San Andreas Quake Closing In On LA, Angry Republicans Closing In On FBI Gang


I visit the California Recent Earthquakes map every day.  Several days ago, there was this quiet pause in quakes and the last three days, lots of activity again.  Menacingly, one of the most recent quakes happening NOW is righ in the middle of the frozen part of the San Andreas Fault Line.  Just to the west of Bakersfield, this is significant because for years and years and many years, there were zero quakes in this spot.  Pressure on the middle section of the San Andreas has built up to an inevitable major quake that will literally take down all the water and energy supplies to millions of people in the LA region.  There are no fixes for this, it will be epic, huge and highly dangerous.  Millions of people will be without electricity or water!


This impending major quake is inevitable.  It has to happen, it will  happen.  Nothing will stop it from happening.


Today’s quake is only a 2.1 mag event but this is significant due to location where it has been totally locked up and silent for over 100 years.  For weeks, small quakes to the east of the San Andreas in Bakersfield were happening but now it is on the dreaded San Andreas, itself.  We know from the Great Quake in San Francisco over 100 years ago that the gravest danger of the quakes are not falling buildings but from raging fires and no water.  This will happen to LA without exception.  SF 100 years ago had thousands of people.  LA has millions of people.


Most SF people fled to Oakland 100 years ago.  LA is bottled up by many mountain ranges and deserts.  Where can 15 million people go?  Can anyone support 15 million people?  Will they all go to San Diego?  Phoenix is hours away.  How can they go anywhere if there is no gas for cars in the LA region?  Worse, the roads will be blocked or offset greatly so there will be no easy highways out, too.


I sense that no one there has the faintest idea of what will happen.  Everyone at the top of the DNC run hell hole city imagines they have everything organized but how can a bunch of insane lunatics on the left deal with disaster when their very actions every day is creating many disasters due to sheer stupidity!  Everyone in LA will be ‘homeless’ when there is no electricity or water for many days!




Many people in LA County feel shaking from earthquakes a couple times a year, most mild or moderate with little damage. But on average, a quake of magnitude 6.0 or larger is likely to hit somewhere in Southern California every few years. No one can predict when a big earthquake will happen. USGS has estimated that there is a Los Angeles earthquake probability of a 75% likelihood of one or more magnitude 7.5 or greater quakes striking in the next thirty years, as of 2014.

Seismologist Lucy Jones says the outcome will be worse if it happens on faults in metropolitan areas, such as Hollywood.  The region has faults that run through areas with thousands of buildings and millions of people.

Earthquake damage would include destroyed freeways because Interstate 10 crosses the San Andreas in a dozen places; fires from broken gas lines; damage to the water supply; and disruption to interstate high-voltage power lines through the Cajon Pass. Electricity in Southern California could be out for days.

CoreLogic estimates with Southern San Andreas Fault rupture will cause 3.5 million homes to be at risk with $289 billion in reconstruction value.

Follow this computer simulation “San Andreas Earthquake Scenario” to view a 186-mile rupture from Bombay Beach to Lake Hughes.


It is possible that when the next Los Angeles earthquake strikes, 270,000 people could be displaced.

According to a USGS ShakeOut scenario, a major earthquake could cause:

  • 1,800 deaths

  • 1,600 fires

  • 750 people trapped inside buildings

  • 50,000 ER visits

  • 19 days of search and rescue efforts


Also, the Port of LA will be closed for many months.  World ‘trade’ with Asia will collapse.  I can’t help but speculate what this means: global trade collapse.  The lack of WATER is very significant in all this.  So what is the Democratic Party doing right now?  Oh, persecuting Trump and preparing to persecute working American citizens who pay taxes:



Yes, everyone will now be attacked while millions of illegal aliens pour into the country deliberately let in by the IRS bosses who are Democrats.  I foresee that party going into full collapse if the stupid feminists finally figure out the obvious and cease their destruction of our civilization.  One can always hope.  Since many of these crazy women live in Southern California, I think their ability to control the rest of us will collapse when the San Andreas blows.



The DNC was celebrating this attack on our real President and claims ‘this has never been done before’ and ‘will be remembered’ as they break laws, attack with impunity and use the FBI as a private tool to gain power.  And they are correct: we will NEVER forget this crime the DNC pulled on Trump.



Now several Congress people have had their phones seized by the FBI.  This is a political coup.  This is not ‘crime prevention.’  When the DNC gang in Brooklyn and Queens were all arrested by Rudi Giuliani after he tapped my phone to find out what sort of conspiracies were swirling around me 40 years ago, I hoped the DNC would stop being criminal and behave themselves.  Unfortunately, they dealt with this by pretending it never happened so they sailed onwards, destroying NYC until Giuliani became mayor and fixed the city.  Now, they have total control again and are destroying everything, again.  They are all criminals.


The entire GOP is now backing Trump in this raid on his home.  Everything about this raid stinks to high heaven.  It was hamfisted, stupid, obnoxious and very violent.  Today, the raiders falsely claim, they only inspected several small areas in the home including, admitting to pawing through Melania’s garments and clothing.  They opened an empty safe, for example.  Everything they took was in boxes already and it would have taken mere minutes to collect everything, not hours.


Probably one of the government guards who protected Trump was a secret spy for the Democrats.  This would not surprise me.  Obama spiked everything in the White House and staff rooms with spy cameras before leaving and Trump had to have these flushed out when he moved in.  They also put up spy cameras in NYC where Trump lived in his tower in Manhattan, too.


In other words, what Trump did was NORMAL.  Not suspicious.  Here is breaking news:




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17 responses to “San Andreas Quake Closing In On LA, Angry Republicans Closing In On FBI Gang

  1. qbutnoa

    Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, does not think there will be any social unrest due to energy price increase.

  2. Pete


    Another satisfied customer 🙂

  3. Jim R

    Isn’t it infuriating, these criminals told us exactly what they were doing, when you search the old videos. In their own words.

    Whether it’s Prince Charles hoping for a viral plague, or Gates bragging about reducing the population, or Daszak’s enraptured jibbering about his spike protein experiments, they are speaking their minds. You can’t lie all the time, you get confused.

    Who will arrest them? Remember when Mr. Trump was booed for talking up the jibjabs. Has he changed his mind since then? Can we have a Rand Paul committee? Anyone? Anyone?

  4. then as a twist it turns out mr gato is a trump hater ,, wtf ?

    apparently mr cat can’t focus on what is important , ie finding some leadr to oppose the WEF agenda and instead is is offended because mr trump doesn’t always act like some highly educated normie. Not noticing that highly educated normies are causing all the problems by acting like idiots .

    i ask again why are smart people so stupid ?

  5. Zeke

    It’s hilarious “law & order” Trumpardian conservatives do a 180 when law and justice is applied to their savior Trumpy Dumpy.
    Then suddenly they become like BLM and want to “defund the FBI”, etc.
    Have they no sense of irony let alone shame.

  6. Jim Harmon

    Drumpf is a traitor and so are his GOPstooges.

  7. Traitors want OPEN BORDERS. Talk about dumb people, leftists think open borders are good and anyone opposing this is evil.

    Good gods! This is utter insanity.

  8. By the way, a top feature of all leftist regimes is CLOSING BORDERS. Seriously. They will build walls and shoot anyone daring to cross over the borders. Only they people they are shooting are people trying to ESCAPE from left wing rulers.

  9. The inability of left wingers to understand their own history, their own desires, the obvious outcome of themselves when in power is scary. It means they are literally insane. No self reflection, no understanding of history which is crystal clear, when in power, far leftists kill anyone trying to escape their evil tyranny. Go check out North Korea, the latest example of this.

  10. Zeke

    North Korea? You mean like Kim Yong-Un who Trump cherished his love letters and Trump said – he “fell in love with” the NK Dictator ?

    Some of us don’t forget stuff.

  11. Zeke

    If you find yourself throwing around the word “insane” and calling people such – it may be that you don’t understand.

  12. lou

    Zeke, you are a troll. Mr Trump is not a dictator starving his korean serfs.

    ‘ he “fell in love with” the NK Dictator ?’ ever learn of ‘playing politics’?

  13. Zeke

    @ lou

    YOU’RE the Troll.

    And yes it’s true – words out of his own mouth.

    Trump SAID he got “love letters” from NK Dictator.

    And that he “fell in love” with him. He admires dictators, Putin, etc.

    Get your facts straight.


  14. Petruchio

    Elaine, I was wondering if you have ever heard about the risk of mass flooding in Southern California? i read an article about a large rainfall could cause a mass flooding situation which could potentially be worse than a major quake. Is the drought in CA really so bat a large rainfall could trigger mass flooding?

  15. Kenogami


    It rained for 45 days. The entire Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys were inundated for an extent of 300 miles (480 km), averaging 20 miles (32 km) in breadth.

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