NY Assassination Attempt On Rushdie Typical Of Radicalism


Yesterday was very violent.  The Republican leaders had a press conference to discuss the dangers of media concealing news or lying outright about news.   It is amazing how the Democrats talk about the assassin 3 years ago who shot at the baseball playing Republican leaders, nearly killing all of them, calling this a ‘minor event’ and ‘suicide attempt’ instead of a political terror event by a leftist lunatic.  Today we have the story of a foreign assassin from Iran attacking and nearly killing Salmon Rushdie, the famous Muslim author of ‘The Satanic Verses.’ Here in Upstate New York!  He nearly died and is still in danger of dying.


Here is a video of the assassination attempt against the GOP leadership when they were at a baseball practice in DC several years ago:



There are plenty of people who believe that killing all opposition is the way to rule humans.  Terrorists constantly attack hoping to destroy entire civilizations and overthrow governments so they can replace this with dictators.



Violent Muslims tried to murder Salmon Rushdie regularly.  In NY, an Iranian radical who was totally ignored by the FBI who are endlessly busy in a desperate search to find something, anything, Trump may or may not have done (endless searches!) ignored this radical Muslim in NY.  They ignore nearly everything as their boss, Biden, lets in millions of illegal aliens and it would not surprise me to learn this assassin was here illegally, too.


New York State Police have identified the suspect in the stabbing of author Salman Rushdie as a man from New Jersey. Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview, Bergen County, was to be arraigned Friday evening.




The sources – both with direct knowledge of the security situation at Chautauqua and past recommendations – spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.


The audience ran up to the stage and the men who were at the event stopped the assassin.  The one officer assigned to this job was nowhere to be seen.


The recommendations for basic security measures, such as bag checks and metal detectors, were rejected because the leadership feared it would create a divide between speakers and the audience, and would change the culture at Chautauqua. It’s unclear whether those security measures would have prevented the attack on Rushdie based on what is currently known about the incident, including the weapon used.


There certainly were no divides!  Anyone could attack, easily and then it happened. They can’t pretend no one would have expected this, in NY we have this sort of political crimes happening nonstop now!  It is COMMON not rare.


One witness of the attack told CNN there were no security searches or metal detectors at the event. The witness is not being identified because they expressed concerns for their personal safety.


Meanwhile, the character assassins in the Democrat Party are now howling that Trump is a traitor (strong borders/strong economy seems to be treason for the Democrats) and should be executed:



There are many fairytales where the evil person is asked, ‘What punishment do you want for this person (the evil person had attempted to kill) and the evil person would sneer and say, ‘Hit him with lightning’ and then the fairy kills the evil one with a lightning bolt.


These people demanding a death penalty should be put on trial for trying a coup and be executed.  They are open borders lunatics and thus, high treason against our country.


Here is an example of what sort of lunacy the far left traitors are pushing today:


This is absurd.  The US President HAS to have access to information about our WWIII bomb business!  Trump went to great lengths to ease up on the warmongering of the far leftists.  These far leftists keep yapping about starting WWIII with Russia and I suspect this is due to Russia NOT being communist like the Biden regime.


Note how these same communists who run DC now are never talking about China!  China spent this last week menacing Taiwan while shooting missiles over Taiwan and having military ships surround the island in a most menacing way after Pelosi visited.



These leftists are utterly insane.  These are the people who delighted in publishing the home addresses and family member’s homes of SUPREME COURT JUSTICES so that rioting leftists could harass and abuse them at home, relentlessly.  Then, the communist Democrat Party refused to have police stop the demonstrators harassing Supreme Court Justices at home, forcing them to flee.



Leftist communist media giants are yelling that Trump is, again, a ‘traitor’ and should be executed/assassinated.  They also itch to destroy the Supreme Court.  This is absurd.  These clowns are lawless and violent so of course, they are terrified of Trump who will stop them from running riot.


In the past, when he was President, the defiant communists running the DNC allowed ANTIFA and BLM to riot nonstop but this ONLY happened in DNC run hell hole cities.  They intend to keep on their lawless violence until the US Constitution is suspended via fiat and they then can impose a communist dictatorship with fake elections on us like in China or Cuba or any other communist nation.


Then they will starve/freeze half of the population to death, too.  This always happens when the communists take over countries.



All the Democrats want to remove Trump forever and remove anyone who is patriotic, too. They hate the Constitution with a passion and in our universities, communist professors teach young, foolish students that the Constitution is evil and should be eliminated.  Fools!  One hopes we can clear this mess eventually.


IRS Annual Report Shows Training of Heavily Armed Agents Raiding Suburban Homes (PHOTOS)


They are planning to go after all taxpaying citizens while letting in millions and millions of illegal aliens.  If this doesn’t define ‘treason’ I can’t read!  This is absurd.  The far leftists who run the DNC now don’t care if they make zero sense.  But accusing Trump of ‘treason’ by treasonous people who are systematically flooding the US with dangerous illegal aliens, this is the definition of ‘treason’ if there ever was one!


Here is the typical suburban home the IRS is planning to militarily attack:


They are being trained to attack middle class suburban mom homes!  This is insane.


Pelosi and Democrats Cheer After They Pass Massive ‘Bidenflation’ Bill – Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class During Recession – Create 87,000 IRS Jobs to Harass American Families (VIDEO)


The war against citizens is roaring along.  The DNC hates citizens now and think they will have enough illegal aliens to have an open coup.  Here is Rep. MTG demanding Merrick Garland be impeached and removed from his position of power:


More news: the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh put out this video explaining how they will go behind parent’s backs to change the sex of CHILDREN:



This is irresponsible and insane.  And I hope, illegal, too.  This is the DNC at work.




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44 responses to “NY Assassination Attempt On Rushdie Typical Of Radicalism

  1. lou

    EMS, your facts depress me.

  2. mass insanity and its coming from people who are supposed to be smart [ or who are smart in other ways ]

  3. eg , we are being inundated with news the the rivers in Germany are drying up !!!!! ie cbc this morning

    meanwhile you can just goggle a webcam to see everything normal


  4. Jim R

    “Oath Keepers” sounds like what’s needed right now. Alex Jones has talked about the organization by that name. Unfortunately, of course, the named organization mostly consists of oath-breakers by now. If you have 3 of them in a room, 2 of them are provocateurs like Ray Epps.

    Depressing news, indeed!

  5. Jim R


    What’s really happening is transportation is being disrupted by p***ed-off farmers and truckers in Europe. All the WEF plans that suddenly appeared in parliaments over there, calling for freezing/starving the populations of Europe (and, like in the USA, bringing in millions of ‘refugees’ and giving them credit cards and etc). No one voted for these measures, as freezing, starving, and being overrun with Africans is unpopular with most people.

  6. Jim R

    As for the Rosenbergs, they were unfortunate victims of the same system.

    The “atom bomb” diagram for which they were convicted was just a set of concentric circles on a piece of paper, and something mentioning uranium. None of the physics, chemistry, electronics, and extreme engineering was present in their diagram. They didn’t have any nuclear secrets. Of course, most of those former secrets are available on Wikipedia now, and other places on the www.

    There was an interesting story out a few years ago, about the actual Soviet spies who transferred tons of American secrets to Moscow. They had dual passports and frequently traveled back and forth even during the cold war. Eventually they retired in the USA and lived out their old age on Social Security, never touched by American police. It is amazing how stupid the FBI really is.

  7. Zeke

    Rosenberg family members tried to clear their parents’ name claiming it was all an antisemitic witch-hunt.

    After the collapse of the USSR, the truth was revealed with no ax to grind, in the records.

    To wit, yes indeed, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were instrumental in betraying their country (USA) and the Soviets getting the A-bomb.
    They were rightly executed as spies and traitors.

    The Rosenberg family shut up after that.

    The Rosenberg family tried to portray their parents as innocent victims of American antisemitism. Didn’t work.

  8. lou

    zeke scores 1. The Venona Papers.

    meanwhile lots of ‘covid’ deaths.

  9. lou


    Other convicted co-conspirators were sentenced to prison, including Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass (who had made a plea agreement), Harry Gold, and Morton Sobell. Klaus Fuchs, a German scientist working in Los Alamos, was convicted in the United Kingdom.
    The Rosenbergs’ two sons, Michael and Robert, spent years trying to prove the innocence of their parents. They were orphaned by the executions and were not adopted by their many aunts or uncles, although they initially spent time under the care of their grandmothers and in a children’s home.[23] They were adopted by the social activist Abel Meeropol and his wife Anne, and assumed the Meeropol surname.

    JEWS STIRRING THE POT, In 1990, Meeropol started the Rosenberg Fund for Children, a public foundation which provides support for children in the U.S. whose parents are targeted, progressive activists. The RFC also supports youth in the U.S. who have been targeted for their own progressive activism.
    Its always for the children, right?

    The Rosenberg family shut up after that. NO THEY DID NOT, SEE…..


  10. Zeke

    @ lou

    Thanks for the in-depth info.


  11. Jim R

    It isn’t that the Rosenbergs were completely innocent, but the information on which they were convicted was a joke. All they had were some superficial diagrams that did not advance the Russian bomb program at all. Yeah, they intended to spy, and yeah, they hated the US government, and loved the Communists and Stalin. But their ‘secrets’ were not worth much.

    from wikipedia:
    Boris V. Brokhovich —
    The engineer who later became director of Chelyabinsk-40, the plutonium production reactor and extraction facility which the Soviet Union used to create its first bomb material, denied any involvement by the Rosenbergs. In 1989, Boris V. Brokhovich told The New York Times in an interview that development of the bomb had been a matter of trial and error. “You sat the Rosenbergs in the electric chair for nothing,” he said. “We got nothing from the Rosenbergs.”

    I am too lazy to find it now, but about ten years ago, someone published a book about the real spies. Real spycraft is boring work, occasionally moving documents around, but mostly being inconspicuous. And yeah, Klaus Fuchs was part of that network, he had the education and the background, and managed to get inside some secret projects. The Rosenbergs were mostly cheerleaders. I believe Fuchs died of old age also, but in East Germany.

  12. Jim R

    Also interestingly, Robert Oppenheimer was stripped of his secret clearance after the war, despite being the architect of the first fission bomb. His crime was that he didn’t get along with Teller (the inspiration for the hilarious Dr. Strangelove character played by Peter Sellers).

  13. Pete


    Video showing thousands of people fleeing
    Ukrop held areas to go to Russian held territory!

  14. Pete

    Here come the Screaming Eagles!
    America to the Rescue. Yeehaaw

  15. Pet


    War breaking out in Baja California!

  16. Pete


  17. Pete

    Just one last post….
    Too funny 🙂

  18. Jim R

    this is what we are paying that little creep in Ukraine to do:

  19. Zeke

    You are totally insane now and need to be confined within a mental institution.
    Your anti-American ‘Trump worship’ has taken over your mind.
    You need to be arrested and dragged off that filthy Catskills hillock that your polluting. Frog march your anti-American arse off that mole hill you pollute and hold you in the same holding pen your heroes Ethel and Julius stayed.
    America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. No place for crap like you.

  20. Zeke

    Can you imagine what the crazed far right nut jobs’ reaction would be if Obama had tried that crap?
    I’ll answer for you; they’d be apoplectic.

  21. Zeke has finally gone totally insane. In his little upside down world, people who let in armies of violent illegal aliens are patriots, people who destroy our economy and wreck our money are good people, etc.

    He is now totally insane. The entire left has gone insane but look: everything they control DIES. It falls apart! It is hated by more and more people!

    Good lord, now being patriot and wanting strong borders is treason to these lunatics. How sad is this?

  22. even more disturbing, so called very smart people , ie doctors, are now stupid, insane

    and Karl Denninger the smart numbers guy & who has been very good on a number of issues is now spewing CNN anti trump BS

  23. Zeke

    Ahem….. Zeke is for ZERO Immigration. Always has been.

    That doesn’t mean he has to surrender his intellect – – and become a Trumptard.

    Life choices are more subtle and nuanced that that – – although it servers your purposes to pretend otherwise.

  24. You are even stupider than I thought. So, you want secure borders but hate TRUMP? This is a sign of insanity.

  25. lou

    29– whats the term? oxymoron [no pun] and cognitive dissonance?

  26. Zeke

    @ 29

    Supkis – you can’t figure that out?

    That a person could be pro- German AND Anti-Hitler?
    That ruptures your synapses?

  27. So what are YOU going to vote for? The Holy Ghost?

    Zeke cannot figure out how elections work and why people vote. He lives in a magical world where he is perfect and everyone else is evil.

  28. karl denninger is like this too , even if jesus showed up to run things they would find fault . its strange

  29. Zeke

    Well aware how (purposefully) inadequate our voting system is.
    Most of my life (probably like most other people) I’ve had to vote for “the lesser of two evils”.
    Bernie upset the Apple cart but it didn’t prevail.

    Just don’t dare demand that I get enthusiastic for that “lesser of two evils” choice.

    TPTB’s trump card was dealt to JFK, RFK, and MLK and others.

    Candidates you get to vote for are vetted by the corrupt system.

  30. here in CDN we got a problem , right now 450000 Conservative party ballots have not been cast since july , [ convention is sept 7].out of 650000 members
    this seems ODD as the party grew this yr by 2.5 times presumably because of dictator trudope , so there should be a big shift favoring Pierre polyview , though there are several lesser known candidates making the right noises.
    if they find a way to rig this vote in favor of Charest [ who could get a job writing Trudopes speeches ] they don’t have to worry about rigging the Fed election.

  31. Zeke

    The myth of the “rigged election” is a Trumptardian
    meme that losers of elections deploy whenever they lose an election rather than just admit they lost and concede.

  32. Zeke

    “The only way that ‘we’ can lose is if the election is rigged.”

    Ergo – Trump always wins every election – – unless it is ‘stolen’ from him.

    Trumpardian Ill-logic.

    (in reality he never won the popular vote but rather was awarded the office by the Electoral College tally.)

  33. An ‘election’ where NO ONE shows ANY ID is a fake election. The cheating in 2020 was massive in all DNC run cities. Fools refuse to understand this. Note how now, the DNC wants all elections forever to have no ID for voters.

    This is INSANE and DANGEROUS so of course, Zeke thinks this is OK.

  34. Zeke

    Elaine thinks EVERYTHING is INSANE because she is mentally unstable.

    Further, she blames Dems for everything bad because she is a distorted mental midget.

    ‘“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”’

    Her ‘Trump worship’ is indicative of her mental malady.

  35. Jim R

    Ever see pictures of an election in a poor country somewhere, under relatively primitive conditions ..

    Voters are required to dip a finger in purple ink, which takes a few days to wear off. This is to keep people from voting twice. The election takes place on a DAY, and ballots are counted immediately in each precinct. There might be some cheating, but it is limited in scope and scale.

    They don’t spend two or three weeks counting unidentified ballots trucked in from somewhere. And they don’t tally them with computers which move 10,000 votes at a time from one column to another.

    USA 2020 was a joke.

  36. Zeke

    Supkis, you jerky lying fool;

    Before anyone is allowed into the voting booth –
    They SIGN their name in the voter registration book.
    The poll watchers examine the signature and compare it with previously vetted signature in the voter registration book.

    You are furthering the BIG LIE of the stolen election all because of your putrid sick love of Trump.

    Sick love of Cult Leader Trump is degenerate.

  37. Jim R


    What part of comment #40 do you not understand?

    Real elections don’t spend three weeks counting unsigned and unauditable ballots they got off the back of a truck.

  38. Jim R

    This just in on ZH:

    Biden’s climate czar has been kicked out of science. Anything it says or has said may be taken as bu11sh¡t now. Is it male or a female? Who knows, any more? Better hire a biologist (a real one) to figure it out..

  39. Zeke

    Jim R; that’s fake news.

    Maybe primitive cultures don’t allow for absentee ballots for service members, etc, people working overseas, etc. in other jurisdictions.

    Your real problem is that you can’t wrap your brain around the fact that yur “Lord & Savior” Trumpy Dumpy lost and you promote the Big Lie that he didn’t lose; he never loses anything.


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