NYC Carriage Horses Abused/Killed By Tourist Companies


Considerable abuse of thoroughbred horses happens every summer in Manhattan, one of the hottest cities in the USA due to the immense number of huge, hot buildings turning the City into a hellish hot place in summer.  Every year, horses die working the hot paved streets lined by vast buildings due to excessive heat.  This should be outlawed.  Yesterday was very hot and horses suffered in this hell.


The NY Post has the full video showing the driver mercilessly beating the horse after the poor thing collapsed in the street:



This is a money making scheme, escorting tourists in midtown Manhattan.  Originally this was for Central Park but the drivers want midtown tourists from their hotels.  So the most congested part of Manhattan has these carriages all over the place, in dense traffic, not in the cooler, gigantic park nearby.  Time to outlaw these killer carriages.




What is more astonishing to me is that the passengers of the ride stay immobile in the carriage that now has no horse. Note the tourists sitting stubbornly in the carriage, turning their backs on the suffering horse.  I once ran a carriage operation and we took very good care of the carriage rides.



There are endless stories of unnecessary suffering.  From two years ago, just before the coronavirus shut down NYC:


A spokesman for the city’s health department, which oversees working horses, said the agency had responded to reports of Aisha’s collapse and monitored the situation, and that the horse “did not respond to treatment and was humanely euthanized.”

Including Aisha, three carriage horses have died so far this year, according to the health department, two of them euthanized after contracting colic.

Ms. Birnkrant said Aisha’s death was representative of what she called a low standard of care for the city’s carriage horses.

“Just like anyone else, any other living being having a medical emergency, whether they live or die, depends on the care given immediately after,” she said. “There was not a qualified vet on the scene; there were unqualified people trying to get her into a trailer.”

The videos reopened the debate over the city’s carriage-horse industry, which animal-rights activists have long called inhumane and abusive. Supporters have said the horses are treated humanely and that the carriages are a romantic link to New York City’s past that provides jobs and appeals to tourists.


Now we have gangs of criminals openly rioting and stealing in NYC as the city dies while the Democrats sit idle and act stupid like Senator Schumer who today, was working hard to destroy our election systems by engineering things so that illegal aliens and CRIMINALS can vote!



The Mayor announced he will send many Democrat tools to Texas to tell them how to vote hoping they will want to copy NYC and be destroyed, too:



The communists at the New York Times are hilarious.  They claim Trump ‘did what Biden is doing to him’ which is ridiculous.  When did TRUMP send agents to attack Hillary?  Oh, she was breaking the law and was so guilty about this, she went to great lengths to destroy evidence!  And what was her punishment?


Oh, absolutely nothing!  Duh.



And the Democrats want to double the number of IRS agents, isn’t this cute?


Good grief, they are determined to destroy our country!  Arrest all of them.



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8 responses to “NYC Carriage Horses Abused/Killed By Tourist Companies

  1. lou

    o t

    the clot shot

    18 year old kid from Kentucky, a varsity football player and state champ wrestler, who quite suddenly DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK..

  2. Zeke

    lou – give it up; become non-stupid.

    There’s what ? Around 400 Million people in the country?

    And you’re referencing ONE Person?
    How stupid and obsessed and fixated can you be?

    More people probably die of peanut butter allergy reaction poisoning.

    You are a very stupid person.

    Shame on you.

  3. Young athletes die of heart attacks for years and years and years. No one noticed this because it only made local news if at all. This last week was HOT. People playing say, football, can die due to the heat. I grew up in Arizona and know how hot ‘hot’ can be and how DANGEROUS this is. But people want to ignore reality and do things like football which is a ‘cool fall’ sport in high summer which is very dangerous.

  4. lou

    Au Contraire, › report-excess-deaths-up-40-percent-among-americans-18-49
    Report: Excess Deaths Up 40 Percent Among Americans 18-49
    According to analysis of death-certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) done by The Epoch Times, deaths among Americans aged 18 to 49 surged more than 40 percent … › news › 2021 › 03 › death-rates-rising-among-middle-aged-and-younger-americans-report-recommends-urgent-national-response
    Death Rates Rising Among Middle-Aged and Younger Americans – Report …
    Prior studies reported rising death rates among middle-aged white adults, in particular women, those with a high school degree or less, and those living in rural areas. › the-cover-up-sudden-adult-death-syndrome
    The Cover-Up: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” –
    Jun 16, 2022″Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is such a desperate attempt to cover-up the COVID-19 bioweapon crimes. In Australia, cases of delayed health and neurological damage, associated with Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), are exploding off the charts in one of the most vaccinated countries on earth. [Credit: @WatchEmBurnDow1] › news › latest

  5. Zeke

    @ lou

    High schools don’t issue degrees; only diplomas.

    Epoch Times is a fake news organization.

  6. lou

    6–its 2022. Colleges offer certificates. as well as diplomas.

  7. Zeke

    @ lou

    It’s painfully obvious you are not a college graduate.

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