they created in their military war labs.  Too bad.


They are still madly shutting down entire cities to ‘stop the germs’ which is ridiculous and utterly futile.  I hope everyone learns from this exercise in isolation.  Isolate the elderly, don’t shut down the younger people!!!! DUH!!!!!


No one seems to learn.  Fauci is still pushing for shutting down things.  The old fool.


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12 responses to “LA Stops Homeless Camps Next To Schools, Communists Demand All Schools Be Homeless Camps

  1. Hell Soonish

    It’s kinda funny to watch Elaine’s logic, she tries to make sense of stuff but her logic completely falls apart on anything concerning china.

    The way things look, china will not attack taiwan directly, but will instead surround and lock it whenever china likes, while buying nothing from taiwan and messing up taiwan’s import and export.
    If this goes on for long enough, taiwan will be completely destroyed without needing to actually invade.

    Pelosi did a huge favor, but it is for the benefit of china. Because she invalidated all USA promises to china, china can retaliate any way it likes and still come out the victim.
    China can now whine at USA while stabbing both taiwan and USA one hundred times under the table in retaliation. Thanks Pelosi.

    China’s industries will never leave, least of all going to USA.
    Anyone trying to set up industries in USA will find that potential workers are expensive and either criminal, drug addict, uneducated, or any flavour of crazy. plus infrastructure is falling apart, and the ports are a mess.

  2. Jim R

    I don’t see that much wrong with Elaine’s thinking on China.

    China has a great deal of economic power now. It has Trillions in US Treasury debt. But far more importantly, it is the source of the container ships carrying goods to the USA — if those containers stop flowing, WalMart will be 2/3 empty. Remember when Sam Walton was alive, and WalMart sold stuff made in USA? Well, that stopped decades ago.

    So much of our industry has been outsourced to China (going back to the Reagan administration) that the US economy would be crippled in a matter of weeks if China wants. They don’t have to fire any rockets.

    Come to think of it, Pelosi has accelerated president Trump’s efforts to bring industries back to America. . . so, there’s that.

  3. Petruchio

    Meanwhile, Texas Governor Abbott is flying more Illegals to New York City!! Bravo to him!!

  4. Pete


    Zelensky just invited Xi to
    rebuild Ukraine! Desperation?

    China is broke!


  5. lou

    Tina, what do you think?

  6. Pete


    They / Them slasher movie!

  7. I know the Chinese leadership better than anyone. Anyone here who wants to know about my thousands of postings about China, I have no delusions about the Chinese.

    They TOLD ME OUTRIGHT back in 1985, their plan was to lure all manufacturing into China and then TAKE OVER THE USA.

    I reported this to the White House and Congress who ignored me. The Chinese never ignored me, though. They were terrified of me. This is why I was able to force them to back down on demands President Bush Sr. to not deport the Chinese students protesting in the US, for example.

  8. lou

    President Nixon opened China inc. Bill Clinton / Gore sealed our fate.

  9. lou

    soros funded gascon. see breitbart news.

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