Ted Cruz Roasts FBI Head Wray ‘Is Betsy Ross A Terrorist?’


Ted Cruz tears into the head of the FBI for their ‘training material about violent extremists’ which was all about how ‘evil people’ are patriots who fly the Betty Ross flag, for example.  Anyone flying this flag according to the FBI, is a dangerous radical.  Even though Obama and Biden flew the Betty Ross flag when they were sworn into office.  The ANTIFA and BLM flags are not listed as ‘danger flags’ by the FBI communists who infiltrated the organization.  The above video is a ‘must-watch’ for patriots and citizens!


The head of the FBI claims he is too stupid and lazy to check out what his team is doing so utterly openly.  The mealy mouthed communist in charge of our FBI has the agents there going after TRUMP and everyone who supports him.  This is obvious to anyone with a brain which means leftists are easily fooled by these communist leaders infiltrating all systems and thus, destroying our country.



Betsy Ross was a revolutionary.  ‘Don’t tread on me’ is verboten by the FBI communists.  Waving the Chinese red flag is OK.  So, patriots are ‘terrorists’ to these obvious communists.  Head of FBI, Wray, should go away.  He is obviously clueless or insane or both like his boss, Biden.


Even the gods are angry in DC now:



Walking in parks in cities in thunderstorms is highly dangerous.  But then, you won’t be mugged during thunderstorms!  Speaking of black magic, Dick the Grave Robbing Family Cheney is as crazy as his kid, the Representative from Wyoming, and wants Trump stopped no matter what:



The crypt monster of the Skull and Bones black magic Yalie is scared of Trump and wants us to vote for a brain dead Bilderberg co-conspirator, Biden.  Cheney isn’t brain dead, he is merely pure evil incarnate.  He also practices black magic and uses Geronimo’s skull.  Geronimo is determined to destroy the Skull and Bones creeps and this includes the entire Bush clan.


Arrest him for messing with the Devil That Is Death and conspiring with fellow Skull and Bones people of doing hostile black magic.  Burn them at the stake.  Here is a funny video made by a funny citizen:



Speaking of storms, the ‘arid’ Southwest is wetter than New York now.  Constant rain and even floods are happening daily there.  Due to previous plans, our elites have soldiered on with the insane story that there is this ‘megadrought’ in the desert regions and the tons of epic rain is not real.  Also, there is no more snow out West.  All this is blatant lies:



Arizona’s ‘megadrought’ is certainly ‘devastating’ according to the DNC Congress in DC:  https://realclimatescience.com/2022/08/flooded-arizona-suffering-devastating-megadrought/


The wettest drought ever, continues to scare people who can’t believe how dry it is now:



90% of the people in the Southwest are arrivals who came after I left the Southwest many years ago.  I left during the 1960’s to 1980’s cold cycle.  90% of the people living in Arizona today were not there back then.  So they think the recent low rain cycle is terrifying.  And now it is over and they are confused about it.


The Colorado river is low due to not enough winter snow due to the snow going to the Midwest and Northeast the last three winters.  We were absolutely hammered by these constant blizzards!  All the while, we were told, it is too hot in winter and it needed to be even colder!  We were also told every year, zillions of hurricanes would hit us, too.


Then nothing happened.  Here is the hurricane warning for today:


I have a couple of fools here who screech daily about ‘global warming’ but dare not call this ‘global warming’ but believe we ill all roast to death.  This is getting ridiculous as well as dishonest.  Instead of admitting that the sun controls our temperatures, they insist on their CO2+ whatever is causing ‘warming’ that isn’t happening.  This is so insane but no surprise.


A fool is easily fooled.


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9 responses to “Ted Cruz Roasts FBI Head Wray ‘Is Betsy Ross A Terrorist?’

  1. lou

    Griner looks to be a man.

  2. lou

    Tina, what will people do? Cuba, Panama, Sri lanka,

  3. nclaughlin

    FBI Director Wray, appointed by Trump, is another example of Trump’s inability to build teams. This inability made him a weak President.

  4. qbutnoa

    Turkey openly does business with Russia, the West is alarmed. https://www.ft.com/content/00badf9e-f0d9-417f-9aec-9ac1c2207835

  5. qbutnoa

    Dutch farmers extremely disappointed with government talks, the fight will continue. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/08/06/angry-dutch-farmers-vow-cause-protest-chaos-ever/

  6. Europe is pretty much doomed now. The leftists run too many systems. They openly said, they want to kill 50% of all livestock to ‘save the earth’ and this means 50% of the food will vanish. The global warmists who fly private jets and eats exotic foods will eat like Lords and Kings while the peasants starve to death.

    Already, food and fuel are too expensive for the lower classes and this will worsen this winter. The obvious desperate uprisings will happen.

  7. here in fraser valley BC , in the last week , i’ve 2 gas stations now , no gas . never seen that before

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