Illicit FBI Raid Of Trump Private Home Is Worse Than Watergate


The National Archives supposedly said to the FBI, Trump took some documents from there.  What the hell?  This is the excuse for this obvious Nazi/communist raid on his private home.  The entire house was ransacked.  This is political intimidation taken to the nth degree.  Trump is so law abiding, he doesn’t even have traffic violations.  He is probably the most law abiding adult in the USA.  The Nixon government lied about me!  I loved watching Nixon collapse.  Nixon lied about my father!  This raid will backfire badly when the Supreme Court rules that this was a crime.


We now know why the Democrats want to double the number of IRS agents: to attack all US citizens supporting Trump!  The Florida Attorney General is furious about this illicit/illegal raid done for political purposes in order to prevent us from voting for Trump again and again.



This raid is a perfect example of ‘kicking a hornet’s nest.’  Patriots are furious.


The isn’t Watergate this is Pissgate.  The DNC is pissing on everyone and on our Constitution.  The Constitutional violations going on, blatant cheating in elections, opening borders to alien invaders, wild spending, attacks on citizens, encouraging crime, arresting police, war crimes, this is a total collapse of civil and legal rights, these are Constitutional Crisis times, we have to arrest all these criminals who took over the Democratic Party.



This is very dangerous, using the FBI to terrorize political opponents.  Nixon did this!!!  The relentless attacks on Trump allies has been horrifying to watch.  The criminals running the DNC also commit vast and many crimes especially collecting bribes overseas.  They are TRAITORS as I constantly point out.  It is obvious to anyone with patriotic feelings.


These horrible people hate America.  They hate whites.  They are mostly white Americans and too stupid to figure out, they are painting a bull’s eye on their chests as they attack the rest of us for being…also white and American!



If the criminals in the Democratic Traitor Party do take down Trump, guess who will be the next President: DESANTIS.  He makes this clear.  The DNC gang is doomed no matter what.  Everyone notes that the FBI never raided Hillary or Biden’s son and their crimes are totally ignored even when obvious as all hell.


Our brain dead Democrat President is in full collapse now.   The DNC is in a panic and decided they had to break the law to yet again, pretend Trump is breaking laws.  They are all criminals.  They fear Trump returning and the entire GOP new members of Congress turning over the many rocks hiding DNC crimes.  Treason is a gigantic crime.  Death penalty type crime.  The American nuke scientists who gave Stalin the nuclear bomb information were EXECUTED when I was a small child.



Finally the rage of the fake election being forced on us is rising to a fever pitch.  The election that put Biden in power was rigged.  We were forbidden to even talk about real evidence of real cheating was forbidden and censored in typical communist fashion.  Now, DNC states decided without consulting with voters to have all illegal aliens vote after being in the country for just 24 hours.  The fake science of global warming is being imposed on us and is set to starve/freeze us to death.  Note how these murderous Bilderberg gangsters want to prevent us from consuming eggs, beef, bacon, etc.  They want no food, they want no farms.


DeSantis and all of Texas are shipping the illegal aliens to DC and NYC.  They are going to be sent to the elite neighborhoods where these clowns have vacation homes and huge estates.  We have to punish these clowns.  Note how NYC’s stupid criminal mayor is pissed off he is being forced to take in the illegal aliens.  He wants them in Texas and voting there so the DNC can gain more power.



What is hilarious to me is how the Bilderberg gang is praising Biden this week as his popularity with voters continues to tank.  Biden is falling apart visibly.  So the mainstream media doubled down on the lies.  ‘Gas prices going down’ they shout.  Yup.  From record highs…to just very high, a few pennies lower.  This fools no one who can remember just 2 years ago, gas was below $2 a gallon.


Oh, I just learned, they used 100 FBI agents to raid Trump’s home.  How many agents are looking into Biden and his son collecting bribes overseas?  How about zero!  This is insane, this is treason.  The Democratic Party will be annihilated as they are arrested for crimes against the USA.



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14 responses to “Illicit FBI Raid Of Trump Private Home Is Worse Than Watergate

  1. Kerry

    There is no case! You would learn more from silly astrology to understand why they do what they do.

  2. Zeke

    The case is that Trump removed boxes, maybe a truck load of classified papers from the White House to Mar-a-Lago as if they were his own personal property.
    A search warrant was obtained thru affidavit and a judge to retrieve those stolen documents.
    Ever transactional Trump would likely have parlayed them to Putin.
    As Elaine often says “this is treason” and “Lock him up!”

  3. Zeke

    And that’s not even getting into violations of the Presidential Papers Act where he frequently and brazenly and notoriously ripped up and even flushed papers down the toilet!

  4. Zeke

    Also – always ask yourself : what would be your reaction if Obama pulled that stunt.
    Answer; you’d be apoplectic.

    Never forget: Trump was an early and leading and persistent “Birther”.

  5. Zeke

    Eric Trump went on Sean Hannity for soft ball questioning.
    Hannity is a notorious Trump toady.

  6. ”will backfire badly when the Supreme Court rules that this was a crime.”

    good luck with that ,,

  7. They keep saying they are not going to do that to Yorkshire villagers yet sneakily prepare to do this.

  8. About the fools here who think what happened to Trump is OK and legal: why wasn’t Hillary arrested two years ago when she refused to turn over her cell phones and other data and instead, destroyed all this, openly and obviously?

    She was LET OFF THE HOOK by the government agents who were secret supporters of her!!!


  9. You cannot have ‘the rule of law’ when your buddies are allowed to be criminals openly and constantly. The entire DNC is now a criminal operation openly breaking laws and then arresting others for doing much less than Democrats get to do thanks to no laws applying to them.

    This system is leading to a REVOLT and will see many Democrats eventually punished for this dual system of ‘we get to be criminals and then punish anyone else’ regime that Zeek and other idiots support or ignore.

  10. Zeke

    You are so smitten with ‘Trump love’ you’ve lost the ability to reason.

    Trump himself said. – in a rare moment of candor – that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and not lose supporters.
    Elaine is a case on point. SMH.

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