China Suddenly Stops All Global Warming Meetings


All over the world in mainstream media, we are told loudly that Pelosi’s sudden visit to Taiwan was dangerous, stupid or useless.  It was none of these things.  It was deliberate and it worked: the crazy Xi and his communist buddies went ape crazy and did as much menacing and military saber rattling to wake up rattlers in Arizona.  Namely, they openly threatened WWIII over this visit.  I have been warning about China’s plans for 40 long years.  Now even stupid people can see it!


So, to cover this up again, all the Bilderberg gang media giants globally and their government agents are condemning her visit to a free country not run by Communists and…also at the same time telling us, China isn’t going to start WWIII.  Except China will try to start WWIII.


They see the US as very weak.  Our military recruiting has collapsed.



The US military now celebrates trans parades and shows on US bases and even for children of the military.  Women are moving into many ‘males only’ positions.  The easy out for these females in wars is to suddenly discover they are pregnant and can’t fight.  The Chinese know this.  They track all this very closely.


Reuters reports exactly this: China is no longer pretending to be preparing to end all coal/gas usage due to fake ‘global warming.’


I knew they would do this, of course, I predicted this correctly.  The excuse the Chinese are using is ‘Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.’  But they never, ever planned to obey the stupid ‘global warming’ self-destruction.  Their plans were to force the EU and US NATO powers to commit mass suicide via freezing/starving citizens to death in great numbers while China laughs.


China now realizes that nearly all of the people in the EU and US are increasingly in revolt against the Bilderberg gang plans to kill most of us.  About time, I say!  Naturally, traitor Al Gore and Bush Jr. and Cheney and of course, Obama and brain dead Biden are all for committing mass murder of US and EU citizens.


Arrest all of these monsters!


The new storyline of our elites is, there are no good soldiers due to everyone being ‘too fat’:



The real reason for this ‘shortage’ is that all sane people are no longer signing up to fight because they have to sit through endless communist leftist lectures and hectoring about deviant sex issues these communists have.  This is just amazing to watch unfold.  Of course, Stewart, who lives in the center of deviant sex lunatics, doesn’t understand this at all.


But they do know, when Trump takes over, he will rapidly reverse all the DNC madness and the military will thrive again.


China has sufficiently alarmed all its neighbors and overdid their ‘we will start WWIII’ scam.  They hope Russia will join in WWIII but Russia will gain nothing if they do this.  Russia is still wrangling with the EU and will punish the EU but after the uprising that is welling up, I suspect the war over Ukraine will die down.  Recognizing the real problems will finally happen.


That is, all of the EU is made up of a crazy quilt of endless languages and religions and histories going way back in time and these prevent any ‘union’ really working!  The EU is a fiction that is an economic slave system that has virtually no emotional common grounds at all.


Biden is obviously insane:



Best comment to this video:  I thought it was 17 economic Nobel Prize winners now it’s just seven.


Biden’s communist crew members are pushing hard to eliminate all women’s sports and other things set aside for the weaker sex:



As I predicted, the crazy leftists intend to utterly annihilate all women’s sports and goodies, etc.  Men are superior to women.  At least, the top 10% of men wipe out the top 10% of women in any category, physical and intellectual.  It is going to be a very harsh lesson when women finally figure this obvious thing all the way to its conclusion.


Spanish communists who took over the country recently are going to force people to cool homes to 87 F in summer and can’t heat more than 66F in winter!  Germans are warned to do the same, too.  All this to ‘win the Ukraine war.’   And to ‘save us from warm weather.’



One top comment:  As an Italian, I can confirm that Draghi literally said “This summer one drop of your sweat will be one drop less of ukranian blood”.


Crazy women are losing their temper over stupid things and then driving their autos at high speeds into traffic, killing people:



More global warming drought news: Death Valley which has seen a burst of wild flowers and wildlife is now so wet, they are  having major floods that sweep away cars and trailers:



Not even a whisper of any hurricanes but we have weather coming out of the far north causing flood in the Midwest:



The Sahara Desert has had many floods and even some snow storms this last five years.  This is all signs of global cooling.  Right now, it is warm where I live but the storm clouds are coming from the Northwest, not the Southeast which is normal for summer.  And finally, in mid August, there is a slight chance off of Africa that a tropical storm might appear soon:



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9 responses to “China Suddenly Stops All Global Warming Meetings

  1. Hell Soonish

    Elaine you keep claiming that china will try to start WW3. Against who? You think china will attack USA? For what reason?

    If china attacks taiwan, it’s called a civil war. If USA then decides to attack china, then it’s the USA trying to start WW3.

    Elaine why do you make so little sense whenever you talk about china?

  2. Zeke


    Because she doesn’t make sense PERIOD.

    Hint; she’s deranged.

  3. lou

    You think china will attack USA? attack underway. destroy the USA and take its land, asets, ..yes a war on us and US.

  4. Jim R

    Of course, China does not need to fire off any missiles to wreak havoc on either America or Taiwan. All they need to do is stop sending bargeloads of shipping containers with all the stuff. The shelves at WalMart will go empty in a few days — and Taiwan cannot make semiconductor chips without the metals and chemicals they import from China.

  5. Shawntoh

    Please… Now folks… Let’s just calm down here… Especially if you’re in a sub-tropical to a section of the planet experiencing unusual weather and so on… Pretty please…

    Elaine… Here’s the solution to the Prez. Biden problem… Just make sure you have this on the soundtrack…

    Composer: Charles Ives
    Nationality: USA
    Composition: Putnam’s Camp…
    [Putnam’s Camp from Three Places in New England]

  6. shawntoh


    Won’t you be so proud when Zeke/Zeek, TinaB and the rest of notorious gang on your blog have me committed to this special retirement home in NYC?

    You remember this place… A lot of former NYC residents might! Do you remember this “The House of Pain”… ? I know I do… It’s right here in my mind… Only all the time. Anyway… Peace…


  7. Jim R

    The unthinkable. Unless you think it. Some of us thought it fifteen or twenty years ago.

  8. Charles

    Pelosi’s trip is exactly as dangerous and stupid as everyone else is saying. And you would realize this as well if you hadn’t divorced from reality since Trump became president.

    Putting aside the fact that the Taiwanese did not invite her, nor that she didn’t even bother asking for their input before declaring her intent to visit, her little stunt did absolutely nothing to materially benefit the Taiwanese or improve their security situation. In fact, it did the exact opposite and placed them in greater jeopardy than before. The only thing this trip accomplished was allowing Pelosi to wave her dick around at the expense of the safety of Taiwan.

    Surely the Taiwanese leadership must be thinking right now “with allies like these, who needs enemies?”

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