Democrats Vote To Make IRS Agents Massive Army Invading Businesses And Homes


The Democrats are on a roll…downhill.  They think they can use abortion as their main tool to keep power and at the same time, they refuse to acknowledge that only biological females with XX chromosomes give birth to babies.  The is the level of insanity going on now on the left.  They also believe that law and order is evil except when they want something and need legal excuses then it is very draconian and this is why Biden’s gang want more IRS investigators which is more staff than the Border Patrol, FBI, Pentagon and State Department combined.  This is insane.  Also, China is now crashing downwards, rapidly which is why Xi is focused n using military power to terrorize Taiwan.


The left is now entirely insane.  I have leftist family members and yes, they are going nuts now.  Liberals are losing elections, places they control are uninhabitable now and crime is through the roof yet they continue to soldier on, stupidly, and are very angry when people tell them, they are causing everything to collapse.



The entire left is 100% for women’s rights while at the same time is actively destroying women’s protected status.  I find this very, very funny.  They are too stupid to understand, the women’s right business is unfair.  Women can’t compete with men due to women being weaker and not as smart as men so they have had protected areas where they don’t have men bothering them.  Now, they, themselves, ended this with the trans scam.


That is, men are now ‘women’ and every man that chooses to be a ‘woman’ suddenly has lots of opportunities open up due to women being weaker and dumber than men!  So very rapidly now, men are displacing women in ‘women only’ areas of life and I hope the feminists suffer from this.  Good lord, they are dumb.


Meanwhile, in NYC we saw the media except for the NY Post, support the DNC clown who was a black police operative because he would stop the crime wave, they falsely claimed.  Instead, it doubled.  Things are now totally out of control in that dying city and the mayor whines about this but doesn’t lift a finger nor does he quit the DNC in protest because of communist DAs letting criminals run wild while punishing citizens defending themselves from these DNC criminal gangs!



People on line think this was a scam by the owner of the store.  I have my doubts.  The heist began with a man who was not  wearing a mask asking to be let into the locked down store, he then held the door open and three criminals rushed in and did the smash and grab.  The glass was not the plexiglass richer stores use so it was easily broken.  Stealing stuff is running rampant now, here is another story from New York City a month earlier:


China is cracking down on criminals except the worst criminals are the communist party comrades who are wrecking China rapidly:



I suspect this is a typical communist thing.  The men made lots of money in production systems and now will be punished for this and the State will take all the money.  Typical communism.



The Party is deeply involved in real estate scams so no one will be arrested, of course.  Meanwhile, floods continue in China and the many dams there are in danger.



Meanwhile, Xi is focused on terrorizing Taiwan, shooting missiles over Taiwan and even Japan.  This is very foolish, stupid and predictable.  China lured many businesses to China promising they were now capitalists but this was fake and now the real face is showing and businesses are now backing their bags and departing. Saber rattling is dangerous when one wishes to lure businesses into a country.


This goes for the US, too.  The more we saber rattle, the less likely businesses will come here.


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21 responses to “Democrats Vote To Make IRS Agents Massive Army Invading Businesses And Homes

  1. Zeke

    The partisan political hackery keeps a ‘coming.

  2. lou

    the so called Federal Reserve creates the money, so why have income taxes?

    Does 4.15 as a number have an occult meaning?

  3. Pete

    When governments have internal
    problems, they need a distraction,
    they take the nation to war.

    For example when Galtieri invaded
    the Falkland Islands.

  4. Pete

    Xi wants to go down in history
    as the greatest leader since Mao.

    If he can get Taiwan back from the
    US he will earn this great legacy.

  5. Zeke

    Trump is the turd that keeps on stenching.

  6. snoosebomb

    trump attacked by FBI , sheep next , 87000 IRS , even trump hater noam chomksky says USA now worse than old USSR

  7. Zeke

    Any and all Presidential Office holders are not above the law and have a legal duty to preserve paperwork and not treat it as their own personal property.
    Trump in flagrant disregard even defiance of the law ripped up paperwork and even flushed it down a toilet. Other paperwork he stole from the White House and absconded it to Mar-a-Lago. For his own personal purposes.
    Thus the FBI raid to retrieve that paperwork.

  8. lou

    8–Forget N Chomsky. He never mentions troubles from Israel and the tribe, does he?

  9. i have forgotten him , but he was great in the vietnam years [ why are smart people not smart ?

  10. Good grief, leftists have to be the dumbest people on earth.

    If Trump had a dispute over PAPERWORK it is dealt through the courts, not a ‘drug house raid’ by police. And it wasn’t police, it was FBI doing this. Utterly ridiculous. But then, leftists love communist dictatorships.

  11. Chomsky was always a communist. He didn’t protest when Pol Pot murdered 33% of his own people, for example, back then.

  12. Zeke

    so then ….. Trump can petition the courts to get his stolen (stolen by him) paperwork back.

  13. 15 , yes , chomsky was at that time outraged by the lies of MSM /gov about the war and the non -reporting of american atrocities in vietnam and laos. [ just as we are now about covid, trump, dnc , wef, GW etc ] so any claims about the actions of the Khmer rouge he treated with disgust .

    Click to access chomsky-herman-pehr-v2-ch-5-7.pdf

  14. Zeke avoids reading the news I have here so he posts dumb things here.

    ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS did exactly what Trump did and they also refused to release anything, any time and no one in the DNC whined about this and they even DESTROYED these things deliberately when ordered to hand over say, phones. Smashed them with hammers, no less.

    Not one of these clowns went to prison, no DNC operative/power person was punished even slightly, not even a slap on the hands.

    Zeke is too dim to figure this out.

  15. Zeke

    Nonsense. Your personal orgasmic love fest for Trump does not excuse your abysmal ignorance.

    The DOJ was perfectly correct to retrieve the stolen documents on the basis of an informant or insider tip.

    Ask yourself Elaine, what would your reaction be if Obama tried to pull that crap. I’ll answer for you; you’d be beside yourself insane with rage.

    Your Yrump love has tainted your reasoning.

  16. Um, the paramilitary attack on our President’s private residence was utterly out of proportion of ANY legal excuses. Good lord, leftists who let their own buddies off the hook when they do obvious crimes suddenly are all ‘law and order’ when they control our FBI and police and then use this to attack people who are not left wing radicals.

    Obviously, leftists think this is totally normal and can’t understand why all of us normal people with normal brains can see the obvious. Leftists are allowed to break laws, loot and burn cities and commit treason and this is OK with leftists. Everyone else will be put in prison for ‘wrongthink’ crimes.

  17. I firmly believe people who mindlessly support leftists committing various crimes are co-criminals. I am not joking when I ask for all the DNC be arrested. I managed to get five of them arrested when they attacked ME. But all must be arrested at this point. This is mass treason.

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