Bilderberg Gang Doubles Down On Eliminating Trump While Also Trying Hard To Starve Millions Of European People To Death


Two weeks to goof off and then suddenly invade Trump’s home reveals how the Justice Department was really brainless about this ‘terrifying need to stop Trump’ from doing what?  Eh?  Oh, run for office again!  What is hilarious is, the FBI told Trump everything was OK and he had to double lock down the documents…and then jump into his home and stole everything after busting the locks off that they told him to put on the doors at their demand!  This screams of ‘police state crimes’ now ‘crimes by Trump.’  Liberals are too stupid to notice the irony of all this.



One smart comment to the video:


Logically, does anyone really think that the former President would keep anything illegal or incriminating evidence of any kind at his home, given the fact that his enemies have been trying to take him down for the past 7 years? If he has anything of that nature, no one would know where he keeps it. It would be in a safe place, untraceable back to him should it ever be found. Would you keep stuff like that at your home under the same circumstances? I think not! They already knew about the stuff he had and it was old news. Everything has changed since he left. They were looking for new stuff or evidence of criminal activity he had on others.


Hillary broke a number of security laws by using private phones and services while downloading top secret junk.  She was investigated, found that she did this indeed and destroyed the phones, too!  And her punishment was: charges dropped.  This is a gigantic scandal which the NYT totally ignores:



According to the communists at the NYT, ‘right wingers’ are threatening people.  When leftwingers looted, rioted, burned entire cities, killed people deliberately, all t his was ‘peaceful protests’.  These leftist lunatics are crazy, of course.  They think they are fooling everyone.


Note also the ‘Republicans divided’ junk news story.  The RINOs want Trump utterly destroyed and openly conspire with the Democrats in this scheme.  They are now toxic, highly hated by their own voters now who are voting them out of office in the primaries.


The NYT openly praised Ms. Cheney when she openly demanded her own voters who are Democrats to LIE and then vote in the GOP primary and thus, get rid of Trump supporters this way.  This backfired as the Trump candidate pushed far and wide this scheme of a criminal DNC agent.  ‘DNC’ is now the DuNCe’ party.



Yes, the NYT absolutely hate American citizens who fly the US flag.  All good traitors fly the trans flag!  The NYT hates the stars and bars.  But wait, don’t they like leftist movie stars and get drunk every night at local Manhattan bars?


Here is the NYT cartoon about the bill the communists pushed through Congress:

First off, nearly all the bubbles on the ‘what is in the bill’ side are EMPTY because they are money for DNC communist regime projects the NYT doesn’t want to show everyone.  Over 60% of the spending is on these secretive things.  Note who is paying for all this: economic systems and people.  A huge hunk is lots more money for IRS agents so they can invade many homes using military tactics.


Funny how the money will be spend on ‘limiting drug price hikes’ and ‘negotiating drug prices’.  This is code for going after the drug companies while screaming at them, they must do the covid vaccination thing.  And rising drug prices due to overall inflation caused by the Democrats printing money at a madcap rate and doing this via piling on debts is how they always do the inflation thing when in full power.


Meanwhile, mainstream Bilderberg media is going nuts over the illicit and illegal raid on Trump’s private home.  They deliberately misreport the news as always so many followers who are duped by them will be duped even more:



Rudi Giuliani is high in the hit list the communists have.  They are desperate to put him in prison on trumped up charges.  They intend to do this to Trump: their trump card on Trump is to announce he is a criminal over and over again, a criminal and a traitor while they break laws all the time, have free rein to run riot, literally, they have no laws when they are doing horrible things then they get all picky and antsy trying to convince everyone that all Republicans are criminals.


The illegal FBI raid on Trump’s home is a classic example of this.  The FBI ‘visit’ in June was to check out everything in preparation for their illegal raid in August.  They even asked the lawyer to secure the documents behind locked doors…which they then broke down, this was so they could claim falsely that Trump locked it down to stop THEM.   Now this is proven to be totally false.


This reeks of ‘dirty tricks’ a la Nixon.  The mistake the communists in DC made in this case was to talk to Trump’s lawyers who let these agents in June and watched them interact with Trump and he didn’t argue with them but instead, asked them if they could give good advice, etc.


Leftists are going insane.  They have been working very hard to eliminate the concept of ‘genetic female women’ and replace this with ‘anyone can pretend they are a woman and there are no real women’.  This is insane.  Now they are going after Joan of Arc.  She was this young lady in Medieval France who heard messages from ‘heaven’ and went to war and was extraordinarily brave and intelligent.  She was burned at the stake by the Brits.


Now, the crazed leftists are attacking her.  They are fixated on her ‘sex life’, of course.  And are unable to understand a teenage girl  in the Middle Ages:



The real news gets very scary now.  Like all communists in history, without fail, communists, when in power, starve everyone else to death while feeding their own followers.  They are now doing this openly in Europe.  Destroying and shutting down farms is how they gain power, in a horrible way.  Starving people who are disarmed are easy to ignore.  All of Europe disarmed citizens claiming this will bring peace.  But instead, it bring tyranny:


The Netherlands is in full uprising mode now.  This makes near zero news in the US mainstream media.



Even Dutch organic farmers who work hard to be ‘natural’ are going to be shut down.  When there are no cows, there will be no fertilizer and the communists know deep down, this is a great way to gain more power: starve everyone else to death!  The global warming scam is a great way for communists to gain control and kill and they discuss how many to kill.  30%?  50%?  We know they can do this, they do this every time.


By the Dutch government’s own estimates, 11,200 farms out of the roughly 35,000 dedicated to dairy and livestockwould have to close under its policies; 17,600 farmers would have to reduce livestock; and total livestock would need to be reduced by one-half to one-third. The Dutch government has demanded that animal farming stop entirely in many places. Of the over $25.7 billion the government has set aside to reduce pollution, just $1 billion is for technological innovation, with most of the rest for buying out farmers.

The governments in Europe are literally buying farms and destroying these.  But note how RUSSIA is no longer exporting FOOD to Europe!  OOPS.  Now, stores have less and less food, things are going up in price rapidly causing the euro to crash and burn and the leftists don’t care.

This effort has sparked a fierce backlash among Dutch farmers, who argue that the government seems more interested in reducing animal agriculture than in finding solutions that protect the food supply and their livelihoods.


This is what always happens when voting for free stuff.  The communists use the ‘free stuff’ thing to win power and then there is nothing for anyone afterwards.  All the ‘free stuff’ vanishes and this is very deliberate.  They now openly talk about killing off at least half of all humans.


Farmer protests in the Netherlands come at a time of heightened global food insecurity created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major wheat exporter.


This is too funny.


The Netherlands is the largest exporter of meat in Europe and the second largest exporter of food overall by economic value in the world, after the United States, a remarkable feat for a nation half the size of Indiana. Farm exports generate nearly $100 billion a year in revenue. Experts attribute the nation’s success to its farmers’ embrace of technological innovation.


The cynical communists doing this to the farmers know perfectly well what is going on.  They will blame the starvation/freezing of all of Europe next winter on Putin and Russia.  And on Trump, of course.  The victims of this insanity will be unable to fight back because they have been disarmed but not in the USA.  We certainly can fight.


Here is an EU store being attacked by insane leftists who want to starve/freeze everyone to death to ‘save the earth’:



For the last 100 years, the leftists have repeatedly tried to kill off most humans.  They lie to workers telling them that they will be well cared for under a communist regime.  Then, they work and starve workers to death in immense numbers.  The global warming scam is run by the top elites including the very spoiled, nasty British royals who live in many palaces and eat to their own heart’s content.  Young people have plenty of free time to do horrible things to everyone else, stopping traffic or attacking stores, etc.:



I will end today’s rant with this funny photo from BabylonBee:




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7 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Doubles Down On Eliminating Trump While Also Trying Hard To Starve Millions Of European People To Death

  1. Pete

    CPS employee tells 14 year old girl
    to become a prostitute.

    Government = “We are here to help you”

  2. Pete


  3. Shawntoh

    “Es gibt KEIN ‘kostenloses Mittagessen'” …

    Frau Elaine…

    Warum erklären sie sie nicht einfach… “Feind des Volkes”?



  4. Jim R


    and, while they are starving everyone in America and Europe, they’re going to go to war with battle-hardened Russian and Chechen and Donbass solders, for “freedom and democracy!”

  5. While starving Europeans to death and making them freeze in winter, too. Good lord, the French Revolution will be a picnic compared to what angry people might do but then…they all disarmed! Too bad!

    On the other hand, in the US we are very armed indeed.

  6. Jim R

    Here’s something the Europeans can do:

    ELAINE: do not click on this. It is a bad site.

  7. ?? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Let me show you its features!”

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